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What does it take to be the best food packager?

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When it comes to being a food packer, there’s more than meets the eye. You may not know it, but most of them make an average of $11.34 per hour. So that’s $23,578 a year. This occupation is expected to grow by 4% over the next decade and create 156,200 food packing jobs in the United States.

What does a food packer do?

There are specific skills that food packagers need to perform their jobs. Using resumes, we were able to find out the most common skills required for this position. Most resumes mentioned customer service skills, hand-eye coordination, and listening skills, but there are more skills that a food packer must possess.

Responsibilities of a Food Packer

We have compiled real resumes of food packers for you to see what they likely do on a daily basis:
• Taking orders at the drive-through.
• Work on a short-term contract at a food packaging facility.
• Check food orders at drive-thru restaurants.
• Package food and snacks in a kitchen facility for a hunger-relief organization.
• Ensure proper operation and quality of products by maintaining communication with technicians, supervisors, and operators.
• Package and ship online orders for nutrition and sports.

Types of food packer jobs near me

Packer’s work in a variety of food-related fields, such as meat packers who clean and make various meat products following sanitation regulation set by the FDA. The work environment for these jobs is often cold, such as in a giant walk-in freezer or cold storage facility.

Bakery Packers

Bakery packers often work late shifts to ensure that baked goods are delivered fresh and on time the following day.

Candy packers
Candy packers control how automated machines package different types of candy, and they work with many kinds of candy.

Beverage packers
In addition to sodas and juices, beverage packers also process water and alcoholic beverages. In addition, there are also packers of prepared foods, cold foods, and fresh produce.

How do you become a food packer?
You need to consider how much education you need if you want to become a food packer. According to our data, 15.2% of food packagers have a bachelor’s degree.

Our study found that 1.2% of food packagers have a master’s degree. Although some have college degrees, it is possible to become a food packager with only a high school diploma or GED.

When researching how to become a food packager, choosing the right degree program is always important. According to our research, food packagers most often earn a high school diploma or a bachelor’s degree. Diplomas and associate degrees are other degrees we often see on food packager resumes.

You may also be able to get into food packaging with experience in another profession. Many food packing jobs require experience as a cashier. Food packagers also often have experience as a salesperson or customer service representatives.

Food Packer Job Description

You can use this example of a food packer job description to get a good idea of what employers are looking for. Keep in mind that every employer is different and that each food packing jobs requires additional qualifications.


We are looking for a Food Packer to join our team. Your duties will include packing food on the assembly line, labeling packages with weight and product information, and loading boxes onto pallet jacks or hand trucks.

You will also stock your station with the materials needed for your shift and remove damaged products. This job requires basic math and communication skills and the ability to keep up with our assembly line.

You must also have the physical stamina to stand for extended periods in an area with moderate noise and temperature levels.

Duties and Responsibilities
• Assemble food items and package products
• Label packages with weight and information about the product
• Place packages on pallet jacks or hand carts
• Recall defective products
• Stock packaging materials
• Keep track of the assembly line
• Keep work area clean and safe

Requirements and Qualifications
• GED or high school diploma a plus
• Ability to understand and follow instructions

Important Qualities

Customer-service skills.
Material movers and hand laborers who work with the public, like grocery packers, should courteous and pleasant to customers.

Hand-eye Coordination
Most food packers use their hands and arms to move objects in different positions.

Listening Skills
Successful food packers should possess exemplary listening skills and be able to listen to supervisors and clients.

Physical Stamina
Food packers should show endurance to carry out strenuous tasks, like cleaning and moving objects, throughout the day.

Jobs 10.22.21 Morales Group