Sangbiakthang “Sang” Zothang

We were scared and alone and afraid.

Born: Chin State of Burma
Job Title: Morales Group Onsite Coordinator
Morales Group Inc. Since: 2012

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Sangbiakthang “Sang” Zothang's Story

Sang has vivid memories of fleeing Burma when he was only thirteen years old. He traveled with his mother and three sisters through Bangkok and across the Gulf of Thailand before finally being reunited with the rest of his family in Koala Lampur, Malaysia. The journey took two years of traveling in secret with other refugees, sometimes packed fifteen to a car and other times crammed shoulder to shoulder in the bottom of a fishing boat in order to avoid detection.

Even after reaching Malaysia, the family risked being sent back to Burma and had to deal with the ever-present threat of gang violence and kidnapping. So, after a four-and-a-half-month stay sharing a small rental house with fifty other refugees, Sang and his family was relieved and grateful to finally reach the U.S..

They settled in Indianapolis, where the next part of Sang’s journey began. Living in a small community of 300 other Burmese refugees, Sang had to quickly adapt to his new, American life. Despite having no knowledge of the culture or the English language, Sang managed to navigate the challenging and awkward middle school and high school years, discovering a deep interest in business along the way. Upon graduation from Perry Meridian High School in 2009, he accepted a job as a translator at a local insurance company that also paid for him to take courses at Kaplan College.

Two years later, Sang came to Morales Group in search of a better opportunity, and was hired to work as an interpreter for one of the agency’s clients. A month later, Morales Group invited him back to interview for an on-staff recruiter position. He took the position, and was eventually promoted to full-time in client services.

“I love my job. Morales Group has provided everything I need. Everything has changed since I started, and it keeps getting better and growing and growing,” says Sang. “I am most happy to have the chance to help people in my community find jobs. I know how hard it is to get a job when you first get to the states, and now I can help people from diverse communities. I never get tired of being able to help my people.”

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