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Direct Hire Services

Explore Our Direct Hire Services Beyond Light Industrial Positions

At Morales Group Staffing, we understand that your organization’s success depends on having the right talent in place. That’s why we’ve expanded our Direct Hire services to encompass a wide range of industries and positions. You can impact on your company’s success, but only if you can overcome against a constant barrage of obstacles ranging from productivity to turnover 

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Morales Differentiators

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You’re not alone.

We deal with the same pains on a daily basis. With over 4,000 external teammates working in our clients’ buildings, we are constantly hiring. Luckily, we’ve figured out a few things that give us an edge. We can remove the recruiting burden, help reduce your turnover, and filter highest quality candidates to help you stay winning. 

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Wins For Our Business Partners


Company increased capacity from 40% to 100%, no longer had production delays, and increased their sales after partnering with the Morales Group Acción team. 

NicePak, NicePak


"Company was struggling to meet production goals due to 85 out of 100 employees turning over and a completely tapped candidate pool. With Morales Group, retention increased from 15% to 80%. No more recruitment headaches."

Subaru, CEO

Case Studies

With Morales Group, not only will you get results, but you’ll know how you got there. Evaluating metrics is an essential piece to optimizing your people strategy. Check out some of our case studies to see if our past experience could be an indicator of your future success!

Leading company of omnichannel commerce technologies and operations services

Company was experiencing continual shortage of candidates, struggling with fulfilling overtime needs; desired to become ESL-friendly and diversify talent pools but lacked bandwidth. They were able to leverage Morales Group’s connections and expertise for bilingual integration while freeing their own team to work their core functions. Over 2 months, our attendance was consistently above 90% each week compared to below 70% for their other staffing agencies. Turnover rate during that 6-week period with newly integrated Congolese community teammates was less than 5% and overtime participation was over 90% compared to less than 50% from other staffing agencies.

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Leading Ecommerce Warehouse Facility

Click to see how we helped Walmart overcome the challenges of hiring during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Acción Performance

Every business has its core strengths. The need for your focus to be stretched across all aspects of your business can keep you from breaking through to the next level. Acción’s embedded supply chain model was created to take the non-core pieces off your plate so you can focus on the things you do best. No matter the industry, we customize our solutions for what you need — increase your production, enhance your efficiencies, and reduce your labor costs. We quickly assemble, equip, and deliver the right team to execute your assignments — freeing your people to accomplish what directly impacts your bottom line. Acción is the science of supply chain.

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