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bilingual staffing Louisville

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Bilingual Staffing

If you are on the hunt for a new job, working with a staffing firm or temp to hire agency can open the door to hundreds of job opportunities you may not have otherwise known about. A lot of times, companies with open positions to fill will work with staffing companies to find qualified candidates for their job openings instead of recruiting for them themselves. This can cut both cost and recruiting time for these companies, allowing them more time to work on other important issues. Today, staffing companies, like Morales Group Staffing, work with many diverse talent pools and job seekers. The more diverse the job seeker pool becomes, the larger the need for bilingual staffing agencies gets. You may not understand what the bilingual staffing meaning actually is. Bilingual staffing firms are very similar to any other staffing agency, however, some firms use the term bilingual staffing meaning they have individuals on their team that are bilingual, speaking more than one language.

Bilingual staffing firms like Morales Group Staffing are able to work with a variety of job seekers from different cultures and backgrounds. At Morales Group Staffing, we have many bilingual recruiters that can assist individuals speaking English, French, Creole, Chin, Arabic, Burmese, and many other languages. Many bilingual staffing agencies will also have important documents such as applications, tax forms, direct deposit forms, and other important instructions translated into other languages as well and will work with outreach organizations to help job seekers as much as possible. Bilingual staffing companies are very much needed in locations rich in cultural diversity. A bilingual staffing company such as Morales Group Staffing will do many things to benefit the variety of job seekers whom they serve, such as offering language courses for individuals to learn English, staffing bilingual recruiters to speak the job seekers’ native languages, and working with their business customers to allow them to place interpreters or bilingual team leads onsite to help train and get those individuals adjusted who may not speak English.

For individuals who do not speak English, finding employment can be very difficult. A lot of these individuals are immigrants or refugees that have moved to the United States to seek asylum. While many of these people have degrees and work experience in their home countries, it does not always translate to work requirements here in the United States. Bilingual staffing companies are very beneficial in these cases because they can work alongside these individuals and other helpful outreach organizations to set them up for success. It may feel to these individuals that they are starting over. It is our job to show them they can still utilize their talents and provide for their families by obtaining a rewarding position.


Kentucky, or ky for short, has hundreds of staffing agencies to help job seekers find the best opportunities while on their job search. Many of the staffing companies in ky are bilingual staffing firms that can work with people speaking a variety of languages. Kentucky is home to a variety of cultures, including refugees and immigrants from many countries including Cuba, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia, Sudan, and many more. In a 2018 study, ky had nearly 200,000 immigrants. While a portion of those individuals was considered to speak English “well” or “very well”, there are many others willing and wanting to find employment but find it difficult due to language barriers. Of the number of immigrants in Kentucky in that 2018 study, one-third of the Kentucky immigrant population had a college degree, but again, degrees and education do not always transfer to the United States from other countries and a lot of employers will require degrees from the United States, but skilled trades do transfer.

With thousands of job opportunities available in ky, the need, and ability for staffing firms and other employers in Kentucky to be able to place non-English-speaking individuals continue to grow. Morales Group Staffing works with a variety of amazing employers in Kentucky that wants to help those that do not speak English find employment. In doing so, we have been able to place translators and experienced bilingual team leads into some of these clients, which resulted in us placing hundreds of candidates into positions they may not have otherwise been able to obtain. We also work very closely with various outreach organizations throughout ky such as Kentucky refugee ministries and Catholic Charities of Louisville. Organizations throughout ky such as these are extremely helpful to those that may be struggling to find employment due to language barriers.

Elwood Staffing

Like morales staffing, there are many other staffing companies in the Louisville area and throughout Kentucky including Elwood staffing, diverse staffing, Spherion staffing, labor ready louisville, miscellaneous employment agencies, and first call staffing. Nationally known, Elwood staffing has three locations in the Louisville, Kentucky, and Jeffersonville, Indiana areas, and other locations in Kentucky including Bowling Green, Elizabethtown, Florence, Hopkinsville, and Shepherdsville. Founded in the 1980s, Elwood staffing staffs for positions in industries including skilled trades, information technology, construction, engineering, automotive, warehousing and distribution, manufacturing, administrative, customer service, and more. Similar to Elwood staffing, diverse staffing has locations in many states throughout the midwest to the east coast of the United States, including one location in Louisville, Kentucky. With headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana, diverse staffing provides temporary, temp to hire, and direct hire opportunities in industries such as industrial and manufacturing, office and administrative, call center, and information technology. Something unique to diverse staffing is they have their own VMS system, or vendor management system.

Like Elwood staffing and diverse staffing, Spherion staffing is another well know staffing company, however, they do not have offices in Kentucky. Headquartered in Atlanta Georgia with additional branches in many states from Florida to California, Spherion staffing offers a variety of positions in industries such as administrative and clerical, non-clinical healthcare jobs, customer service, professional jobs, and light industrial and warehousing. While uncommon amongst most staffing companies, Spherion staffing has franchising opportunities, touting stats such as 90% of companies utilize staffing companies to fill their orders, and nearly 16 million people are hired through staffing companies each year. Another well-known staffing firm, first call staffing, has around eleven branches in Indiana, and others in Ohio and Tennessee. Opportunities in industries such as manufacturing, logistics, professional, and food and beverages are what first call staffing specialized in, but they also have opportunities in other industries as well. In comparison, morales staffing, or Morales Group Staffing, has 10 branches throughout Indiana, Kentucky, Texas, and North Carolina. Founded in 2003, morales staffing as placed over 175,000 individuals into positions in various industries including skilled labor, manufacturing, logistics, direct hire, and professional.

 Staffing Agency Near Me

As stated above, Louisville is home to a variety of employment agencies to help you find the perfect staffing agency near me. When you are searching for employment agencies near me, best staffing agencies in Louisville, employment agencies in Louisville, staffing agencies in Louisville, or headhunters staffing Louisville, you want to find the best staffing agencies in Louisville so you can trust in your recruiters to find you the best opportunities. When searching staffing agencies near me, employment agencies near me, staffing agencies Louisville, employment agencies Louisville, staffing agencies Louisville, or headhunters staffing Louisville, try adding in the types of industries in which you are interested in working, such as warehouse or manufacturing, hospitality, information technology, healthcare, or administrative. This will help reduce your search size and give you employment agencies or results for the best staffing agencies Louisville that cater to your interests.

We also recommend adding the type of position into your search for staffing agency near me. Some employment agencies offer temporary, temp to hire, and direct-hire positions, while other employment agencies near me are more specialized and only focus on temporary, or only focus on direct hire. Even searching job titles instead of staffing agencies near me, employment agencies near me, or staffing agencies louisville kentucky will show you hundreds of job postings by some of the best staffing agencies louisville. With 90% of hiring companies utilizing employment agencies to help fill their open positions, it can sometimes be difficult to know what companies are hiring without working with or applying directly to employment agencies near me. It can be a common misconception that employment agencies or staffing agencies Louisville only have temporary positions to offer, but the majority of employment agencies have long-term and temp to hire opportunities that will help kick start your career. If you are unsure if a staffing agency near me is the right choice for you, almost all employment agencies are willing to speak with you and answer any questions regarding their application and hiring processes, and even go over their open job opportunities with you to ensure they are a good fit before you go through the application process. Most employment agencies have a fairly easy application process as well and can get you completely hired and even working at a new job or jobs in as little as one day. Morales Group Staffing is a great staffing agency near me that offers temporary, temp to hire, and direct hire positions. If you have never applied with a staffing company, staffing agency near me , or a recruitment agency and are on the search for a new job, apply with us today.

Bilingual Staffing Indy

  • Almost every business today has bilingual staffing needsThe term bilingual staffing, meaning anything from rapid access to specific talent or recruiters with the language skills to select the best candidate for you, is a broad label. But in an increasingly multicultural and multilingual America, having a solid bilingual staffing strategy can be invaluable to your team and your bottom line.  

    It correlates that those who speak more than one language often have stellar communication skills, and likely have cultural competence if they have traveled the world or been exposed to different cultures. Plus, bilingual staffing demand has soared since the 1980s – more than doubling in areas of business that require lots of face-to-face interaction. This makes sense, because a team well-versed in several languages can make your customer service more comprehensive. A multilingual team will not only have more access to your clients or customer base, but will be more confident dealing with customers who speak their language. They are more effective in gauging a culturally diverse environment, to which the U.S. is only growing closer. 

    The bilingual staffing meaning can include the human resources agency you use and their own cultural/linguistic makeup, or the type of candidate you wish to pursue. Sticking to traditional hiring practices can actually limit your talent pools, and a bilingual staffing agency is a great way to tap into new demographics for candidates. This way, you don’t have to build the pipeline yourself, but can trust a consultant who already has the foundation laid.  

    Your markets themselves find their demand for a multilingual workforce increasing. The U.S. has about 64 million people who speak a non-English language at the home. The buying power of this group, who prefer doing business with entities that speak their own language, is substantial. By serving the linguistic needs of these markets with a bilingual staffing strategy, you gain access to many business opportunities! 

    Not to mention, the increasing likelihood of a language barrier can lead to on-the-job accidents and miscommunications. Instead of an old-fashioned requirement for English proficiency, it is more valuable to implement structures that support native speakers so full comprehension is reached. Bilingual human resources, native language or interpreted orientation and trainings, multilingual signage and translations, comprehensive explanation of U.S. safety standards, and more are all support services that keep on giving.  

    Fortunately, you don’t have to start from scratch. By using a bilingual staffing agency such as Morales Group, we provide these structures built in, and can help you adjust your strategy to integrate a more bilingual approach.  



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    Indiana is the 19th state admitted to the Union of the United States. Its largest metropolitan area is considered to be greater Indianapolis, which is the state’s capital city. The state’s economy is fairly diverse, with not only agriculture but very high proportion of manufacturing. Some of the highest exports of Indiana include industrial machinery, orthopedics, electric machinery, motor vehicles and auto parts, and pharmaceutical products.  

    Because IN has a labor force located in mostly medium and smaller-sized cities, this makes it attractive for corporations since they can offer somewhat lower wages than in expensive large cities. For a lower cost, firms can obtain higher skills.  

    The demand for a multilingual workforce is growing at a rapid pace in Indiana. Aside from Spanish, which is arguably the most integrated language aside from English, the state has a need to serve the linguistic requirements of its residents who speak Burmese, several African dialects, French, as well as Arabic.  

    Many corporations are rising to the challenge. For example, Eskenazi Health offers a program called “Bridging the Gap” free to bilingual employees. Indiana-headquartered Morales Group partners with numerous outreach organization to provide free English classes, financial support, and social support to the multilingual base who they serve.  

    Not just in IN, but across the board, the demand for bilingual workers is compounding. In 2015, employers posted more than three time more job postings aimed at Chinese speakers than they had in 2010. In the same five-year span, U.S. job postings aimed at Spanish and Arabic speakers increased by 150 percent.  

    This need is not industry-specific. Any economic area can benefit from bilingual staffing, and it should definitely be a focus for the future if not an active pursuit in the present. According to a study done by New American Economy, by 2020, proficiency in more than a single language will be among the most important skills a job seeker can have. While there is an obvious need for multilingual workers in industries like translation and language instruction, the need in other fields may be more subtle but no less essential as time goes on.  



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    Indiana has many high-caliber staffing firms and agencies. Among them include: 

    • Elwood Staffing; 
    • Diverse Staffing; 
    • Spherion Staffing; 
    • First Call Staffing; 
    • And of course Morales Staffing. 


    Morales Group is not only a bilingual staffing agency, but we also provide knowledge and focus in industrial staffing, professional and clerical staffing, executive and direct hire, and skilled trades, not to mention our award-winning embedded labor model Acción Performance. When it comes to linguistic competency, Morales Group team members represent over 14 languages. This is an essential tool in our kit to empower underserved communities such as immigrants and refugees, who may need more communication and support throughout the employment process. Morales Group also is represented in our workforce by over 25 countries, because a diverse team experience allows us to be innovative as well as intuitive.  

    When it comes to bilingual staffing, Morales Staffing has even more of an inside edge. The company is a Minority Business Enterprise as well as Hispanic-owned. As a company, we partner with numerous outreach organizations to give even greater support to our underserved communities, many of which are also bilingual speakers. For example, we partner with workforce development foundation Project Azul, which provides employment trainings in order to “skill up” workers so they are eligible for higher wages. An investment into workforce development not only helps build better futures for those workers and their families, but it also helps the community and economy as a whole 

    Another group we partner with is Exodus Refugee, an organization helping individuals rebuild their lives in Indiana. By investing in our community and in these partnerships, we help complete the circle for underserved communities by providing access to employment and career resources. It is a mutually beneficial relationship, as it helps Morales Staffing access a ready pipeline of bilingual talent for those who work with us.  

    Indiana is a great place to find top tier recruitment help, as evidenced by the wide array of choices such as Elwood Staffing and more. Diverse Staffing and Spherion Staffing are located here, as well as First Call Staffing. While headquartered in Indiana, Morales Staffing has many location across the Midwest, as well as in Louisville, Charlotte, and Dallas.  


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    If I were looking for a staffing agency near meI would have many high-quality employment agencies to choose from. Among the employment agencies near me, in Indiana, there is Morales Staffing, Elwood Staffing, Diverse Staffing, and more. 

    For those seeking jobs in Indianapolis, common web queries may be “staffing agencies Indianapolis” or “employment agencies Indianapolis.” Perhaps you may even search “headhunters staffing Indianapolis.” These are the names that would likely come up in such a search. If you are looking for the best staffing agencies Indianapolis has to offer, we at Morales Staffing aspire to be your perfect fit. We consistently receive industry recognition as one of the Best Places to Work in Indiana, Inc.’s Best Workplaces, and we have been recognized as Inavero’s Best of Staffing Talent Satisfaction.  

    Not only do we serve the Indianapolis area, but we are one of the staffing agencies Plainfield Indiana has to offer. We help place many in the light industrial, manufacturing, and logistics sectors, although we are a flexible group that has worked in many other industries as well.  

    By seeking a staffing agency near me, I can assume that the employment agencies that come to mind have an expert knowledge in the local industries and job offerings. It stands to reason that employment agencies near me would have an understanding of local hiring practices and trends and could help me with my job search. The staffing agencies Indianapolis has to offer will be engrained in the local business culture 

    A special approach that Morales Staffing takes with our candidates is the ABC Approach. A stands for “A job,” B stands for “Better job,” and C stands for “Career.” We take workforce development seriously, and we don’t want our teammates to be stuck in an entry level position. The first step is listening to your story and matching you with a first job to meet your most pressing needs. In this initial job, you have chances to learn new skills and find success. We take pride in offering resources and training to help you become eligible for a better job with higher pay. Finally, after training, results, and continued success, you have reach high qualifications and we can help you find a career. 




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