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Learn What Warehouse Picker Packer Job Descriptions Mean

Recruiting 09.28.21 Morales Group

Like any other form of service delivery, warehousing requires a team of well-trained personnel with specific skill sets for the operations to run swiftly. Various activities conducted in the warehouses build-up towards the ultimate goal. They ensure goods are well stored, sorted, and maintained in the best condition possible.

The activities carried out in a typical warehouse include receiving merchandise, putting it away, storage for the requested period, packing when required, and ultimately shipping. Of all these five major activities, the role of picking and the subsequent packing of merchandise is predominant.

As such, this emphasizes the importance of a warehouse picker packer’s job in the warehousing business. Read on to understand a warehouse picker packer’s job description.

Picking the Shipments

Warehouses are a buzz whenever new commodities arrive and need unpacking from the shipping locomotives. This includes vehicles, planes, or ships. The entire process of unloading the items and transporting them to the set locations within the warehouse requires well-trained packers.

Under general circumstances, the warehouse picker packer receives the merchandise and processes them by filling out the necessary paperwork. After that, the picker packer codes the items for safekeeping. Picking of the orders qualifies as the first duty for any warehouse picker packer job description.

Packing the Orders

Picker packers spearhead the collection of goods from the different sections of the warehouses whenever there are orders received which require outward shipping. The warehouse picker packers job description entails them to assemble the goods as per the client’s orders. Then they process them by clearing and dispatching them from the warehouse’s system.

The picker packers also oversees the actual movement of the goods after dispatch from the warehouse to the shipping facility for transportation to the customer’s chosen location. The packers ensures that the goods are in good condition and with no damages sustained throughout this process.

Additionally, the picker packer also ensures that the shipment is complete and no missing parts.

Conducting Periodic Stock Counts

Warehouses, on most occasions, handle various commodities from various customers. When such items do not receive the required attention during movement and sorting, some of these commodities may end up missing. In an attempt to reduce such instances where some items go missing, periodic stock counts take place.

The frequency of the stock counts is at the discretion of the warehouse management. However, it is the role of the warehouse picker packer to ensure that these periodic stock-outs take place. They also ensure that all the commodities are intact.

The picker packer follows up on any variances that arise from the stock counts by taking measures necessary to recover the misplaced commodities.

The General Cleanliness of the Warehouse

All customers desire that the warehouse handling their commodities remain clean and tidy all through. The warehouse picker packer is responsible for ensuring that the general cleanliness of the warehouse is at an acceptable level. The picker packer does not necessarily take part in the cleaning but plays a supervisory role during the tidying up exercise.

It is their job to remain accountable to any concerns from the customers and the general warehouse management. This is as far as the organization and the serene nature of the warehouse environment goes.

The administration of proper housekeeping practices is a crucial responsibility of the warehouse picker packer.

Creating Health and Safety Awareness

There are several regulations in place that focus on operational safety and health in the warehouses. Accidents happen in warehouses when the handling of equipment is poor. Workers may contract diseases when the hygienic conditions in the warehouse are not pleasing.

The warehouse picker packer ensures that the handling of equipment is proper to avoid accidents. They that the rest of the warehouse staff members adhere to the health regulations throughout the conduct of the activities.

Essential Skills Required for a Warehouse Picker Packer

The roles and responsibilities of warehouse picker packer jobs are easy to accomplish for individuals with the following skills:

  • Ability to follow instructions and the set procedures
  • Having a keen eye for detail and paying attention to note any slight variations from the routine activities
  • Ability to work in a team and accommodate diversity that comes from working with people from different roles
  • Problem-solving skills and the ability to improvise to solve unprecedented crises
  • The above skills are not conclusive as there are many other desired qualities. However, these four skills cover the majority of the expectations set on the role of a warehouse picker packer.

Make an Impact as a Warehouse Picker Packer

Warehouse managers and owners yearn for the services of a good warehouse picker packer for the success and flourishing of their businesses. Help the warehouses achieve their goals, mission, and vision by being a part of them matching the warehouse picker packer job description.

Recruiting 09.28.21 Morales Group