Acción Performance - Morales Group

Performance-based workforce solutions that combine a flexible workforce model with expert project managers and LEAN-certified team leads to handle labor-intensive processes


Our performance-based model is designed around output and deliverables rather than headcount and billable hours. By combining additional manpower with experienced project managers and LEAN-certified team leads, we’re able to deliver customized solutions that can be applied to any labor-intensive process within your supply chain or back office. We evaluate your workflow, identify opportunities for improvement, and then implement more efficient operating procedures to get you a stronger bottom line.

This highly customized approach allows us to maximize employee effort so that you can effectively do more with less. Because we provide floor-level supervision, training resources, and team leads for complete oversight, you don’t have to worry about spreading your own staff thin to cover these non-core projects or seasonal upticks. We handle the entire operation—within your four walls or inside our 60,000 sq. foot facility—from start to finish.

Learn more about our flexible labor models – cost per unit, earned hour, project-based and off-site solutions – and how Acción Performance can help your team hit their KPIs with greater efficiency, lower labor costs, and improved quality.


Industries We Serve:

Manufacturing, Warehousing, Logistics, Distribution, Printing, Medical Device, Automotive, 3PL, Packaging, Pharmaceutical, and more.