Leticia Gonzalez - Morales Group

Leticia Gonzalez

I never did any of this for myself. I did it for my daughter.

Born: Reynosa, Mexico
Job Title: Acción Performance Account Coordinator
Morales Group Inc. Since: 2012

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Leticia Gonzalez's Story

Leaving Mexico was one of the hardest things Leticia and her family would endure. They followed her husband’s career to Indianapolis, leaving family, friends, culture, and Leticia’s job as a quality engineer behind. “There weren’t even Hispanic radio stations or television channels when we first arrived,” Leticia remembers. “And I was having headaches all the time because it was difficult for me to understand the language or communicate. It was really hard.”

After adding a baby boy to the family, Leticia took some time away from her job at J.C. Penny and had a chance to volunteer at her daughter’s school as a classroom translator. Her friendly nature and ability led to a position as an interpreter in the Pike School System, and later to the position of Office Manager at Pike High School, a position she held for seven years.

A few years later, after taking some time off to be home with her family, Leticia began looking for a job to which she could apply her years of experience as a quality engineer. Her efforts led to a position a team lead for a project at Morales Group. Leticia made the most of the opportunity and was quickly promoted to supervisor, and—within a year—to accounts coordinator. “Looking back, I can’t help but smile,” she says. “It was a difficult journey, but everything led to this.”

At Morales Group, Leticia puts her commitment to others and her attention to detail into everything she does. “People say I’m picky because I point it out when even one number isn’t matching,” she says. “But, that number represents a person, and I care about each and every person we work with. That’s something I love about Morales Group—they take care of all different kinds of people and they have given me an opportunity to grow as a professional.”

Today, Leticia considers her coworkers at Morales Group her family. “It’s a completely different kind of company,” she explains. “It was so hard to leave Mexico and everything I knew there, but I love the diversity I’ve found here at Morales Group.”

As for the journey, Leticia sums it up beautifully, “When you are passing through challenging situations, you can’t really see the whole picture. It’s hard, but God is always taking care of you. The way my family’s story turned out is a perfect example.”

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