Are You Ready for Gen Z in Your Workplace?


Office walls were torn down to create a collaborative workspace. Water coolers were replaced with ping pong tables and break rooms stocked with organic and locally-sourced snacks. Corporate social responsibility programs were amped up, and social media accounts were created. In other words, your company made room for Millennials in the workplace. And just like […]

World Refugee Day


There are 25.4 million refugees, over half of whom are under the age of On World Refugee Day we think of the parents who dream big dreams for their children. Who dream of safety, a future, a place to sleep without fear; who weigh these risks and decide to try for these dreams that are […]

New Faces and Growing Teams


  We’re thrilled to welcome new team members at Morales Group! This week alone we’ve added five new faces, all in different roles. With every new hire, we introduce them to our mission: building better futures one story at a time. Seth Morales, our President and COO, sits down with them and goes through our […]