One Story at a Time

The immigrant’s story is the story of humanity and life.

Everyone Has A Story To Tell

The immigrant’s story is the story of humanity and life.   It is often one of opportunity, family, perseverance, education, hardship, heartache, persecution, success, and failure.  The stories are the history of America. These personal reflections show the impact of the immigrant community on our customers and employees. Each in its own way tells of how they have sought to build a better future, one story at a time.

Sang’s Story

If the government had known about their plan to go to Malaysia, they would have blocked the Zothang family, so it remained a secret. Sangbiakthang Zothang (Sang) recalls the beginning of his family’s journey. “We were all really afraid, but our country is really bad. We didn’t feel safe and America had a lot more opportunities for their kids.” See more of Sang’s Story.

Leticia’s Story

“I never did any of this for myself,” says Leticia Gonzalez as she leans forward and folds her hands on the table. “I believe I did it for my daughter. There was a lot of drugs and things like that going on around me, but my friends and family, we were fine because we were not those kinds of people. Sometimes I ask my husband why we moved to Indianapolis, but I know it was for my daughter.  See more of Leticia’s Story.

Tom’s Story

“My story is that of a second-generation immigrant.  When I grew up in Indianapolis in the 50s and 60s, it was a different and less diverse place to live.  While I felt accepted, I always had this constant feeling that I was different, and I wanted to fit in.”  See more of Tom’s Story.

Waleska’s Story

“Before I came to the United States I had been working in Honduras as a civil engineer for 20 years. It was a good job that was very satisfying. My father is a civil engineer so I think I decided to study engineering because of him. Six years ago, my son David was born and like any mother will say, a baby will change things in you.”  See more of Waleska’s Story.

Gina’s Story

“When I came to the United States I didn’t have any recommendation or referral because I didn’t work here before. You can’t believe how anxious I was. Not knowing anything, and starting all over from zero. I was very concerned because I was unfamiliar with everything and I needed to support my young daughter by myself.” See more of Gina’s Story.