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Sharpen you influence. Multiply your impact. These words are lived out every day as the mission of EDGE Mentoring.  They take a holistic approach to developing millennials and young professionals, from relationships and careers to purpose and faith.

Morales Group is proud to partner with EDGE Mentoring throughout the year. Our team is involved in different aspects, from mentees to board members. We see the value brought by developing talent in a community setting and with peers outside of the office.

Our mission, building better futures one story at a time, is carried out further by their intergenerational approach of seasoned mentors investing in emerging leaders hungry to grow and serve our community.

This year, we are excited to sponsor the conference, EDGE |X 2017. The half-day, high-impact conference will have Indiana’s own Mitch Daniels, along with Bill Hybels, Ann Voskamp, and Bob Goff as speakers.

Learn more about this sold out conference and EDGE Mentoring:


Proud Partner of EDGEX

News 10.03.17