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Forklift Jobs Indianapolis

If you’re in the market for a new job, you might be considering a variety of different job paths. One of those that you should be considering is a forklift operator job. If you’re new to the forklift operator job space, you might be wondering what a forklift operator job does. Simply put, a forklift operator is responsible for moving material from one side of a warehouse to the other. This requires knowledge of warehouse spaces, and attaining a forklift certificate. 

The forklift certificate is the most essential piece to getting a forklift job, as it shows you have the knowledge and skill set to operate a forklift truck properly. While this sounds like a difficult certificate to achieve, many companies and organizations offer the opportunity to gain your certificate for free. The free training comes with help in passing the exam, and any additional requirements for completion of the requirements. Once you complete your certificate and begin looking for a forklift job, Indianapolis is one of the best locations to find your new forklift job. 

Along with gaining your certificate, you might be wondering what exactly you will be doing as a forklift operator. You know, what typically is a warehouse forklift driver? Luckily, we are here to help you through that by giving you some pointers on what to look for in a warehouse forklift driver job description, what to expect and even how you can use a warehouse forklift driver job description to your advantage during an interview. 

So what does the typical warehouse forklift driver job description look like? As might not be shocking, these warehouse forklift driver job descriptions can be pretty run of the mill. They include pay, experience, expectations, requirements, and shift of the position. This pretty standard job description does give you as the job seeker a lot of insights to notice. First, the pay is important. As with any job, what you’re going to make is a pretty essential first step in knowing if that job is a good fit. Second, the requirements can give you an inside look at what you need to accomplish to be a good fit for the position, although these aren’t always set in stone so don’t let them keep you from applying, and what the company might be like from the inside. When you couple the requirements with the experience, you will get a great inside look at what a job is all about. It is important to note that the requirements section is not always a deal breaker. Many times people don’t apply for jobs that list a lot of experience and other requirements. This is a mistake. Just because they are advised to look for a person with a set experience level, doesn’t mean they won’t need a person with less experience or have the job requirements change. Most hiring managers/recruiters are almost always in need of candidates for jobs, so sending in your application when, ‘under-qualified’ never hurts. Lastly, just because you get a no, doesn’t matter. Turning in your application with less experience than listed on the warehouse forklift driver job description might yield a no, but don’t focus on that. You will get a lot of no’s before you ever get a yes. Don’t let one job take you off the path of getting your dream warehouse forklift driver job. 

Looking for Forklift Driver Job

One of the most important things you can learn from a warehouse forklift driver job description is learning how to use it to your advantage. A job description is essential to tailoring your application and interview answers. No matter the job, showing that you have taken the care to research what the role is about and being able to even loosely speak to what the job is about, will impress the person you’re speaking with. The more you can impress your interviewer, the more likely you will get the job. 

So what parts of the warehouse forklift driver job description  should you be using to tailor your answers? All of it, duh. But in reality, you can save time by skipping down to the responsibilities section. This section will give you insights on what the interviewer is expecting for this position. Read this section of the warehouse forklift driver job description carefully to figure out what exactly to tell your interviewer and you will find yourself ahead of the curve. 

Indianapolis is home to a lot of opportunities for individuals looking for forklift jobs. In fact, according to Zippia, Indiana pays the 12th highest forklift job salary at $39,575, with one of the lowest cost of livings. This combination makes Indianapolis a perfect location for finding a new forklift operator position. Indianapolis is also home to a city with a growing economy, and a lot of opportunities to expand upon your forklift job. The aforementioned lower cost of living, makes finding an affordable housing solution likely. As you begin expanding outside of downtown, and traditional Indianapolis area, housing prices get even more affordable. That expansion outside of downtown what is considered Indianapolis, includes a larger number of forklift jobs, especially the forklift operator job opportunities in Plainfield, Indiana. 

Plainfield, Indiana is home to 50 percent of all warehouse/forklift opportunities in central Indiana (according to WTHR). This large number of available jobs makes Plainfield a hotbed for forklift operator jobs. The Amazon, Walmart, Kohls, and Dick’s Sporting Goods fulfillment centers (to name a few), are the perfect places to find an open forklift operator vacancy, with over 100 forklift operator jobs currently open. A majority of these opportunities fall into the high paying forklift jobs category, with an average pay of $14.18 an hour, which is eight percent above the national average (Indeed). With that hourly pay, a Plainfield forklift operator will make roughly $38,115.84, not including any overtime pay. 

When you finally get to the point of deciding to apply for any open forklift operator vacancies, there are several recommended ways to go about finding a new forklift job. You can search online for opportunities through an online job board, or you can find a Morales Group office to help you find a forklift operator job. While the job board is simple and appealing, using a resource that has connections and can help you find a job that fits your skills, is a much better option. In fact, Morales Group can even help you gain a forklift certificate in order for you to gain that sought after forklift job opportunity. At Morales Group we hire individuals for forklift jobs in Plainfield, Indiana, and all other surrounding Indianapolis areas, making us a one stop shop for forklift jobs. 

As you continue looking for forklift jobs, don’t forget to look into location, pay, and skillset. If you find yourself in need of assistance around Indianapolis, stop by Morales Group for all your forklift job help. 


While Morales Group is a resource that we encourage during the job search, there are a lot of other resources that can be useful in your job search. One that we utilize and encourage job seekers to use is indeed. If you, as a job seeker, head over to indeed and do a quick search for, ‘indeed forklift jobs’, you will be sent a lot of forklift operator jobs. Once you find a forklift operator job that you’re most interested in, you can apply multiple ways. Perhaps the simplest is to create an indeed account, under the indeed login page, and send in your application using your indeed resume. Your indeed resume can be created in your account after you login. Indeed recruitment is a powerful way to find vacancies in a wide variety of areas. 

If you happen to be a recruiter, indeed has a lot of powerful tools to help you find qualified candidates. The indeed for employers tools, which does come with a cost, allows you to search and find qualified candidates quickly. If you are already taking advantage of indeed, using all of their available search tools will help you fill any open indeed vacancies by sorting through a lot of indeed resumes. 

No matter if you’re a recruiter, or a job seeker, forklift operators are great jobs to fill and pursue. Indianapolis, and surrounding areas like Plainfield, are hotbeds for the forklift market and anyone considering a career as a forklift operator should look into moving to the area. Once you determine that you’re interested in a forklift operator career, be sure to take advantage of various warehouse forklift driver job description for all of the warehouse forklift driver job openings. Using the job description to your advantage will put you ahead in the race to your dream job. Lastly, be sure to take advantage of the resources from Morales Group and great companies like Indeed that also has a ton of forklift operator vacancies. 

For any questions, feel free to reach out to us at:, our teams are always here to help. Make sure to check out all of our open forklift operator jobs above and apply to take the next step toward a better forklift operator job. 

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