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CNC/ Routing Supervisor position in McCordsville, IN


The primary duty is directing and overseeing the day-to-day activities of a team of CNC machinists. This aspect of the role involves examining production schedules and deadlines and determining how to best schedule employees and activities to complete jobs safely and efficiently. The supervisor may also provide direct, hands-on support in programming and overseeing machine operation.


  • CNC (computer numerical control) supervisors work in manufacturing plants and machine shops, where they oversee and direct teams of CNC machinists and operators.
  • This role balances team leadership and coordination with a high level of technical knowledge and machine programming skills.
  • Supervisor must develop and enact effective processes for machine shops and manufacturing activities while ensuring safe practices and preventing delays in production.
  • Most CNC supervisors train new hires on policies and procedures. This can include instruction and direct supervision on programming CNC machines and ensuring that they are operated safely and efficiently.
  • The CNC supervisor may also develop training materials and manuals and periodically oversee employees to make sure they utilize best practices to carry out their duties.
  • Must enact and monitor workplace safety measures.
  • CNC supervisors manage employee schedules, often for rotating shifts. This includes maintaining records of employee shifts and hours worked and developing schedules to maintain safety during rotations and adequate personnel levels at all times.
  • CNC supervisors compose and maintain production reports and records. These can include daily activity reports, information related to machine issues, and employee evaluations.
  • CNC supervisors ensure that machinery works as expected by taking part in troubleshooting and repair activities. This aspect of the role requires extensive familiarity with the machines’ parts and internal processes, as well as a keen understanding of how they work together and specific areas that may contribute to machine stoppages or slowdowns.


  • 8am-5pm


  • $40,000/year
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