Case Studies

Customized labor management solutions help our clients stay competitive without sacrificing quality.

Providing Productivity SolutionsHelping Our Customers Succeed

Finding ways to solve difficult customer performance issues is one of the strengths of the Morales Group’s team leadership approach to process management.  See how we have helped impact the bottom lines of our clients in the case studies that follow.

Case Study #1:  Quick Turnaround Required

Challenge: A global leader in educational publishing needed to assemble and distribute educational kits in a two month window of time.
1. Poor quality of kits due to time constraints and orders being built incorrectly.
2. Completion date moved up 2 months resulting in large amounts of OT.
3. High turnover due to stress of project.

Solution: Acción Performance provided flexible performance teams and supervision over the assembly of the educational kits.
1. Six Sigma methods were implemented to address and remove defects in the process.
2. Overtime was eliminated with a fixed cost per unit.
3. A quality guarantee was put in place to ensure order delivery date.

1. Production schedule was met and kits were shipped on time.
2. Cost savings of $80k.
3. Rigorous quality control measures provided over 90% reduction in errors.

Case Study #2:  High Volume Production

Challenge: Leading printer in Indianapolis needed to assemble a 1 million unit project in a 3 month period of time.
1. High overtime costs with staffing model.
2. Low productivity due to lack of team cohesion.
3. Project over budget.

Solution: Acción Performance took over a work cell of the project.
1. A new project layout was designed to improve the flow separating the staging areas to eliminate confusion.
2. Acción Performance equipment was brought in to assist with the production lines.
3. Acción Performance team leads were brought onsite to assist in the management of productions lines.
4. A fixed cost per unit was applied.

1. Productivity increases of 40%.
2. Cost savings of $100k+.
3. A redesign of a kit for better usage due to the efforts of the Acción Performance team leaders.