Accion Performance

We streamline the way organizations work in high touch environments through performance based workforce solutions.

Teams Manage and Execute Processes

At Acción Performance, our teams manage and execute labor-intensive processes with a skilled workforce, onsite supervision and a fixed cost. We streamline the way organizations work in high touch environments to increase throughput, improve quality and reduce cost. Our customers decide whether we insource inside their manufacturing or distribution facility or they outsource to our warehouse facility.

Returns, Recalls and Rework

Accion Performance provides the additional manpower and experienced project managers that can coordinate and process high volume returns, recalls and rework projects.  By utilizing our resources we can quickly mobilize and address critical disruptions to your workflow.

Customized, Improved Workflow Processes

These customizable labor management solutions help our clients stay competitive without sacrificing the quality. Our project managers’ work directly with our customers and evaluate specific workflow processes in order to identify vulnerable areas within the operation. Once the evaluation is completed, an improved workflow is implemented to enable the customer to meet their operational goals. We then formalize the newly defined processes for each work cell and commit to continuous improvement.

Our clients get a new set of Standard Operating Procedures to help guide their operation with the necessary tools and resources to lower costs, improve quality and perform their jobs effectively.

Acción Performance: 

  • We are accountable and align our performance objectives with your metrics.
  • We create and implement process improvement.
  • We manage our workforce with trained and highly motivated project managers.

Industries We Serve:
Manufacturing, Warehousing, Logistics, Distribution, Printing, Medical Device, Automotive, 3PL, Packaging, Pharmaceutical, and more…

Let us show you how the combined solutions of a fixed cost per project, and a flexible workforce model that flexes throughout your operation can help you achieve your financial and operational goals. Contact us today to learn more – Contact Adam Scholtes, Director of Business Development (317) 313-6758