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Morales Group is a staffing and recruitment agency, but we think of our role differently than other agencies. Our primary focus is to serve—both the companies who partner with us and the job seekers who come to us to find employment, and ultimately to help them find a career that’s right for their talents, interests, and ambitions.

Finding local job openings can be challenging, but the professionals at Morales Group have a strong network to help you identify the best opportunities for you. We work closely with you to place you with the right employers, and we offer a wide range of positions within industries including light industrial, call center, customer service, administrative, and professional.


Will the Morales Group guarantee me a position?

What type of positions can I find through the Morales Group?

How long is a typical job assignments?

How soon can I expect to start working?

If I turn down a job, will you still offer me other assignments?

When will I receive my first paycheck?

Where do I find my pay stubs?

Where can I find my W2?