4 Ways to Better Engage with Your Employees


Employee engagement is critical for companies seeking to encourage passion with the right perspective. A Gallup poll found top performing work units in employee engagement outperformed bottom units by 10 percent on customer ratings, 17 percent in productivity, 20 percent in sales, and 21 percent in profitability. If we desire for the workplace to promote […]


Creating a Culture of Learning


Developing a productive and resourceful culture doesn’t just happen overnight. Company directors may be tempted to only encourage training and development when employees first start or on an as-needed basis, but research would tell us otherwise. According to Dr. Carol Dweck, Lewis and Virginia Eaton Professor of Psychology at Stanford University, developing a growth mindset […]


Incorporating Mindfulness in Your Workplace


No matter the industry or the profession, digital distractions abound in today’s workplace. Emails, chats, social media posts, text messages, phone calls, and pop-ups constantly interrupt our work and increasingly result in excessive stress — leading to illness, physical and emotional exhaustion, and depression. More and more, today’s employers have looked to reduce the negative […]


Current and Future Recruiting Trends


Recruitment practices have morphed at breakneck speed over the past decade. With technology driving these changes, recruiters can benefit from implementing current trends and keeping an ear to the ground on what’s coming down the pike. Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered. Read on to see some of the current recruitment trends […]

Are You Ready for Gen Z in Your Workplace?


Office walls were torn down to create a collaborative workspace. Water coolers were replaced with ping pong tables and break rooms stocked with organic and locally-sourced snacks. Corporate social responsibility programs were amped up, and social media accounts were created. In other words, your company made room for Millennials in the workplace. And just like […]

5 Soft Skills Every Training Program Should Include

Workforce Development

As a human resources (HR) professional, you’ve likely created processes to quantify candidates’ skills required for a specific position. You’ve sorted through applications, interviewed the top candidates, and extended the job offer. Once the candidate is onboarded, though, it’s up to you to reinforce the soft skills that will help him or her acclimate to […]

Indiana Chamber Unveils Rankings for the 125 Best Places to Work in Indiana

Morales News

May 3, 2018 (INDIANAPOLIS) —  The Indiana Chamber of Commerce honored a record 125 companies tonight at the 2018 Best Places to Work in Indiana celebration dinner, with rankings announced in four categories. Taking the top spot: Hanapin Marketing, a Bloomington-based digital marketing company – small category (between 15 and 74 U.S. employees) E-gineering, a […]