We’ve had some great momentum this past year with our Breakfast Series, Town Halls, and other Workforce Development initiatives, and we wanted to take things a step further.

Our podcast, Skill Up Build Up launches today. This is a place to connect with business and community leaders to surface forward thinking solutions for a better skilled workforce to compete in the 21st Century.

Kofi Darku, Director of Workforce Development, and Adam Scholtes, Director of Business Development, host and explore insights to growing your business and how building up talent is a growth tool for your organization. Through conversations they break down the walls and misconceptions of the status quo and provide a fresh voice to hiring top talent.

The guests on the show are knowledgeable about the workforce trends and bring years of experience to combat the war on talent. Our first guest is Jennifer McNelly, former President of 180 Skills, an online training experience for the manufacturing sector, where we go into an in-depth conversation on skilling and reskilling your talent, ways to find talent faster, and alternative education.

Give it a listen at skillupbuildup.com and let us know what you think!

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