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3rd Shift Jobs Indianapolis

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If you find yourself looking for new job opportunities, one of the thoughts that will cross your mind is what shifts you want to or are able to work. While most people tend to lean towards working a first shift, and some jobs only offer a first shift, it is good to know some of the benefits of working 3rd shift hours. You can find opportunities for 3rd shift jobs in almost any industry by searching 3rd shift jobs near me, night shift jobs near me, 3rd shift jobs hiring immediately, 3rd shift hours jobs, night shift jobs indianapolis, or by searching for specific companies by shift or specific job titles such as 3rd shift hours at walmart, 3rd shift jobs in indianapolis, night shift jobs indianapolis, or 3rd shift call center jobs in indianapolis.

There are many great reasons to consider 3rd shift jobs when looking for new opportunities. One great thing about working 3rd shift hours is you have a quicker commute. Not having to travel to and from work can save you some major time and stress of driving on congested highways as well. This will allow you more time at home, and a peaceful drive to and from your home. Another reason you may want to consider working evening shift hours or 3rd shift hours jobs is that you will have some day time hours free to do things such as appointments, run errands at businesses only open 8-5, attend things at your children’s schools, go to sporting events, and much more. Even though it can through off your sleep schedule, some prefer 3rd shift jobs near me because it seems to have a better work life balance at times. A 3rd reason to consider working 3rd shift jobs is that you may receive a higher pay. Because 3rd shift jobs have hours that are considered non-traditional, it can be more difficult for employers to fill those positions, so they pay higher wages for those that do. With Morales Group Staffing, you can find 3rd shift hours at walmart at the distribution center paying upwards of $20 per hour, depending on their needs and time of year.


No matter what shift you are looking for in a new position, today’s technology makes it extremely simple to find a job. One easy way to find and apply for jobs from the comfort of your home or anywhere that is convenient, is by looking on job boards. Indeed is one of the biggest job boards available today. Indeed is home to millions of users and thousands of new job postings every month. Any Google search for a job title in your area will show you indeed jobs in the top results. Indeed is completely free to job seekers and it is very simple to use. Job seekers can create an indeed login and create a free indeed account in a matter of minutes. Once you create your indeed login you can upload your resume or your indeed account. If you do not have a resume just yet, you can create an indeed resume with your profile information. Indeed careers are typically referred to as positions working for indeed, rather than for companies utilizing indeed employer, but if you find yourself looking at indeed careers, and are in the wrong place, the indeed website is easy to navigate. The indeed definition means something without question, something that is true or undeniable, which is a fitting name for one of the largest employment websites we have today.

Once you create your indeed account, you can view thousands of jobs in your area and use their filters to narrow down to exactly what you are looking for, such as location, shift, pay rate, company name, and more. From there, you can apply directly on the job posting with your resume, or with a short profile, but we highly recommend using your indeed resume to attract the employer. Those that apply to indeed posts with a detailed resume are much more likely to be contacted for an interview than those that apply without a resume. Companies utilizing the indeed employer portal will be able to view your resume and profile through the indeed resume database and save your profile to different searches as well as email you regarding specific job openings or with an invite to an interview. It’s extremely important to have your resume on indeed up to date, without error, and have correct contact information along with a professional email. We recommend an email with a combination of your name or initials and numbers only.

Part Time Jobs Near Me

In addition to considering 3rd shift jobs, part time jobs near me is another search that could open some additional opportunities for you. Searching for part time night jobs indianapolis or part time night shift jobs indianapolis will show you a variety of positions with hours varying from 10 hours per week to 30 hours per week. Part time jobs near me may cause worry that you would not make enough money since you would not be working a full week of work, however there are many benefits to accepting part time jobs near me. One reason to look for part time jobs near me is that you will have more free time to work on projects or other activities.

Some individuals find that accepting part time jobs near me allows them to have a greater work life balance, spend more time with their family, take care of their children more, and be able to work on other things they typically would not have time for if they had full time employment. Another reason someone may look for part time night jobs indianapolis is that it could provide the potential to get full time employment, which could lead to a pay raise, a promotion, or other opportunities to climb the ladder. This could also be useful to someone who wants to work at a particular company or land a certain role that may not have the experience required. Accepting a part time role could allow you the chance to gain the necessary skills and show that you took the initiative and are serious about your role. There is also potential to earn more money by seeking part time jobs near me. As stated above, 3rd shift roles typically pay higher wages. If you were to look for part time night shift jobs indianapolis, you may be able to accept two part time night shift jobs that could earn you higher wages combined than if you accepted one full time position.


According to Career Builder, another job searching platform, there are currently over 400,000 individuals currently looking for employment in Indiana and over four million open job opportunities. If you are in Indiana and looking for job opportunities, you have many great and free resources to help land you the perfect job. Indiana has hundreds of staffing firms, like Morales Group Staffing to help make the hunt for a new job easier. Some of these staffing firms include MS-IL Staffing, Forge Staffing, Diverse Staffing, Elwood Staffing, Kelly Services, Manpower, and many more. Morales Group Staffing has 5 branches in Indiana. One on the east side of Indianapolis, one on the west side of Indianapolis, and others in Lafayette, Anderson, and Columbus, with a small hub office in Greenfield, Indiana, located in the Greenfield Chamber of Commerce building. No matter your shift preference, Morales Group is here to help. We have hundreds of opportunities with excellent pay throughout Indiana right now.

If you do not choose to go through a staffing firm, searching for a new job in Indiana can still be an easy process. Utilize job boards such as Indeed, Monster, ZipRecruiter, Craigslist, and Career Builder. They are free, easy to use, and put you in front of some of the top employers in Indiana. Additionally, utilize social media to network and ask people you know if they are aware of any job openings. Networking is a powerful way to learn about job opportunities, especially those that may not be posted to the public yet.


While working a 3rd shift has its advantages, 1st shift and 2nd shifts also have their own advantages. 1st shift typically opens the door to many more job opportunities, especially jobs in a more professional setting or jobs within education. Most people tend to look for 1st shift opportunities because it feels more natural, it is when most of their family and friends are also working, and it keeps them on a normal sleep schedule. Working a 1st shift also gets you in front of more people in higher roles, such as human resources, hiring managers, etc., and is typically easier to sort out paperwork or pay roll issues since those departments typically work a 1st shift. Similarly, people tend to also want 2nd shift positions as well. 2nd shift still allows for individuals to attend some children’s school functions, run errands to businesses that are typically open in the morning hours, and have a healthier sleep schedule. 2nd shift usually tends to pay a bit higher wages than a 1st shift position does, making it more appealing. One drawback of working a 2nd or 3rd shift is that you are not home in the evenings if you have family. Finding evening childcare can sometimes be more difficult to find than childcare during the day. Regardless if you are looking for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd shift, use all of the resources mentioned in this article, make sure you have an updated resume, be responsive, and you should have no trouble finding a new position. If you want help, contact us. We have job opportunities on all shifts throughout all of our branches and will help you get to work immediately.

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