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Community Impact

Bringing better futures to life through a culture of service

Morales Group is a vibrant and driven group of do-gooders delivering a unique kind of staffing experience while changing the world. Our dedication to community impact is one-of-a-kind among our field, committing our time, talent, and treasure. What does this mean? It means our business is building better futures — for you, for our teammates, and for our community. Our specialty is the intersection between community impact, active good, and skill enhancement.

Community Impact Referrals

Our group of talented recruiters are here to help your candidate referrals find the right opportunity to start building a better future. Click on the button below to submit your candidate.

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Cornerstone of our mission

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The Morales Group Outreach Pillars are a way to visualize how the ways we give our time, talent, and treasure translate into building better futures. The pillars are our guide to the organizations with which we partner, as well as our vision for our service culture. Morales Group is a unique place to work. These pillars are part of what sets us apart. Mainly, they’re about getting you pumped for the journey that a service culture like ours can take you on.

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Outreach Pillars

Community Impact

Need financial help? Food budget not where you’d like it to be? These partners empower our communities by bringing everyone the equity they deserve as human beings and members of our community. This pillar aims to shift our neighbors to a point where they can thrive, instead of simply survive.


Active Good

Local youth need mentors? Refugee families need a welcome team? These partners connect us to the communities we serve and help us act as immediate support through volunteering and our roles as employment coaches.  


Skill Enhancement

This pillar represents organizations that provide support through ELL classes, continuing education, job readiness training, and workforce development. These partners invest in the growth and evolution of our neighbors, our community, and our city to increase the quality of life for individuals and their families.