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Mara's Story

“I have very fond memories of my childhood in Guatemala, but my parents knew that coming to California was a better opportunity for me. I was nineteen years old when I immigrated here, and I was on my own for the first time in my life. At first, I felt really isolated because speaking English didn’t come easily to me. Even after I’d put down roots and settled, life still held a lot of surprises for me. Now, I feel like I’ve finally found home with the team at Morales Group.”

Gina's Story

“You never know when things are going to change. After my husband passed, everything came crashing down. But I knew then that it was my turn to step up and take care of things on my own. I had our ten-year-old daughter to look after, and I was determined to do everything to help her, including leaving my home and making a new one here in Indiana where I knew we would have better opportunities.”

Staffing Agencies in Charlotte Nc

staffing agencies in charlotte

There are a lot of staffing agencies in charlotte. What exactly is a staffing agency? A staffing agency is a place for people to go and find jobs. Staffing agencies are organizations that are built on relationships. Each staffing agency is full of experts in a particular market, or area of business. These experts, otherwise known as recruiters, are responsible for placing you in a job. Each recruiter has a set of clients, aka companies, that they staff for and each company will have a specific set of jobs that they are hiring for. The advantage of using one of the staffing agencies in charlotte is the ability to get face-to-face with an individual, rather than just applying online. When working face-to-face with humans, you have a much higher chance of finding success and being able to showcase your level of skill and talent. Job boards and online job search sites are great for helping you see and find a high volume of jobs, but can be difficult to get hired from. Why? Because most hiring managers spend minutes, even seconds, looking over an individual’s resume before deciding if they want to interview them. Not only that, people often only hire, and work with, people who they know or are recommended. These barriers to entry make using one of the staffing agencies in charlotte a much smarter way to go. 

Once you find one of the staffing agencies near me, it is essential that you research and attempt to understand what services they have to offer. Each of the staffing agencies in charlotte are going to offer a different set of services. Each type of service offered by a staffing agencies near me, differentiate that staffing agency into a different category. Each category is going to determine what types of businesses they do work with. For example, several of the staffing agencies near me are focused on the light industrial industry. The light industrial industry staffs for warehouse and general labor positions at different clients throughout the charlotte area. These clients could be Amazon, Bank of America, or any variety of business. What does this mean for you? It means that for you to find the best option from the list of staffing agencies in charlotte, you need to know what industry you wish to work in. Once that is decided, search for staffing agencies near me, followed by the industry. This could be, “staffing agencies near me in the light industrial space.” The more specific you can be on the industry, the more specific you can be on the type of job and agency to work with. 

Not only does the type of job matter, but also the companies they work with. Each of the staffing agencies near me work with a specific set of companies. The company can vary from Amazon to Hanzo logistics. When looking for one of the staffing agencies charlotte nc, it is important to do your homework and look into what companies the staffing agencies charlotte nc are hiring for. Look into the culture and environment of working at the specific location. Ask your friends and family what they have heard about working at the location, and when you step in for your interview with one of the staffing agencies charlotte nc, be sure to ask what the work environment is like. The more information you can gather, the better you can be at deciding what of the staffing agencies near me to work with and which of the available jobs to apply and advocate working at. One of the most important things in the job industry is being specific to your needs, and using readily available information is the key to having success in the job process. 

temp agency

One of the confusing things about looking for one of the staffing agencies in charlotte, is the wide variety of terms used to describe a single industry or location. You will often see the terms staffing agency and temp agency used interchangeably on the internet and in the names of specific companies. Why is this? The main reason is that staffing agencies are built on the idea of temp-to-hire employees. A temp-to-hire employee is one that starts out as a temporary employee and moves to being full time either at a certain point, or once they hit a specific set of goals. Thus, a temp agency is often used alongside staffing agency. While this might seem confusing to many consumers, this is a common synonym/use case. 

Just as with staffing agencies, you can apply the same internet search ideas to yield job results near you. For example the search, “temp agencies near me” will give you temp agency choices that offer employment in the temp-to-hire space. Just as with staffing agencies, there are a wide variety of organizations that work in and staff in the temp-to-hire space. In determining which of the temp agencies charlotte nc to work with, it is important to check into the companies they work and the industry that they are hiring temp-to-hire employees for. The more specific you can be in searching for one of the temp agencies charlotte nc, the better you can prepare yourself and find a job that fits all of your needs and know what standards the temp-to-hire positions are going to hold you to. The more information you gather, the better off you will be in your search for one of the temp agencies near me, or temp agencies charlotte nc. Without being specific you are going to be leaving your job search in the hands of the recruiter, rather than yourself. You also might find yourself at one of the temp agencies near me that staff for positions you ultimately aren’t interested in. 

There are a lot of temp agencies charlotte nc, and some of the brands that you are likely to see are: 

Robert half

Allegiance staffing 




Each of these temp agencies charlotte will have a wide variety of jobs that are available to get hired for and explore for a variety of different positions. Be sure to research each of these temp agencies to ensure you are placed in a career that fits your needs, wants, and desires.

medical temp agencies charlotte nc

We have spoken a lot about the warehouse and light industrial job opportunities available in the temp-to-hire space, however, medical temp agencies charlotte nc is a large market to consider. Health care is one of the recession proof industries that is able to provide people with a large quantity of jobs. Hospitals are often some of the largest economic drivers in certain cities and areas. The large volume of jobs that hospitals provide, means that medical temp agencies charlotte nc are the perfect place to explore for a potential career. Medical temp agencies charlotte nc provide jobs in such a wide variety of areas: nursing, doctors, pharmacists, office workers and everything in-between. Going through one of the medical temp agencies charlotte nc will allow you to work directly with a recruiter to get hired for the position you want. This means that getting hired and having a great opportunity to land a lifelong career, is highly probable. Further, each of the medical temp agencies charlotte nc will work with certain hospitals in your area. 

This ‘spreading of the wealth’ across different hospitals means that you need to research and understand what positions and hospitals that each of the medical temp agencies charlotte nc staff for. Once you have your position and staffing agency picked out, it is important to understand what temp-to-hire means. Temp-to-hire means that you are going to start out as an employee of one of the medical temp agencies charlotte nc, until you complete certain tasks or reach certain performance metrics at your job. Once you do this, you no longer will be one of the medical temp agencies charlotte nc and become an employee of the hospital. One of the other advantages is that you can have the ability to try out different hospitals and see which you like best. Once your contract runs out as a temp-to-hire employee, you can either try and stay one at the hospital or move on to another contract that is likely at a different location. Working with one of the medical temp agencies charlotte nc gives you the flexibility to explore, learn, and grow in your career journey.

jobs that hire felons in charlotte nc

At Morales Group we are here to help people build better futures, one story at a time. This means attempting to help people with, or without, backgrounds. We are one of the staffing agencies that has jobs that hire felons in charlotte nc. These jobs that hire felons in charlotte nc, vary quite a bit. However, there are only a few different staffing agencies in charlotte nc that interview individuals with backgrounds. Our ability to provide life changing opportunities through jobs that hire felons in charlotte nc is at the core of everything we do, and believe. We can’t, however, make promises that we are able to hire everyone for one of the jobs that hire felons in charlotte nc, but we do our best. This limitation doesn’t allow us to provide a list of jobs that hire felons in nc, but we are one of the staffing agencies in charlotte nc for felons by working with you to find a job, or opportunity, that fits your needs and struggles. If you, or someone you know, is in the market for a new job, but struggles with a background, send them to Morales Group.

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