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Who is Morales Group?

Founded in 2003, Morales Group, Inc (MGI) is a vibrant and passionate group of people delivering a different kind of staffing agency experience. Headquartered in Indianapolis, with additional offices in Columbus, Jeffersonville, Anderson, and Lafayette Indiana as well as in Louisville, Kentucky, Charlotte, North Carolina, and Dallas, Texas, our team has successfully placed more than 50,000 associates throughout the Midwest. We draw upon the unique spirit and ability of a globally diverse workforce to enhance our clients’ business agility and competitive edge in the marketplace.

We are proud to receive consistent industry recognition including being named an Inc. magazine 500|5000 Fastest Growing Private Company twice and earning Hispanic Business Magazine’s Top 100 Fastest Growing Hispanic-owned Companies in the U.S. seven times. We are especially proud to have been named one of Inc. magazine’s 2017 best workplaces. MGI is a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and a member of the American Staffing Association and Staffing Industry Analysts.


Gina's Story

“You never know when things are going to change. After my husband passed, everything came crashing down. But I knew then that it was my turn to step up and take care of things on my own. I had our ten-year-old daughter to look after, and I was determined to do everything to help her, including leaving my home and making a new one here in Indiana where I knew we would have better opportunities.”

Tom's Story

“Although I had fought my heritage early in my life, I reached a point when I wanted to give back to the Hispanic community. Before my father passed away, he challenged me. He said, ‘You have got to give more than just money to churches and organizations. If there is something you can do—something you can start—you must follow your heart.’ I found my calling in listening to people’s stories and making a positive difference in their lives. That’s what Morales Group is all about.”

Leticia's Story

“I never did any of this for myself. I did it for my daughter. I’ve always said that life is like a marathon—sometimes it’s easy and sometimes you have to run the hills. Our family’s journey was a hard one. More than once, I thought about going back to Mexico. But at the end of the day, if you have the opportunity, you have to take it. We left everything looking for something better for our daughter, and now she is following her dreams.”

Select Staffing Near Me Dallas

Select Staffing Near Me  

Jobs in Dallas, Texas are easy to find by searching “staffing near me.” When searching “staffing near me” it will return several results, but you will want to select staffing jobs. Using the select staffing jobs option, you will be taken to an area to see all staffing jobs in the Dallas, Texas area. This will include a list of staffing agencies in Dallas, Texas that are nearest to you. From there, you will be able to select the staffing phone number of the company you wish to contact. Using the select staffing phone number option, you will be able to reach an employee of that particular agency. Next, you will select staffing app to fill out the staffing application portion of a job you are interested in.  Using the select staffing application option will help you notify the staffing agency that you are interested in their position. The select staffing application should be completed before speaking with the recruiter. The select staffing app will give them insight on what experience and skills you possess before your Dallas, Texas, staffing agency interview.  This will also allow you to specify what your select staffing job needs are, such as hours and pay. Again, this all starts by searching for select staffing jobs near me.  Dallas, Texas, offers many options. 

Staffing Agency 

A staffing agency may be the most common term used when searching for staffing agencies near me in the Dallas, Texas area.  There are indeed many staffing agency locations in Dallas. And, the best way to find one that works for you is by searching online.  Begin with an idea in mind of what type of staffing agency you would like to work for.  A staffing agency in Dallas, Texas can come with many different options and opportunities. When you ask for staffing agencies near me, be sure to include the types of jobs you are interested in. Some staffing agency requirements in Dallas, Texas, including being able to work 50 hours a week jobs. Look for these details on their job listings, when you are searching staffing agencies near me. A staffing agency is a great way to kick off your career goals.  Staffing agencies will provide great insight on possible industries you would like to work in. This is especially helpful when those just entering the job market are searching for “staffing agencies near me”. These individuals might not understand what to expect in the workplace, and in working for a staffing agency in Dallas, they will be introduced to what a particular industries workload entails. This would help them make a more conclusive decision on career goals for the future. 

Select Staffing Ontario  

Some of the largest staffing locations include searches for, select staffing Ontario, select staffing. Tampa, Florida, select staffing Valencia, select staffing Lakeland, select staffing largo, select staffing Bradenton, select staffing Fullerton, select staffing Lancaster, select staffing Houston, select staffing Michigan, and select staffing riverside. It is easy to see that select staffing headquarters the top of the searches in most industries. To clarify, select staffing Ontario covers agencies located in Ontario, Canada, and select staffing Tampa, includes agencies in Florida; and so on. However, our focus is on select staffing Dallas and select staffing texas. You can indeed use select staffing Dallas for a more detailed view of jobs in that area. However, if you wish to expand, you can take it one step further. You can do this by searching select staffing Texas. This will open up more options and job opportunities in and around the Dallas area. Sometimes this allows you to see jobs that do not result from a search only using the select Dallas staffing option. You can also find locations outside, for instance, fort mill, Texas. And do searches that include select fort mill staffing in that area.  By using a variety of searching, you will find more options that suit your individual career needs. 

Select Staffing W2  

Some may ask or question, “what is select staffing ?”.  To answer, “what is select staffing ?“, typically, it means that an agency is offering temporary or contract to hire work as a third party operation for a client location. These opportunities can also include direct hire or permanent placement, depending on the select staffing agency. On absolute that is required this day and age, is a select staffing W2 being needed for working with any staffing agency. Select staffing W2 is regulated by the IRS. It is just a recording of wages earned during your work with a particular staffing agency. You will be required to fill this form out before work with a staffing agency. This can usually be completed by accessing the select staffing w2 on their select staffing website. The select staffing website will typically allow you to use their select staffing login portal to view and change this information as needed. Using the select staffing login will enable you to keep your personal information private from anyone other than yourself, having the ability to view or make edits without your permission. All information input into the select staffing website is confidential and only seen by the agency and the IRS. The admin or recruiters at the Dallas staffing agency will be able to help you access your select staffing login when using the select staffing website.  

Select Staffing Pay Stubs  

Just like with any other job, most everyone will want to know how much does select staffing pay. To answer this important question, “how much does select staffing pay?”, it will likely depend on what the particular position is being applied for pays out and what the shift differentials are for that position. Some jobs are dependent on experience and include shift differentials. You will need to review the job requirements thoroughly to make sure you for the necessary ob skills required. Staffing pay can also change after your probationary period is over, this is typically around 90 days. Others will want to know, does select staffing pay weekly. This question, “does select staffing pay weekly?”, varies from agency to agency on what their select staffing pay standards are. Typically, weekly payments are available, but that is not always the case.  To access your select staffing pay stubs, you will typically be able to login to your employee portal online. Some agencies may offer select staffing pay stubs in paper form upon request when visiting their offices. These select staffing pay stubs will also be able to be printed or emailed as needed, as long as you have access to your select staffing login portal information. 

Select Staffing Drug Test 

Another key question many individuals ask is” does select temp drug test” or “do temp agencies drug test on the spot?”. To answer, “does select temp drug test “or “do temp agencies drug test on the spot”, it just depends on the select staffing drug test policies. These select staffing drug test policies are typically implemented by the clients they agency is working with. This means that some require on the spot, while others will have random drug tests done on-site.  One thing to understand is that most staffing agencies will not advertise their drug test procedures before your onboarding. They do not want to skew the testing in any way. For instance, icr staffing drug test may require urine, blood, or saliva. It may also be conducted on the spot or individuals may be selected at random. Icr staffing drug test is not advertised on their website and details are not typically given, to protect the authenticity of the test. However, if an individual wanted to search reviews, typically, a previous employee may be able to shed some light on what procedures are used for drug testing if any at all. It is important to understand that being truthful upfront can help your drug screen process. Should you believe your results may come back positive, speak with your recruiter. In some cases, it will require you to wait a few weeks to reapply; however, if you are not upfront and honest, it could forfeit your chances of working with the agency in the future. 

Select Family of Staffing 

Dallas staffing drug tests will be similar to the information above. There may be some slight adjustments to typical requirements for Dallas staffing drug tests. Leader staffing drug tests and master staffing drug test are not listed online. Still, they will be discussed during your interview with a recruiter. Simply ask leader staffing about drug test or ask what master staffing drug test requirements are.  Even a search for select staffing locations or select staffing Rome will most likely show no information regarding drug test on the select staffing locations search results. Select staffing Rome does sound like an exciting search. By using select staffing glassdoor searching, you will find results for select staffing glassdoor opportunities. These opportunities may also include select staffing safety test answers. Select staffing safety test answers are used to ensure candidates have a solid understanding of the safety standards needed for each job placement. Finally, by conducting a select family of staffing companies search, you may be able to find sister companies of different agencies. For instance, a select family of staffing companies search for Morales Group may include our sister company Accion.