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Refugee Jobs

The commonly searched web phrase “refugee jobs” makes it sound as though there are only a small subset of jobs meant for refugeesThis is not the case. However, many refugees can struggle to find work, leading to a crisis in refugee employment. Participation in the workforce is often considered to be the most important factor for long-term integration into a new society.  

Refugee jobs may simply mean jobs with companies or organizations that are connected to refugee staffing services. Oftentimes, a refugee resettlement program will include resources and connections to jobs that are oriented around specific refugee needs. This can mean translation or interpretation services or a multilingual workplace. Refugee and immigrant services companies themselves are often in need of empathic employees to help new refugees settle and integrate into a new and unfamiliar society. 

When it comes to refugee resettlementIndianapolis is a good destination. The city has received over 20,000 refugees since 1975, and the diversity has only increased. This means that if refugees or immigrants need immigration services, Indianapolis has many resources and support systems in place.  

One of these is Exodus Center, a refugee resettlement program and agency in Indianapolis. The focus of Exodus Center is receiving new refugees when they arrive to the United States, provide English language learning support, financial help navigating the new systems, and help finding apartments and refugee jobs. While Exodus Center can only resettle people granted specific refugee status by the United Nations, the center is full of refugee and immigrant services and can connect those in need with other agencies or organizations.  

One of these other organizations is Indiana Refugee Network. This organization connects refugee families with a network of volunteers to provide them with essential immigration services. Indianapolis schoolteachers founded the Indiana Refugee Network when they saw the needs of refugee students and by extension, their families and support systems. Their network provides services such as English language acquisition, financial literacy, and medical services. When new refugees need emergency services, this organization can help.  

 Another useful resource is refugee staffing companies. These staffing agencies are uniquely qualified to help refugees with their participation in the workforce and long-term success in their new country. For example, Morales Group is a staffing agency that helps those in underserved populations find jobs. We partner with refugee resettlement programs and agencies like Exodus Center and Indiana Refugee Network to support these individuals with needs that will help them be successful at work, such as English language acquisition and financial assistance. We have recruiters than speak many different languages, and many were once refugees themselves from other countries. Once we connect you with a job, we help you to make sure you are happy and successful in the new position.  

When it comes to refugee resettlement, Indianapolis is a popular destination for helping new immigrants settle into the United States and begin the next chapter of their lives. Supporting refugees and immigrants is also a dedication to protecting human rights. We consider it very important to welcome refugees and other displaced people and help in any way we can. Morales Group was actually founded to assist the Indiana Hispanic community by providing much-needed jobs. This history informs our work every day as we seek to accomplish our mission of building better futures, one story at a time.   

Catholic Charities Indianapolis 

Another organization we partner with is Catholic Charities Indianapolis, an affiliate of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. Catholic Charities immigration and refugee services is a program to deliver compassionate and carinservice to help and empower those in need. This program has helped resettle thousands of refugees in the Indianapolis area. The volunteers in this program have lots of experience helping new refugees transition into the next chapter of life.  

Catholic Charities Indianapolis has three main areas of focus to their service. The first area is resettlement. With a large volunteer team and staff that speak multiple languages, Catholic Charities refugee and immigration services sets up safe, affordable housing along with assistance for setting up welfare and social security. These appointments can be very confusing and complicated for new arrivals to the United States, so assistance is necessary for long-term success. 

The second area of focus for Catholic Charities immigration and refugee services is a rapid crash course in employment and culture. This consists of English language acquisition assistance, tutoring for possible GED certification, job readiness training, cultural orientations, and an employment placement program, as well as help with any certifications need for a specific area of employment. While this stage of resettlement must happen rapidly, it’s crucial to ensuring that new refugees are equipped for their new jobs. 

The third area of focus is Catholic Charities immigration legal services, which is created to guide refugees through the legal immigration process. It can be difficult for new arrivals to find and obtain proper legal advice and representation for themselves and their families. Catholic Charities immigration legal services is one of their most vital resources for refugees in need. 

For those looking for volunteer opportunities with Indianapolis charities, this organization always has roles that can make a big impact. ESL tutors and class instructors, family reunification, and advocates, as well as multilingual interpreters, can find many chances to volunteer and do some good with Catholic Charities Indiana. 

If I am looking for assistance and prefer Catholic immigration services near me, this organization is a good choice. Although, I would not have to be Catholic in order to receive aid from Catholic Charities immigration services near me 

There are many locations for Catholic Charities Indiana, not just in Indianapolis. There are also many Indianapolis charities that support refugees resettling in or near the city. 

The benefits to living in an increasingly globalized and diverse city mean that refugees are not uncommon in Indianapolis. With Catholic Charities, refugee and immigration services are expanded across the country and state. This organization also helps those who are not refugees, but may be low-income families or individuals in need of crisis assistance, family services, or other resources. 

Refugee Volunteering 

For those passionate about helping refugees arriving and settling in Indianapolis, there are fortunately many ways to get involved! Taking any kind of action helps refugees to feel welcome in our city and have the appropriate support from their community once they are here. Social stigma, such as racism or negative stereotyping, have long been harmful to the refugee and immigrant populations everywhere. As Indianapolis becomes more diverse, this is slowly becoming less of an issue, but cross-cultural misunderstandings can still play a role in misplaced hostility. Working with refugees in Indianapolis, especially professionally in spaces that aren’t refugee support spaces, negative feelings toward refugees can be apparent if there is a perception that refugee presence will incur additional costs or inconvenience. The first step to refugee volunteering is to become an ally. Being a refugee advocate in both your personal and professional lives can make a huge difference toward educating others and encouraging others to support refugees. It is everyone’s responsibility to make immigrants welcome. 

When working with refugees in Indianapolisthere are many ways to contribute. Household donations are a big contribution to supporting this community, because it’s usually the case that refugees arrive to the United States with only what they can carry. They are often expected to build a new life with these few items. Luckily, Exodus Center has a program where you can donate items to their Amazon wish list. These items go straight to refugee families in need.  

Financial gifts are another way to support. Giving a recurring donation to a local immigrant help center support these families in building a new life.  

A third way is being a refugee advocate, a concept introduced above. Refugees have so many challenges to deal with when they arrive, often fleeing persecution or displacement in their home countries. It’s imperative that local citizens support their cause by being a voice, and publicly supporting initiatives and leaders who are advocates for refugee resettlement. If you are looking for specific ways to be a refugee advocate, we suggest contacting your local immigrant help center. These organizations are knowledgeable and experienced, and they can connect you with the best way to amplify the voices and stories of refugees.  

Refugee volunteering can take many forms. While we wouldn’t necessarily call this “volunteering,” employing refugees is a form of voluntary advocacy that takes action by providing a refugee with a stable job, a key factor in their success. Offering refugee internships to children of refugees also helps these families put down roots and offers valuable perspective for your organization. Making immigrants welcome and feel wanted is a huge part of successfully helping this population.  

Each year for World Refugee Day, Indianapolis hosts many celebrations of its refugee community. This is a chance for lifelong citizens to learn about new cultures and see the value in a diverse community. World Refugee Day Indianapolis is also a necessary reminder for the city to focus on refugees and how people can take action to support them. This highlights the needs of refugee families and can inspire lifelong citizens to devote time or resources to making sure refugees can rebuild their lives and thrive in this city. 

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