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Morales Group’s success—and the success of our associates and clients—is a direct result of our unwavering focus on our “Why” or purpose, which is to serve. While the growth of our business had always been steady, it wasn’t until we renewed our commitment to truly integrating our core values and mission into every decision and act that we were able to begin realizing our team’s full potential.

Our goal is to bring our mission to life by living it each day. This is the idea behind our LEGOS program, which helps each member of the Morales Group family put our company values into daily action. We give in response to the grace of God in our lives rather than from a sense of altruism or philanthropy. The grace is the action; the giving is our reaction—an overflow of the joy we feel and hope to spread.

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building better futures one story at a time

Our Values

Be Humble
Be Courageous
Be a light
Be a Light
Morales Group values have been inspired and defined by each and every member of our team, and their stories are a testament to how they have upheld those values despite challenging circumstances. Read more about how our team members’ stories embody the values we hold. View Stories


Our Loving Every Gift of Service (LEGOS) tradition gives our team members, clients, and partners a unique way to recognize and be recognized for going above and beyond in the effort to live according to our company values. Each month, we come together to hear the latest nominations, and each nominee has the honor of adding a brick to a Lego® house that, when finished, is a replica of the homes we build on our annual mission trips to Mazatlan, Mexico. LEGOS is just one of the ways our team brings our values to life each and every day. Watch Our Mazatlan Home Builds Video

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