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Job Opportunities Dallas

Click here to learn all about our open job opportunities in the greater Dallas area. By the way, we’re hiring!

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Our Dallas Job Opportunities

Quality Assurance Inspector

$14 an hour 6:50am-2:30pm Monday-Friday


Forklift Operator

$16 an hour 3rd Shift


job opportunities dallas

Even though there has been an overall loss of jobs this past year in Dallas, the national average of job loss has been far higher. This means there are plenty of job opportunities available for you in the Dallas area. Large companies, such as Toyota and State Farm, have moved to the Dallas area, offering workers a wide range of job choices. Job opportunities abound in the fields of high technology, defense, and finance. As a result, the average salary in the Dallas area is above the national average.

When you are looking for job opportunities in Dallas, there are many ways to quickly find a job. The easiest way is running a Google search. Use phrases like jobs in Dallas or part time jobs in Dallas. You’ll find dozens of job listings, many offered on company websites. Run additional searches focusing in on your field. Simply add your field as a key word to the search. You can also add a specific description of your desired job to the search. You may be able to find your perfect job in minutes.

Word of mouth always works. Put the word out that you are looking at getting a new job. Describe what your perfect job would be. Ask friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors for advice and leads. Someone may give you a great tip-off to your future job in Dallas.

Job boards, such as Monster, CareerBuilder, Indeed, and SimplyHired abound in good job listings in the Dallas metropolitan area. Click on their links, enter their job listings, and key in your field. If for instance, you’re interested in part time jobs in Dallas, use that phrase in your search. You’ll likely find interesting job opportunities that you’ve never considered before in this manner.

Staffing agencies are another potential source for information on good job opportunities in Dallas. CornerStone, Express Employment, Babich, and Burnett’s have excellent reputations. A good staffing agency is paid by companies to find workers for hire. This means the companies are serious about hiring. Which means you stand a good chance of getting an excellent job through the efforts of these agencies.


Indeed is a free Internet jobs board. Job seekers can run searches for part time, full time, and remote jobs in hundreds of fields located in the Dallas area. Just use the Indeed login page after you’ve joined. You can screen job listings through such categories as date posted, distance, salary, job type, and experience. You can also load your Indeed resume, create job alerts, save your search results, and apply for Indeed jobs directly from the board. If you are uncertain as to the quality of work available, company reviews written by employees are posted on Indeed. Use these to zero in on the company with the best corporate environment for you.

You can read articles on a wide range of job-related topics posted in Indeed’s career guide. These include details on valuable interviewing skills, good job search habits, strong resumes, and salaries. Indeed has instituted policies to protect job seekers as they use the service. Read their Safe Search Guidelines to help you find the most reputable firms in the Dallas area.

Jobs Near Me

This category of jobs may be the most important to you, depending on your family situation. You may want to work at home or have a short commute time. If this is true, run job searches using keywords such as remote work, working at home, jobs 10 miles near me, jobs hiring near me, or jobs in 25-mile radius from me. You can also try jobs near me and type in your street address.

You may also try to find a job that permits you to work at home part of the week. Run a search on types of remote jobs available. You’ll get a better idea about what kinds of jobs companies offer in this regard. Try this key phrase: Flex Jobs Near Me. Then add a keyword describing your ideal job. You may find the job that fits your schedule and lifestyle perfectly. A jobs board called FlexJobs may be your answer. It lists several new flex jobs each day. Also, try these key phrases: part time jobs near me or part time jobs remote. A part time job may be the perfect fit for you.

USA Jobs

USA Jobs is a jobs board run by the Federal Government. It posts jobs under the following categories: Job Title, Department, Agency, Series, or Occupation. You can also run searches under City, State, Zip Code, and Country. This will make it easy for you to find federal government jobs that may be available in the Dallas metropolitan area.

Like other jobs boards, in USA Jobs you can load your resume, search for recent job postings, save your searches, and apply for jobs. Simply create a profile, type your information in the form found in the USA Jobs login page, create your USA Jobs username, and you’re in the system. Just like that.

The Social Security Administration has offices in virtually every large and medium-sized city in the United States, including Dallas and the surrounding area. Careers can be found in areas such as building construction and maintenance, security, administration, public contact, and human resources. Search USA Jobs Social Security Administration in the USA Jobs board for these positions.

USA Jobs also holds hiring events and information sessions on career paths with the Federal Government. Check often for these events. When you’re ready, click on the USA Jobs login page, type in your USA Jobs username, and you’ll be able to participate.

Work From Home Jobs

You may not be as interested in flex jobs or jobs near you. Perhaps you’ll only be interested in work from home jobs in Dallas. In that case, run searches with such key phrases as work at home, remote work, or remote work jobs. You will be able to find these kinds of jobs on all the major job boards. Find out what’s available in your field by adding it as a keyword.

If you’ve had little work experience and are looking for remote work in Dallas, try running a Google search with these key phrases: Work from home jobs no experience, remote work no experience, virtual positions no experience, and work at home entry-level positions. You can try all the major jobs boards with similar searches. They offer such jobs. When applying, make sure you list skills attained in school and in volunteer groups to let potential employers know what you can do. If you’ve had jobs in a different field from the one you are applying for, list every transferrable skill you have received from your previous employment. Don’t be shy. Try a number of them. A surprising number may turn out to be applicable to your new field.

A major employer in the Dallas area is Amazon. They often have positions available for remote work. Run the following key phrase searches: work from home jobs Amazon, Amazon remote work, Amazon remote jobs, and Amazon virtual positions. Customer service, software support, product claims, and security management are some of the Amazon jobs that can be done from home. Make sure you ask about virtual positions during your interview if you are contacted by a recruiter from Amazon. If you can’t find your field listed, ask the recruiter if Amazon would consider creating an at-home position for you.

Government Jobs

The United States is a federal form of government. This doesn’t just mean there are governments at the federal and state level. There are also governments at the county and city levels, as well as park districts and school districts. Every single government needs employees to get their work done. This means plenty of opportunities for you to get government jobs in your field.

At the federal level, there are wide-ranging opportunities for federal government jobs in energy, defense, veterans affairs, education, forestry, homeland security, diplomacy, and law enforcement.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has a large VA hospital in Dallas. VA jobs at the hospital include administration and office work, nursing, physicians, medical technicians, mechanics, maintenance, and mental health specialists. Apply for these jobs at vacareers.va.gov. Look for careers by location, click on Dallas, and scroll through the list of openings. To learn about careers and the latest VA job openings, read the Department’s blog. It also includes articles offering career advice.

The State of Texas has job opportunities in its departments of agriculture, banking, criminal justice, housing, and public safety, to name just a few. Dallas County government includes the Sheriff’s department, the auditor, the tax office, and construction and maintenance of its transportation infrastructure.

The City of Dallas offers a wide range of local government jobs, including the civil service, accounting, code compliance, parks and recreation, police department, libraries, and human resources, among many others. You can find city jobs at dallascityhall.gov. Scroll down the list of openings until you find the job that’s right for you. Click on it and apply.

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