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Manuel and Josefina Morales Endowment Scholarship

Empowering Latino Students Through Endowment Scholarship The inauguration of the Manuel & Josefina Morales Endowment Scholarship marks a significant step toward empowering Latino students in business. For many people, pursuing a college degree is an uphill climb that quickly halts due to financial limitations. Our esteemed founder, Tomás Morales, knows from his humble upbringing how … Continued

Gina Cozzarelli

Gina Cozzarelli had a good life in Ecuador where she and her husband, Wilson, were both practicing dentists. With their daughter, Paola, they had a comfortable life that seemed full of possibilities. But only ten years into their marriage, tragedy struck. After a long and expensive battle with brain cancer, Wilson passed away, and Gina … Continued

Mara Zobehida Fuentes

Mara Rodriguez had a good childhood growing up in Guatemala. It was filled with the comfort and camaraderie of a large extended family—spending a lot of time with her parents, grandparents, aunts, and cousins—sharing traditional meals, visiting the family’s farm, and making magical holiday memories. Soon after her graduation from secretarial school, Mara and her … Continued