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General Labor Staffing

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General Labor Staffing

Though there are glimpses of recovery, we do not yet know what impact COVID-19 will have on general staffing agencies and general labor staffing. Speaking at a local forum, Sarah Ross, a representative of a local general labor staffing agency, explained that the whole sector was in a state of flux. They explained that bigger corporations like Amazon, who current are on a general labor staffing drive, were moving to manage labor force staffing internally. A member of the forum commented; general labor staffing agencies near me are under pressure adding that her own labor staffing agency was at risk of closing. The labor force near me is being recruited directly, she said, adding that the labor staffing near me has been my core business for years.

A recent survey shows that even global general labor staffing agencies, like Indeed and Glassdoor, are also feeling the pressure as trends in labor force staffing shift. With fluctuating levels of lockdown in different states, the impact of the COVID-19 Stimulus Checks for Individuals on lower income groups as well as the general uncertainty regarding the risks of returning to work, are all contributing factors to the receding labor staffing agency market.

In her closing remarks, Mx Ross indicated that they had a keen sense that the general labor staffing agency sector was on the cusp of huge growth. Economic forces prescribe the continued supply of goods and services. Already labor staffing agencies near me have indicate an upturn in both demand and supply, they said. Our own labor staffing agency has started getting an increasing number of queries from the labor force near me wanting to know if there is a call for labor staffing near me. Change is in the air.

According to the latest report from the US Bureau of Labor Statics (BLS) in April, the number of persons not in the labor force who currently want a job was 6.6 million. Manufacturing employment edged down in April (-18,000), following gains in the previous 2 months (+54,000 in March and +35,000 in February). In April, job losses in motor vehicles and parts (-27,000) and in wood products (-7,000) more than offset job gains in miscellaneous durable goods manufacturing (+13,000) and chemicals (+4,000). Employment in manufacturing is 515,000 lower than in February 2020.

speech by Governor Christopher J. Waller of the Federal Reserve given on May 13, 2021, summarizes the current situation well: “I think of the current problem as follows. When the pandemic hit, both labor demand and labor supply fell dramatically. The combination of widespread vaccines and fiscal and monetary stimulus caused consumer demand to recover sharply. This situation, in turn, caused labor demand to rebound quickly, particularly in goods-producing industries. However, due to factors like continued fears of the virus, the enhanced unemployment insurance, child-care issues, and early retirements, labor supply has not rebounded in the same fashion, which led to a situation with excess demand for labor and upward pressure on wages.”

There is real opportunity for growth in the general labor staffing market, which is good news for general labor staffing agencies.

Staffing Agencies Near Me

The adage that says the early bird catches the worm has seldom been more relevant. The labor market is booming and with a real shortage of in labor supply. If you have been searching for staffing agencies near me and have not had success, then change the wording to include searches like staffing agency near me or temporary labor near me. Try any variation; temporary labor services near me, or work opportunities near me are also a good.

This much is certain, you have a definite window of opportunity. The governor of the Federal Reserve, Governor Christopher J. Waller, in his speech on May 13, 2021, said the following about the labor market: “Finally, the enhanced unemployment benefits passed in response to the pandemic expire in September, and research has shown repeatedly that the job-finding rate spikes as unemployment benefits run out. Thus, while labor demand is currently outrunning labor supply, supply should catch up soon.”

With a rebounding economy, demand for consumer goods that outstrips supply, and an excess of work opportunities, entering the general labor staffing market now will provide with accelerated growth opportunities. This will allow early responders to move through the ranks to the top much faster than in a dormant or satiated environment.

So, get your game face on. Open you phone or laptop and use your preferred search engine – Google or Bing. You should also look at DuckDuckGo which has good privacy ratings. Search for terms like “staffing agencies near me” or the singular form of “staffing agency near me.” Also take a look at platforms like or They have salary scales comparisons and stuff like that that can be of assistance. The point being emphasized is the urgency of the moment. Really, there are great opportunities to be capitalized on.

If you would prefer not to go straight back into a permanent position, check out temp roles. Again, using your search engine of choice, look for “temporary labor near me” or “temporary labor services near me.” The thud that your neighbors will hear is your jaw dropping to the ground. Yes, there are currently thousands of job opportunities available. Actually, there are tens of thousands.

If you look for “staffing agencies near me” you will see what we mean. We recently searched “staffing agency near me” and jobs appeared directly from employers. The demand for general labor is now such that corporations and business are employing directly. Type in “temporary labor services near me” or “temporary labor near me” and you will be shocked by the sheer volume of opportunities. All you must do is choose and you are on your way to having a fabulous second half in 2021.

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GL Staffing Job

At GL Staffing Services is said to put more than 3,000 people to work a day. They value the unique abilities of every one of our employees and job seekers. If you are looking for GL Staffing jobs, then go to their site of take a look on Indeed where they have their own page. Wherever you are in Florida, there is a GL office near you. Go search for GL Staffing locations and you will find the full listing. For convenience, they are listed below:

  • GL Staffing Cutler Ridge
  • GL Staffing Doral
  • GL Staffing Hialeah
  • GL Staffing Hollywood
  • GL Staffing Lake Park
  • GL Staffing West Palm Beach
  • GL Staffing Naples
  • GL Staffing Orlando
  • GL Staffing Pompano Beach
  • GL Staffing Stuart
  • GL Staffing Vero Beach

Below is a list of the counties served by GL Staffing jobs and the relevant office you can contact.

  • Homestead/Dade CountyGL Staffing Cutler Ridge
  • Miami Dade CountyGL Staffing Doral
  • Miami Dade County GL Staffing Hialeah
  • Broward CountyGL Staffing Hollywood
  • Riviera Beach GL Staffing Lake Park
  • West Palm BeachGL Staffing Lakeworth
  • Collier County GL Staffing Naples
  • Orange County GL Staffing Orlando
  • Broward/Palm Beach GL Staffing Pompano Beach
  • Martin County GL Staffing Stuart
  • Indian River County GL Staffing Vero Beach

The reason for the success of GL Staffing is their care for people. The GL application process is evidence of this. Simple, straight forward and caring. The GL Staffing phone number for their corporate office at 1709 Banks Road, Margate, FL 33063 is (954) 973-8350 x 114. They also offer a comprehensive service for professionals.

Did you know that if Florida were a country, it would be the 16th-largest economy in the world with its $1.0 trillion (about $3,100 per person in the US) economy? In the United States of America, it is the fourth largest economy. No wonder than that GL Professional Staffing is doing well, offering top-of-range services for both professionals and general staffing.

If you are looking for a great position, then take a look at Indeed for GL Staffing jobs – or go directly to their site.

Labormax Staffing

At LaborMAX Staffing the focus is always on doing the right thing for their clients, partners, and field team members. They focus on putting the right people in the right job for the benefit of both employer and employ. With more than 105 LaborMAX staffing locations in 31 states nationwide (and growing), you will never need look far for a partner you can trust. Wherever you are, can confidently say: “There is LaborMAX staffing near me.”

Their claim to fame, that is amplified by previous and current FTM on review sites such as Indeed, is what sets LaborMAX apart:

  • Fast response
  • On time
  • Your one-stop shop
  • Reliable
  • Trustworthy

The internet has no shortage of self-proclaimed excellence, so finding that previous and current employees, called FTM, LaborMAX staffing reviews on are mostly glowing. LaborMAX staffing employment seems to be an incredibly positive experience for all who have had LaborMAX staffing jobs. As the staff and previous employees say: “We care about helping you reach your goals, whether you are a veteran looking to transition to the civilian workforce, or your organization needs to rapidly expand its workforce.”

One of the FTM from Labormax staffing – Lake Chales, LA, said that he was impressed by the effort made to make him feel like family and not just a number. Speaking of numbers, why not call them on 888-324-9869 – just in case you search for Labor max phone number instead of LaborMAX phone number.

An interesting comment on Indeed was that LaborMAX staffing payroll was always on time. His comment was: They pay well and on time, but you work well too. If you look at the LaborMAX staffing reviews on Indeed you will notice that most of the give a sense of shared ownership. This is because their FTM’s are made to feel like a family team member. If, however, you search “who owns LaborMAX Staffing”, you will discover it is privately owned. The management team appear to be doing a great job making those with LaborMAX jobs feel great about being a family team member. LaborMAX Staffing seems to be the real deal.

Bilingual Staffing Indy

  • Almost every business today has bilingual staffing needsThe term bilingual staffing, meaning anything from rapid access to specific talent or recruiters with the language skills to select the best candidate for you, is a broad label. But in an increasingly multicultural and multilingual America, having a solid bilingual staffing strategy can be invaluable to your team and your bottom line.  

    It correlates that those who speak more than one language often have stellar communication skills, and likely have cultural competence if they have traveled the world or been exposed to different cultures. Plus, bilingual staffing demand has soared since the 1980s – more than doubling in areas of business that require lots of face-to-face interaction. This makes sense, because a team well-versed in several languages can make your customer service more comprehensive. A multilingual team will not only have more access to your clients or customer base, but will be more confident dealing with customers who speak their language. They are more effective in gauging a culturally diverse environment, to which the U.S. is only growing closer. 

    The bilingual staffing meaning can include the human resources agency you use and their own cultural/linguistic makeup, or the type of candidate you wish to pursue. Sticking to traditional hiring practices can actually limit your talent pools, and a bilingual staffing agency is a great way to tap into new demographics for candidates. This way, you don’t have to build the pipeline yourself, but can trust a consultant who already has the foundation laid.  

    Your markets themselves find their demand for a multilingual workforce increasing. The U.S. has about 64 million people who speak a non-English language at the home. The buying power of this group, who prefer doing business with entities that speak their own language, is substantial. By serving the linguistic needs of these markets with a bilingual staffing strategy, you gain access to many business opportunities! 

    Not to mention, the increasing likelihood of a language barrier can lead to on-the-job accidents and miscommunications. Instead of an old-fashioned requirement for English proficiency, it is more valuable to implement structures that support native speakers so full comprehension is reached. Bilingual human resources, native language or interpreted orientation and trainings, multilingual signage and translations, comprehensive explanation of U.S. safety standards, and more are all support services that keep on giving.  

    Fortunately, you don’t have to start from scratch. By using a bilingual staffing agency such as Morales Group, we provide these structures built in, and can help you adjust your strategy to integrate a more bilingual approach.  



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    Keywords to use: 


    Indiana is the 19th state admitted to the Union of the United States. Its largest metropolitan area is considered to be greater Indianapolis, which is the state’s capital city. The state’s economy is fairly diverse, with not only agriculture but very high proportion of manufacturing. Some of the highest exports of Indiana include industrial machinery, orthopedics, electric machinery, motor vehicles and auto parts, and pharmaceutical products.  

    Because IN has a labor force located in mostly medium and smaller-sized cities, this makes it attractive for corporations since they can offer somewhat lower wages than in expensive large cities. For a lower cost, firms can obtain higher skills.  

    The demand for a multilingual workforce is growing at a rapid pace in Indiana. Aside from Spanish, which is arguably the most integrated language aside from English, the state has a need to serve the linguistic requirements of its residents who speak Burmese, several African dialects, French, as well as Arabic.  

    Many corporations are rising to the challenge. For example, Eskenazi Health offers a program called “Bridging the Gap” free to bilingual employees. Indiana-headquartered Morales Group partners with numerous outreach organization to provide free English classes, financial support, and social support to the multilingual base who they serve.  

    Not just in IN, but across the board, the demand for bilingual workers is compounding. In 2015, employers posted more than three time more job postings aimed at Chinese speakers than they had in 2010. In the same five-year span, U.S. job postings aimed at Spanish and Arabic speakers increased by 150 percent.  

    This need is not industry-specific. Any economic area can benefit from bilingual staffing, and it should definitely be a focus for the future if not an active pursuit in the present. According to a study done by New American Economy, by 2020, proficiency in more than a single language will be among the most important skills a job seeker can have. While there is an obvious need for multilingual workers in industries like translation and language instruction, the need in other fields may be more subtle but no less essential as time goes on.  



    H2: Elwood Staffing (364 words) 

    Keywords to use: 

    elwood staffing 
    diverse staffing 
    spherion staffing 
    first call staffing 
    morales staffing 

    Indiana has many high-caliber staffing firms and agencies. Among them include: 

    • Elwood Staffing; 
    • Diverse Staffing; 
    • Spherion Staffing; 
    • First Call Staffing; 
    • And of course Morales Staffing. 


    Morales Group is not only a bilingual staffing agency, but we also provide knowledge and focus in industrial staffing, professional and clerical staffing, executive and direct hire, and skilled trades, not to mention our award-winning embedded labor model Acción Performance. When it comes to linguistic competency, Morales Group team members represent over 14 languages. This is an essential tool in our kit to empower underserved communities such as immigrants and refugees, who may need more communication and support throughout the employment process. Morales Group also is represented in our workforce by over 25 countries, because a diverse team experience allows us to be innovative as well as intuitive.  

    When it comes to bilingual staffing, Morales Staffing has even more of an inside edge. The company is a Minority Business Enterprise as well as Hispanic-owned. As a company, we partner with numerous outreach organizations to give even greater support to our underserved communities, many of which are also bilingual speakers. For example, we partner with workforce development foundation Project Azul, which provides employment trainings in order to “skill up” workers so they are eligible for higher wages. An investment into workforce development not only helps build better futures for those workers and their families, but it also helps the community and economy as a whole 

    Another group we partner with is Exodus Refugee, an organization helping individuals rebuild their lives in Indiana. By investing in our community and in these partnerships, we help complete the circle for underserved communities by providing access to employment and career resources. It is a mutually beneficial relationship, as it helps Morales Staffing access a ready pipeline of bilingual talent for those who work with us.  

    Indiana is a great place to find top tier recruitment help, as evidenced by the wide array of choices such as Elwood Staffing and more. Diverse Staffing and Spherion Staffing are located here, as well as First Call Staffing. While headquartered in Indiana, Morales Staffing has many location across the Midwest, as well as in Louisville, Charlotte, and Dallas.  


    H2: Staffing Agency Near Me (372 words) 

    Keywords to use: 

    staffing agency near me 
    employment agencies 
    employment agencies near me 
    staffing agencies indianapolis 
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    staffing agencies plainfield indiana 
    headhunters staffing indianapolis 


    If I were looking for a staffing agency near meI would have many high-quality employment agencies to choose from. Among the employment agencies near me, in Indiana, there is Morales Staffing, Elwood Staffing, Diverse Staffing, and more. 

    For those seeking jobs in Indianapolis, common web queries may be “staffing agencies Indianapolis” or “employment agencies Indianapolis.” Perhaps you may even search “headhunters staffing Indianapolis.” These are the names that would likely come up in such a search. If you are looking for the best staffing agencies Indianapolis has to offer, we at Morales Staffing aspire to be your perfect fit. We consistently receive industry recognition as one of the Best Places to Work in Indiana, Inc.’s Best Workplaces, and we have been recognized as Inavero’s Best of Staffing Talent Satisfaction.  

    Not only do we serve the Indianapolis area, but we are one of the staffing agencies Plainfield Indiana has to offer. We help place many in the light industrial, manufacturing, and logistics sectors, although we are a flexible group that has worked in many other industries as well.  

    By seeking a staffing agency near me, I can assume that the employment agencies that come to mind have an expert knowledge in the local industries and job offerings. It stands to reason that employment agencies near me would have an understanding of local hiring practices and trends and could help me with my job search. The staffing agencies Indianapolis has to offer will be engrained in the local business culture 

    A special approach that Morales Staffing takes with our candidates is the ABC Approach. A stands for “A job,” B stands for “Better job,” and C stands for “Career.” We take workforce development seriously, and we don’t want our teammates to be stuck in an entry level position. The first step is listening to your story and matching you with a first job to meet your most pressing needs. In this initial job, you have chances to learn new skills and find success. We take pride in offering resources and training to help you become eligible for a better job with higher pay. Finally, after training, results, and continued success, you have reach high qualifications and we can help you find a career. 




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