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When it comes to choosing a new career path, it is helpful to look at positions which are needed for every company, no matter the industry. One such career includes customer service jobs. In this piece, we will discuss what is involved in customer service jobs, what the work environment is like, pay and benefits, and how to find “customer service jobs near me”. 

Luckily, beginning a career in customer service is fairly accessible. While usually a high school diploma and a year or two of work experience is enough to get you started, there are plenty of customer service jobs that double as entry level jobs. If you’d like to learn more about entry level jobs, click here to read our piece on the ins and outs of entry careers.

Customer service jobs cover any job involved in customer service, support, success, and experience. Typically this means that customer service representatives interact with customers to handle complaints and comments, process orders, and answer questions. 

Opportunities for newcomers and career-oriented customer service staff are generally plentiful and continually available, since these reps are employed in nearly every industry. A high school diploma or equivalent is usually required, but training is short-term and on the job. Those interested in customer service jobs should be good at communicating and adept at using computers, especially if interested in customer service jobs from home or remote customer service jobs. 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for customer service jobs in 2018 was $33,750 per year, or $16.23 per hour. Of course, this is median pay across all customer service roles, so that number will fluctuate based on location, industry, and level of role. 

Common titles in customer service jobs include the following:

  • Customer service representative
  • Remote customer service representative (these include online customer service jobs and virtual customer service jobs)
  • Customer service specialist
  • Customer service engineer
  • Customer service supervisor
  • Customer service manager

Common titles in customer support jobs include the following:

  • Customer support representative
  • Remote customer support representative (these include home based customer service jobs)
  • Customer support specialist
  • Multilingual customer support specialist
  • Customer support engineer
  • Customer support manager

Common titles in customer success jobs include the following:

  • Customer success associate
  • Customer success manager
  • Implementation specialist
  • Customer success team lead

Common titles in customer experience jobs include the following:

  • Customer experience manager
  • Director of customer experience
  • And more higher level roles 

Depending on the size and industry of the common, customer service jobs may focus on simply customer service, or expand the range of disciplines to the categories listed above. 

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Common internet searches when looking for customer service jobs include “call center jobs near me”, “part time customer service jobs from home”, and “call center jobs near me no experience”. The benefits of working in customer service are the range of options to choose from — many roles are entry level so they are very accessible, and there is a big potential for offsite work or team-based work depending on your style.


Indeed, customer service jobs may be plentiful, but how do you find one? Indeed Careers is an aggregator website that includes all the job listings from major job boards, newspapers, associations, and company career pages. 

“Indeed jobs near me” is a popular internet search among job seekers. However, even though lots of postings can be found on Indeed Jobs, Indianapolis is home to Morales Group. We are a staffing and talent sourcing agency dedicated to helping you find the perfect career fit, and we can offer an individualized touch that online searches can’t match.

Jobs in Indianapolis

Looking for jobs hiring in Indianapolis? Due to the recent low unemployment, the number of jobs in Indianapolis has grown. This is good news if you need a job quickly or are on the hunt. 

When it comes to customer service jobs, Indianapolis has lots to offer. The diverse array of industries in this up-and-coming metropolitan city means you have your pick of workstyle and focus. However, when looking for jobs in Indianapolis, especially in customer service, even with strong demand you need to take the right steps to shine. Here are a few tips to stand out:

  • Be positive and persistent — You are a champion on behalf of your customer. A sunny demeanor with a hard drive to fill their needs will take you far.
  • Think ahead — Be proactive rather than reactive. Take steps to notice and deal with problems before they become fires. 
  • Learn how to play with a team — The better you collaborate with others, the faster customer service issues are solved.
  • Don’t be afraid of a learning curve — It takes time to master the unique procedures of your profession. Plus, staying up-to-date on the latest systems ensures you will be indispensable.
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