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Printing Press Operators in Charlotte, NC

Responsibilities of Printing Press Operator:

  • Remove or install different parts and supplies
  • Review each job order in advance and make adjustments as needed
  • Removing parts and supplies, such as rollers, type, printing plates, screens, stencils, dies, and cylinders, according to specifications are necessary tasks
  • Load, position, and adjust materials to be printed
  • Cleaning the printing press
  • Operators are responsible for knowing how to clean it.
  • Consistently monitor production runs to ensure quality, making necessary Adjustments during the run, such as to registration or color
  • Monitor production to make sure it stays on schedule.
  • Performing preventative maintenance
  • Troubleshooting equipment issues

Requirements of Printing Press Operator:

  • Reading Comprehension Skills – to read and understand various work orders, and also to catch possible printing errors during production
  • Critical Thinking Skills – to troubleshoot problems if the press stops working correctly
  • Time Management Skills – printing press operators work on a production schedule, estimating how much time each job will take to avoid missing deadlines
  • Physical Stamina – printing press operators have to keep the machine going and prepare the ink, rollers, and images for the different papers to be pressed
  • Interpersonal Skills – because printing press operators may work as part of a team or assume a supervisory role, the ability to interact professionally with others when speaking or listening is important
  • High Schoo Diploma/ Equivalent
  • Ability to lift between 20-40lbs


1st shift

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