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Technician in Louisville, KY


  • Employee will be in charge of making sure machines are up to date
  • Worker will be cleaning print heads
  • Worker will be fixing broken electric lines
  • Repair leaking air lines
  • Worker should expect to adjust machine fluid levels
  • Purging ink from the system
  • Repair vacuum issues
  • Training new operators on basic machine maintenance
  • Performing advanced machine maintenance
  • Accessing the machine parameters on the computer and making improvements when needed 


  • Technician will be standing for eight or more hours a shift on a daily basis
  • General knowledge of digital print platforms utilized by Cafepress
  • Worker is expected be able to work well with others
  • Worker must be able to respond to machine operator issues with a positive attitude, even when they get called to the same machine 10 times in 1 hour
  • Some experience is required so applicants must have some mechanical skills


  • Employee that works during Shift A will be working on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (alternating)
  • Employee that works during Shift B will be working on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Wednesday (alternating)
  • Shift begins at 8pm and ends at 6:30am


  • $15 the hour

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