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Entry Level Jobs

Click here to learn the ins and outs of entry level jobs, whether you’re launching your career or making a switch. Plus, we’re hiring!

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Entry Level Jobs

When considering a new career or job shift, entry level jobs are typically at the top of the job seeker’s list. It’s logical to approach a new career with the understanding that interviews for entry level jobs are probably the most likely to be successful for a new position, since in a new industry, you may have to start at a lower rung on the ladder where there is less competition.

However, entry level jobs are not just for those seeking a new challenge. Searching for “entry level jobs near me” is a common query among those looking for part time work, a second job, or those looking for their very first job. 

So, what exactly is an entry level job? And, how would I find the best entry level jobs near me? Entry level jobs are lower-level positions that usually require less experience and responsibility. Workers in entry level jobs are often trained by those in more senior positions or have a specified on-the-job training protocol. 

But, how do we find the best entry level jobs? First, you need to decide what you mean by “best” — is it more money? More time off? More flexibility? For all of these questions, it depends on you. The “best” position will be personal to everyone. With that said, it’s always a good idea to get a rough sense of what entry level jobs are available when you are starting out in your career or are switching industries. In this article, we will help you learn about some of the top entry level positions across industries and what your options look like.

One aspect to evaluate when you are considering an entry level job is whether or not the position paves a clear path toward jobs with more establishment — this may mean more responsibility, more satisfaction, and higher pay. This path may be a formal advancement up the hierarchy, or it may mean that you acquire critical skills and contacts in the entry level role that will help you find the next step in your career.

For entry level jobs in Indianapolis, a common internet search is “part time jobs Indianapolis” or “best jobs in Indianapolis”. These kinds of queries will show all the Indianapolis jobs hiring immediately. As we discussed previously, the best entry level jobs Indianapolis has to offer may not be the Indianapolis jobs hiring now. 

Pay is obviously a significant part of any career decision. However, entry level jobs that offer training and room for advancement shouldn’t be automatically discounted in favor of a higher salary. Even when specifically seeking for high paying entry level jobs in Indianapolis, you should still assume that an entry level job will not pay as much as other jobs. 

Below, we will list a few of the best entry level jobs by category. These are considered good entry jobs for several reasons: may require limited education, good earning potential, and might have potential for advancement.

  • In business administration and management — consulting analyst, event planner, human resources assistant, management trainee, operations analyst, recruiting analyst, or training specialist
  • In building and skilled trades — architect, carpenter apprentice, electrician apprentice, HVAC apprentice, plumber apprentice, and more
    • Apprenticeships are always the gold standard for getting your foot in the door of an industry. Plus, skilled trades have huge potential for growth in the next decade if you’re seeking good paying jobs in Indianapolis. 
  • Communications and design — copywriter, editorial assistant, and more
  • Education, research, and nonprofit — teachers, researchers, social workers, technicians
  • Information technology — we will go into more detail on IT careers later in the article!
  • Healthcare — diagnostic medical sonographer, occupational therapy assistant, registered nurse
  • Sales and marketing — sales trainee, allocation assistant, marketing analyst

Now, it’s important to note that “entry level jobs” do not automatically mean jobs that don’t require a degree. While some entry positions may be suitable as jobs for 16 year olds in Indianapolis, some entry level positions are simply the first step in a dedicated career that requires a lot of education and training — for example, a registered nurse or computer engineer. When it comes to entry level jobs hiring in in Indianapolis, there is a wide variety depending on your skillset and interest.


Indeed is a common way to find entry level jobs, simply because an Indeed login provides job seekers with an aggregated database of job postings from tons of company websites and different job boards. It is one of the top sites to find job listings — Indeed jobs draw over 200 million in web traffic per month. However, while this access is useful to see multiple options, Indeed careers are limited to what companies are hiring immediately and haven’t found someone internally. It’s always recommended to do your research on a company independently of what is found on Indeed. You may find a better offer.

“Indeed resume” and “Indeed employer” are common searches for job seekers. But the drawback to millions of job listings is that it can be hard to narrow down options if you aren’t sure yet what you are looking for.

Craigslist Indianapolis 

To find jobs hiring, Indianapolis Indiana Craigslist might not be the first avenue to come to mind. Craigslist Indianapolis is primarily a household name for buying and selling items, but the site also contains job boards for a variety of positions in different industries.

On Craigslist Indianapolis, jobs are nearly always local and ideal for people looking for freelance work, part time jobs, or entry level jobs. However, sometimes job listings on this site can be unreliable since postings are barely regulated.

Jobs Hiring Near Me

Searching for “jobs hiring near me” on the internet can be daunting. With all these job posting aggregator sites, I can see the quantity but not always the quality. 

Searching “jobs hiring near me part time” or “jobs near me hiring full time” on Google will automatically list jobs within a 15-mile radius of my location. 

When it comes to high paying jobs near me, simply looking online may not show me the best opportunities I could have. In this case, the best way to successfully find jobs hiring near me is a more human experience. Best practices include networking with professionals in my desired career field and keeping out feelers for jobs hiring in specific companies I’m interested in. 

For full time jobs near me that I’ll love, staffing and talent sourcing agencies like Morales Group offer a personal helping hand in the job search and hire me immediately. One individualized session with a recruiter can help me better target the best jobs hiring near me. To learn more about how staffing agencies can help you make connections and find the perfect job, click here.

Warehouse Jobs Near Me

For specific jobs hiring near me, there is an incredibly large amount of jobs to fill in the light industrial space. Light industrial is a hub for jobs that have lots of opportunity for growth and require little to no experience. One of the most readily available entry level jobs in the light industrial space are warehouse jobs.

If I am searching for warehouse jobs near me, I might see lots of different titles: picker/packer, quality inspection, assembly, kitting, and more. Forklift operators also fall under the umbrella of warehouse jobs.

Fortunately, warehouse jobs near me are one of Morales Group’s specialties. Morales Group is set up through their connections to be able to hire immediately, and can help match job seekers to a specific area. Morales Group can help anyone find a warehouse job that’s close by, fits needs, and offers opportunities for advancement. To learn more about the ins and outs of warehouse jobs and how you can take advantage, click here. (We’re hiring!)

Information Technology Jobs Near Me

Another intriguing example of entry level jobs is the entry level information technology jobs Indianapolis has to offer. There are many job opportunities that offer both high earnings and a strong employment outlook. However, while the following jobs represent some of the best entry level opportunities for recent graduates, it is worth noting that most of these positions do indeed require a level of specialized education:

  • Applications developer
  • Technical support specialist
  • Business/systems analyst
  • Web developer
  • Network/system administrator
  • Database administrator
  • Systems engineer
  • And more!

Employment of information technology jobs is projected to grow 12 percent by 2028, much faster than the average for all occupations.

When searching for “information technology jobs near me”, there is an abundance of options. There is an increasing demand for IT jobs, Indianapolis being one hub among many. Because IT workers are needed across industry categories, from healthcare to sales to education, tech companies in Indianapolis aren’t the only avenue to a promising IT career. 

A career in information technology offers many benefits right off the bat, even for entry level positions. You can have your choice of work environment — whether this means working from home in an independent role or collaborating in an office with a team. There are also lots of options for world travel, since IT is ubiquitous in the global sphere and companies will pay for services across borders. While solid knowledge is needed for a career in information technology, the education aspect is more liberating than other professional paths — there are plenty of flexible degree and certification options, but as long as you have the skills needed for the position, the need for IT workers surpasses the expectations of the past.

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