Warehouse Jobs

Searching for “warehouse jobs near me?” You can find warehouse forklift driver job openings for your city. Indianapolis offers a wide range of warehouses that need workers capable of learning new skills, including forklift operation. Warehouse forklift driver job description requirements may include a high school diploma (or GED), motor vehicle operator’s license and a clean driving record. Those who operate forklifts must be able to focus and give a high degree of attention to their work in order to keep the work environment safe. Many warehouse workers on the floor will need to be able to lift 50lbs and have good hand-eye-foot coordination to operate the forklift.

While some warehouses maintain a constant temperature, others do not. Some warehouse workers have to do their jobs in coolers with appropriate work clothing to stay warm. Other warehouses may change temperature with the seasonal shifts. Warehouses typically use forklifts to move supplies from storage areas to loading docks, trucks or different storage areas.

In the warehouse, forklift operation is considered a “hazardous occupation” because of the large machinery used. With careful attention to detail and by following safety procedures, many accidents can be avoided. In the warehouse, most workers are trained by a supervisor or experienced employee. When the overseeing employee decides the worker is ready to be on the floor alone, then they are considered trained for the warehouse job they have been assigned.

For a forklift job, most workers are trained in under a month. A forklift certification will need to be obtained, according to OSHA standards, but some warehouses are willing to train new employees in this way. Those who may handle hazardous materials will need further specialized training to increase workplace safety. Indiana warehouse jobs can be found for a wide variety of skill levels an job specifications.

Forklift Jobs

Material movers, or forklift operators, are in high demand, especially in Indianapolis, Indiana. A common query for job searches will include “forklift jobs near me” or “forklift jobs Indianapolis.” Forklift jobs in Plainfield Indiana are also highly sought after by those looking for warehouse openings. You might be wondering if a forklift or machine operator job is for you. Forklift operators should be able to:

  • Respond quickly to their surroundings
  • Maintain a good sense of balance
  • Keep their workspace clean
  • Sit or stand for long periods of time
  • Have good hand-eye-foot coordination
  • Have a good perception of depth and clear vision
  • Assess weights and distances accurately

Find “high paying forklift jobs near me” to boost your career today! The average annual wage of a forklift operator is $33,451, according to PayScale.com and does not change a lot with experience. Most forklift operators will earn somewhere between $15 to $20 an hour. This high paying entry level warehouse job can become a higher salary with order inventory skills. The majority of workers move up in the warehouse or industry to other positions after 20 years working in this field.

The transportation industry is projected to grow quite a bit through 2022, including an increased need for forklift operator jobs. Forklift machines vary in how complicated they are to operate, and forker driver meaning may vary from warehouse to warehouse. Many warehouses and stockyards are willing to train forklift operators with little or no experience. Because of the repetitive nature of the job, workers will have to pay careful attention to detail or a workplace accident could cause some serious harm. During training, forklift operators will learn a number of rules established by OSHA and MSHA. Employees must keep rules in place for safety and to keep their company in compliance with these regulations. Companies that do not enforce these rules can be fined or cited, so employees are expected to know and follow all safety rules.

Forklift Job Openings on Craigslist Indianapolis

Warehouse jobs can be found in a number of places, including many forklift job openings on Craigslist Indianapolis. Find local forklift jobs near you by regularly checking local job boards. You will find the complete list of forklift job requirements and forklift job descriptions on each listing. Through Craigslist and other job platforms, you can find openings and send your application to become a forklift driver. On-the-job training is often provided and apprenticeships programs can be found through the International Union of Operating Engineers. So, whether you have forklift driving experience or just want to get started as a forklift operator, you can search for open positions to fit your skill level. Find your career as a forklift operator today!

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