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Parts Recovery Technician in Louisville, Kentucky 

 Parts Recovery Technician Responsibilities: 

  • Verify back-order shelf inventory has been completed and confirmed accurate and scan file data has been successfully reported to Ops Manager via email
  • Verify delivered appliance inventory on the floor has been completed and scan file data is successfully reported to Ops Manager via email
  • Collect and submit all appliance (model/serial number) stickers to Team Leader & Ops Manager for record keeping purposes
  • Assist Team Leader in coordinating floor space for a safe work environment and easy access and flow of parts, appliances, and materials to proper areas and/or job functions of the SSI operation
  • Maintain parts recovery workbenches and teardown equipment with regards to cleanliness, safety, and part quality i.e. always wear PPE and ESD protection (for electrical control boards), make sure surfaces where parts are to be set are clean & dust free. Identify and report any concerns of quality or safety with regards to appliance part recovery operation to Team Leader
  • Receive training and/or guidance for any job tasks as needed from Team Leader. Training may include things like new computer related software updates or changes, work instructions changes, updated equipment & operation instructions, etc
  • Parts Recovery Technician must always be vigilant while working in or on appliances making sure the correct tool, equipment, and PPE are used for the task at hand. Understanding of center of mass, balance, and use of safe leverage and a buddy, shall always be considered to avoid both injury and damage to parts being recovered
  • Parts Recovery Technician must maintain and store all tools and equipment when not in use to their home location, i.e. lockers, tool boxes, etc. every day. Report any tool and/or equipment concerns or needs to Team Leader as needed
  • Safely load and unload skids of bulk materials and appliances in and out of trailers and work areas.

Parts Recovery Technician Requirements 

  • High School Diploma or equivalent.
  • Skills in appliance or automotive repair a plus
  • Ability to read and comprehend illustrated diagrams & instructions, and knowledge of fundamental electrical related tasks and electrical hazards
  • Should be dependable, self-directed, and able to confidently interact and receive input from management with the team approach and understanding
  • Should have average computer skills with knowledge of Windows, Microsoft Office Suite (Outlook, Word, and Excel) and ability to browse internet & intranet sites as needed for appliance part related tasks
  • Ability to operate fork truck equipment or be trained/certified/licensed in material handling equipment operation
  • Requires ability to properly lift items less than 50 lbs, and ability to move or tilt static objects i.e. appliances, with a push force of up to 80 lbs in order to move/tilt appliances onto dolly’s or for sliding into position as needed
  • Frequent and random, walking, sitting, standing, bending, lifting, flexing, pushing, pulling, and hand squeezing & pinching tasks
  • Visual awareness and ability to navigate around obstacles and constantly moving material handling equipment i.e. dolly’s, hand trucks, pallets, etc. within the work area
  • Must wear appropriate PPE i.e. gloves, safety glasses, sleeves, etc. as required

Parts Recovery Technician Shift: 

  • Monday-Friday 7am-3:30pm
  • Overtime is available and mandatory when needed
  • Temp to hire position  

Parts Recovery Technician Salary 

  • $14.00 per hour
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