Executive & Direct Hiring - Morales Group

Industry-focused executive talent recruiting to help you find and hire the leaders your company needs

Our tailored approach to executive talent search is designed to bring clarity and efficiency to the complex challenge of finding leadership candidates who are exactly right for your company. Our robust and highly collaborative process ensures that the Morales Group team has a firm and comprehensive grasp of your long-term needs and objectives. This enables us to quickly and accurately assess potential candidates across a wide range of variables including experience, competencies, personality, and performance characteristics.

When you partner with Morales Group for your executive recruiting needs, you will have dedicated support throughout the process. From initial consultation and developing candidate profiles to the search, selection, hiring, and integration phases, our experienced team has everything covered.

Types of Positions:

CNC Specialists
Machine Support Operators
Machine Maintenance Technicians
Executive Ops Managers
Maintenance Technicians
Production Managers
Production Supervisors

Senior Supply Chain Managers
Human Resources Directors
Human Resources Managers
Finance Managers
Warehouse Managers
Bulk Blending Managers
Quality Control Specialists
Quality Managers
Quality Inspectors


Marketing Specialists
Customer Service Representatives
Sales & Services Representatives
Sales Engineers
Sales Managers
Inside Sales Representatives
Sales Managers
Account Managers
Inside Sales Specialists