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Bilingual Jobs

As the world becomes increasingly globalized, employers need second language speakers in their workforce now more than ever. Bilingual jobs, once thought to only consist of interpreter and translator jobs, can now mean any type of position. The need for bilingual workers in the United States more than doubled between 2012 and 2017, according to a report by New American Economy. The demand to fillbilingual jobs will only increase – the companies that need bilingual employees will have a special emphasis for Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and Arabic speakers.

If I was wondering where to find the best bilingual jobs near me, it depends on where I live. Many jobs strongly emphasize the need for bilingual candidates, making candidates with less job experience stand out over others if they speak more than one language. For example, Spanish in Florida, French inLouisiana, or even Vietnamese in California’s Bay Area are hotspots for these languages due to the high number of speakers needing non-English access. In Indiana, bilingual jobs center around the need for speakers of Spanish, Burmese, Chin, Mandarin, and Arabic, due to the high number of refugees, immigrants, and descendants in the state who speak these languages. However, French and Haitian Creole are also highly desired languages for bilingual jobs, as those from Caribbean and African nations settle in the area.

When seeking out bilingual jobs, Indianapolis is a good place to look due to the high diversity of cultures and languages among residents. If I were searching for full time bilingual jobs near me, no experience, I would find a multitude of interpreter and translator jobs, but also a high need for recruiting professionals and healthcare workers. Healthcare workers are less likely to fit the bill of “bilingual jobs near me no experience,” since those positions probably require schooling, but interpreting and recruiting jobs both have lots of variety and typically offer on-the-job training.

As a multilingual recruiting and talent sourcing agency, Morales Group is always looking out for multiple-language speakers. Some of the best bilingual jobs are when you can make a difference in someone else’s life, and finding someone a rewarding career while interacting with them in their native languagedefinitely fits that category. Morales Group is at the top of the list of companies that need bilingual employees. We have more than 14 languages represented in our workplace, and our team represents over 25 countries.

Working in bilingual jobs part time is easily doable, since any job position is advanced with a worker who is bilingual. A bilingual assistant in public schools, interpreting services for events and documents, and many customer service positions are examples of bilingual jobs part time.


Indeed is a free service to job seekers. It is a job board that aggregates job postings from many sources, allowing users to filter categories in order to search for specific positions. Indeed offers a variety of employment opportunities, since it is essentially a search engine for job listings.

However, Indeed earns money through digital advertising and a pay-per-click model. This means it makes a profit because employers pay a fee each time a candidate views a job posting.

The personal touch of a recruiter may be more beneficial in your own job search for bilingual jobs, since many employers prefer bilingual candidates. Filtering on Indeed may be less helpful to find a long-term rewarding position.

Work From Home Jobs 

Work from home jobs are common way to refer to jobs that allow telecommuting. Other terms for work from home jobs can include:

  • Mobile work
  • Remote work
  • Flexible workplace

While flexible schedules can refer to a whole range of unique workplace and scheduling scenarios, it most often refers to work from home jobs. These terms essentially mean that the employee can do his or her work from home, a modern work approach available due to the omnipresence of internet access and mobility.

According to a 2018 survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 57 percent of workers had a flexible schedule, 29 percent of workers could do their work from home, and 25 percent of workers worked at home some of the time.

If you are looking for bilingual jobs from home, customer service is one of the most plentiful options, since virtual call center jobs are always on the lookout for a range of positions. Bilingual jobs online with customer service can include sales and tech support, and these jobs are great for newcomers. Tutoring and teaching English as a second language is another great option if you’re searching for bilingual jobs online. While experience or a degree may be required, online tutors are nearly always in demand as virtual workers. For non-phone positions in the category of bilingual remote jobs, search evaluation is and up-and-coming opportunity for virtual workers who speak multiple languages. These companies evaluate search results and ad quality, and many offer flexible hours.

Bilingual remote jobs can technically include just about any job, since speaking multiple languages automatically boosts your candidate status. The more traditional bilingual jobs from home also have high demand for bilingual speakers. For example, the internet-connected world has high need for freelance translators, whether virtual, call center work, or transcribing audio or other files into another language. Transcription and captioning are a booming business, with high-paying positions available for real-time captioning in multiple languages. From Morales Group to Amazon, work from home jobs are plentiful for multilingual speakers.

Bilingual Meaning

Essentially, the bilingual meaning simply refers to a person who can speak two languages fluently. The less common term “multilingual” refers to someone who can speak several languages fluently. While not necessarily a bilingual synonym, the word “multilingual” technically includes those who speak two languages. In the United States workforce, many job postings desire candidates who are bilingual, meaning candidates who typically speak an in-demand language as well as English.

The bilingual benefits for a job seeker don’t end at the application process. While being bilingual candefinitely give you a boost on your resume, it can also make you a more adaptable thinker. This is likely one of the reasons that bilingual language speakers are so desirable in the workplace, in addition to the obvious benefits of heightened communication skills with those who speak other languages.

Other bilingual benefits include better problem-solving and multitasking – both skills that you have tolearn as a bilingual language speaker. In an interview, you can emphasize your second language skills through your:

  • Ability to adapt to multiple styles of communication;
  • Creativity; and
  • Ability to understand different perspectives.

Being bilingual, sentence comprehension will be even greater. Nearly any job requires good communication skills, and bilingual speakers have a leg up in this area. Bilingual meaning is so important in the workplace, because by relying on new modes of communication, we can include more and more cultures of our community. A multicultural workplace represents the world as it truly is.

Spanish Jobs

When it comes to bilingual jobs, Spanish jobs are one of the highest demand. According to data from the Center for Immigration Studies, the most sought-after languages employers hire for are Spanish jobs, Chinese, and Arabic. Not coincidentally, these are the languages with the highest increases that U.S. residents speak at home other than English.

Especially in the Unites States with its close proximity to Central and South America, it’s no surprise thatSpanish jobs are on the rise. The demand and need for translation and interpretation services, particularly in Spanish, are growing. Banks, medical offices, and cell phone companies are also large employers for Spanish jobs. On one hand, it’s common sense, since companies want multilingual speakers to feel comfortable at their businesses. On the other, it’s also becoming a necessity as the world gets more and more globalized.

French bilingual jobs are also in high demand, although it depends on the location. French is one of the official languages of the United Nations, making it a good choice for the international job market, since French is a lingua franca for many European and African countries. More than 300 million people speak French over the five continents. Bilingual French English jobs are essential for many diplomatic interpreting needs. French is also the only language other than English that is taught in every country of the world. Both French bilingual jobs and Spanish jobs require languages with a base in the Romance languages, making it easier to learn other similar languages.

Another not as common, but still important, language to learn if you are interested in bilingual jobs is Japanese. When it comes to bilingual jobs, Japanese is a good gateway language to learn other Asian languages.

Pasona is a career site for Japanese English bilinguals, and is also a staffing and placement firm focused on Japanese businesses in the United States. Pasona is an option for Japanese speakers who are interested in bilingual jobs.

No matter what second language you speak, here at Morales Group we have many opportunities for bilingual jobs. Every aspect of our business is made to uplift global diversity, and language is a critical key to that mission.

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