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Saying Thanks at This Time of Year

Thank YouShowing Customer Appreciation

This is the time of year that we try to express to our customers, employees and business associates just how much we have appreciated their support and business over the past 12 months. Some of us choose to do this at Thanksgiving, others as part of the Christmas season. We send cards, deliver gifts, arrange holiday parties and make heartfelt telephone calls.

Reaching Out Via the Web

As the prevalence of online marketing has grown, more and more individuals and companies are sending notes of appreciation via their websites. This can be an effective way to reach a large, geographically dispersed client base with a sincere message of thanks.

Reminding Others of the Value You Provide

In a recent blog post by Rhoda Israelov of Say It For You, she remarks how she received a thank you card from an association she belongs to not only thanking her for her membership, but also noting some of the benefits of being a member. Rhoda noted this was a nice way to show appreciation as well as remind you of the value of your membership. She commented, “Restating those top five benefits made me think about becoming even more involved in taking advantage of those benefits and telling others about them as well.”

Mind you, this is not a “thank you” and a sales pitch, but a reminder of why you work together with your customers to provide value that both of you receive. Doing this with all your customers will make for a stronger relationship as you move into the New Year.


The Disengaged 65%

Employee Engagement Starts At The Top

Gears showing engagementBelief in the future of your organization and belief in senior leadership are the strongest drivers of employee engagement. This goes beyond just having a stated vision and mission statement, but involves leaders that take a sincere interest in their employee’s long term success.

This is not to say that having a stated company Vision and Mission are not important. In fact they are. According to research done by Modern Survey, employees are 26X’s more likely to be fully engaged in their jobs when an organization’s values are “known and understood.”

In the same survey it was noted that 65% of the workforce feels they are under engaged; that only 39% believe senior leadership shows a sincere interest in their well-being; and only 41% have confidence in their company’s senior leadership.

So here’s the challenge ….

How do you get a workforce that feels it is generally underappreciated and uninspired to be more engaged?

1. You absolutely need to create a Vision and Mission statements that speak to the future and promote the greater good that your company can accomplish. Knowing that you are part of something bigger is key to creating an engaging work place.

2. Senior management must profess and continually reinforce the company’s Vision, Mission and Goals. If top management doesn’t live their beliefs daily, then your employees will not incorporate these commitments into their actions.

3. Build confidence into all you do. By exuding confidence and clearly communicating what needs to be done, others will jump on board.

4. Recognize those around you. Showing appreciation for an employee’s effort and commitment will energize them.

Don’t Be Part of the Disengaged 65%

Building a workforce that believes that what it is doing positively impacts others, feels appreciated, and sees the company’s values reinforced daily, will insure that they are NOT part of the disengaged 65%.


Want to improve retention? Recognize Your Employees.

Employee RetentionEmployees Feeling More Satisfied.  Really? reported recently that U.S. workers were feeling more satisfied than earlier in the year with their jobs. Can this really be the case? In most media reports the normal commentary is that many workers feel trapped in their jobs. This is because most don’t believe that they can leave their current positions for fear of not finding similar employment elsewhere.

On-the-Job Recognition Goes A Long Way

Recognition plays a big part in how an employee feels toward their employer and job satisfaction. In a survey done by Globoforce Workforce Mood Tracker, half of the employees report that they have been recognized for their on-the-job efforts, up from 44% a year ago at this time.

How an employee feels about their job situation can be impacted signifcantly by the level of recognition they receive. reported “only 23% of employees who have been recognized at work say they plan to search for new employment when the economy improves, compared with 51% of those who have never been recognized. Most (76%) of those who have been recognized by their employers love their jobs, compared with 37% of those who have not.”

Employee Recognition Can Be Simple

Showing appreciation for a job well done does not have to be hard, time consuming, or overly expensive. Often just citing an individual’s effort in front of the rest of the team or organization can pay big dividends. Simple recognition items like gift cards, thank you notes, some extra cash in their pocket, or an extra vacation day are always well received.

Contact the Morales Group with any of your questions on how to build recognition into your employee retention activities.


Do You Have a Hiring Game Plan?

An Effective Hiring Game Plan

What is your Game Plan?Some of you will say, “Of course I have a plan to recruit, assess and hire new employees”. Others of you will say, “Well yes, kind of”. Our guess is that the extent of your hiring plan depends on how often you are in the market for new employees. Those of you who hire frequently we suspect have a well defined process for recruiting, interviewing and selecting new employees. Those of you with less reoccurring demands may have a process, but one that may be less consistent. Regardless of the status or frequency of your hiring practices, there are certain questions that will make your “hiring game plan” more effective.

What’s your timetable on filling your open position?

Fast, slow, when we find the right person? Knowing how immediate the need is to fill open positions is important so that your HR managers can communicate the length of time the process may take to your candidates. So often this is not done and this can discourage good prospects if they feel there are long delays. This will lead to losing out on good candidates who take other job offers.

Have you defined the essential skill sets needed for the position?

Sounds like this should be the first thing on the list, but surprisingly, many hiring managers want to talk to candidates and trust their gut feelings as to whether a candidate fits their needs. Hiring based on cultural fit while down playing a candidate’s skills will often lead to a bad job match. Defining the skills that are absolutely required needs to be done. With the many assessment tools available your core skill sets can be readily evaluated as part of your decision process.

Who is involved in the hiring decision?

Is it just the human relations department, a single hiring manager, a hiring evaluation team? Although recruiting is often left to the HR department, any successful hiring plan must include the hiring manager. A hiring manager engaged from start to finish will ensure that each candidate will match the requirements needed to be successful in the job.

Are you taking advantage of today’s technology and evaluation tools as you assess candidates?

There are online tools that will help you qualify basic skills, look at behavior tendencies and speed up the interviewing process. Using these assessments along with remote video interviewing can shorten the hiring process and provide useful insights to the hiring manager.

Does your plan insure compliance?

For those who hire frequently you are familiar with the government regulations that are meant to prevent discrimination against protected classes such as race, gender, and age. Firms that hire less frequently need to make sure their hiring plan takes into account these requirements so you avoid issues of non-compliance with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Contact the Morales Group with questions on building your own “hiring game plan”. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Inspiring Stories, New Features Add to MGI Website

Updates Enhance MGI Website

Updates to the MGI website ( were launched last month. The enhanced site has more information about the many services that Morales Group offers emphasizing our People, Flexibility and Productivity. The capabilities of each of our business units – MGI Industrial, Prima Staffing Solutions, Accion Performance and Empresa Talent – are also featured.

Inspiring Personal Stories

Also included are four inspiring stories about how Morales Group strives to Build Better Futures … One Story at a Time. We believe you’ll enjoy reading the personal reflections at One Story at a Time about our employees who have built a new life in this country.

We also look forward to sharing testimonials, case studies and topics of interest in our Staffing Insights blog. Go to our website and sign up now.

Interface Tool For Job Seekers and Our Employees

For those looking for employment the MGI website will give you access to viewing and applying for current job opportunities. MGI employees can also maintain their personal information and receive pay information through the secure online portal.

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Workforce Predictions Coming True

Workforce Predictions Coming True

Richard Wahlquist, President and CEO of the American Staffing Association, commented over two years ago that, “labor market flexibility is going to be an even more important component of economic growth and global competitiveness as businesses are becoming more wary of labor overcapacity.” As we continue to work our way out of this period of slow economic growth, Wahlquist’s predictions are right on target, both nationally and locally.

Survey Shows Use of Temporary Staffing Growing
According to the results of a recent survey conducted by Harris Interactive of more than 3000 hiring managers and HR professionals, 36% will hire contract or temporary workers in 2012 compared to 34% in 2011, 30% in 2010 and 28% in 2009. The increased use of temporary staffing allows cautious increases in workforce numbers along with the flexibility to adjust staffing levels to accommodate fluctuating business demands. It is also a highly effective means of evaluating candidates for permanent positions as production, technical and administrative needs increase.

Wahlquist’s comments are coming true. Businesses are finding ways to manage their workforces with greater flexibility. By doing so they are finding new ways through the use of temporary staffing to remain competitive in today’s ever changing global economy.

Super Bowl Shout Out

Although Indianapolis Super Bowl XLVI may now be a distant memory, by all accounts is was a huge success for our city.

Behind the scenes, there was much around the city. Morales Group found itself in the midst of Super Bowl madness as an Emerging Business Contract Recipient for the largest private party event – NFL Tailgate 2012! 

With attendance reaching 10,000, the Morales Team Bartenders had fun serving and rubbing elbows with NFL Team owners, Celebrities and big Corporate Sponsors. Our favorite part of the evening centered on the live concerts given by Lenny Kravitz and The Fray- a nice perk during the hard work.

But, by far the best highlight of all Super Bowl XLVI was the night we received a Super Bowl XLVI Business Leadership Impact Award for Strategic Partnering. A big honor to for us to be selected of the hundreds of companies involved.

We even get to sport this logo moving forward – Super Success for us!