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High Paying Warehouse Jobs

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High Paying Warehouse Jobs

Working at a warehouse can be very lucrative. The reason for that is that it’s in high demand, especially with more consumers ordering products online. The reason its popular is that a college degree is not needed to work at a warehouse. With that said, you can gain experience working at a warehouse in order to advance your career.

The average warehouse pay starts off at $16.32 an hour if just starting out. However, if you’ve been in the industry for years, you can expect the pay to be well over $20 an hour. That’s not bad considering you don’t need any formal training to work in a warehouse. If you are working for a large company, such as Walmart, the Walmart warehouse pay is $20.52, making it attractive for warehouse workers to want to continue working there.

High paying warehouse is easier to find because they’re always hiring. You should know that not all warehouse jobs are the same. Here is what you should consider before considering a warehouse job:

Work EnvironmentYou will want to ensure that there is a healthy work environment when you apply for the warehouse job. That means there shouldn’t be any bullying or harassment that goes on in the workplace.

BenefitsThe high paying warehouse jobs usually give out significant benefits for those working for them. This typically includes health, dental and sometimes more. You’ll be spending a lot of time at work, so you’ll want to ensure that the benefits are worth it for you and your family.

Career Growth OpportunitiesAs you apply to warehouse jobs, you’ll want to make sure that there is sufficient career growth. If there isn’t growth within that company, look at another warehouse that will allow you to grow.

Highest Paying Jobs

Some of the world’s highest paying jobs are in the warehouses. So if you want to know how to get into one of the highest paying jobs in the world, here are some of the jobs that you can look into working in a warehouse if you are just starting out:

Shipping and Receiving AssociateThis position is one of the main reasons why a warehouse is in operation. The associate checks all the products that come in and out. They are also responsible for the general labor around the warehouse house. This position is one of the highest paying jobs without a degree in the warehouse because of the responsibilities the worker usually have. It is also one of the easiest positions to apply for, as it doesn’t need too much experience other than the ability to read, write, and communicate well.

Material HandlerThis position is physically demanding, so remember to keep that in mind. A material handler moves the product from Point A to B. Sometimes the handler will have to use heavy machinery to move heavy pallets of materials throughout the warehouse. But it’s normally smaller scale material handlers that’s needed at warehouses, and the pay is very decent.

Warehouse AssociateA warehouse associate is known as the jack of all trades position. In this job, you could be doing anything from moving materials to doing some product movement. Like with material handler, this is also a physically demanding job. The job description depends on the warehouse that hires the associate. This is a very flexible job that pays at least $16 an hour.

Warehouse ClerkIf you don’t like the physical demands of a warehouse job, being a warehouse clerk may be an option. The starting pay is at $16 an hour, and you would be supervising what happens in the warehouse. Having excellent communication skills is important for this job as you are the point of contact. The point of contact communicates with the warehouse workers and the higher ups to make sure the warehouse is running smoothly.

Best Paying Warehouse Jobs UK

There are a lot of warehouses in the UK that pay a decent amount. You can even apply for warehouse jobs in UK for foreigners if you want to work in a warehouse and live in the UK. The average warehouse assistant salary uk is at least $12.24 per hour (£9/hr) so it is definitely worth considering if you are looking for a warehouse job in the uk. Here are a couple of companies that offer warehouse jobs in uk with visa sponsorship if you do not live in the UK:

Amazon Fulfillment Centre

Amazon is one of the largest warehouses in the UK, and it pays its warehouse workers very well. The pay starts at $15.19 per hour (£10.80) if living in the London area and $10.93 (£9.70) per hour in other parts of the UK. You can easily get a job here as they’re always hiring (especially for seasonal work) and they provide training so that their workers can grow their careers.


Tesco is a large company that has grocery stores and supermarkets over all the UK. It was founded by Jack Cohen in 1919. They have over 10,000 employees, making them one of the top global employers in the world. Warehouse workers have reported an average base pay of $13 an hour (£10/hr). That means if you stay with Tesco and eventually move on up, the pay can be even higher.

Highest Paying Warehouse Jobs in California

When someone thinks of California, they think of entertainment and technology. California is also home to many large companies, and that means there’s ample of warehouse jobs available. It is one of the best states for warehouse jobs because the pay is higher than other states. For example, the average warehouse pay in california is $17.94 an hour, with $4,910 paid in overtime every year. That can be attractive for those who want to get right into the field and start gaining experience.

Jobs that are deemed higher up (manager) usually need experience. If you have the experience, the warehouse manager salary in california ranges from $85,753 to $116,503. As you can see, it’s worth getting the experience, as it’s a high-paying job that you do not need a degree in.

Amazon is one of the biggest warehouses in the US and the amazon average warehouse salary is $16.32 an hour. Other warehouse jobs by Amazon may be more, depending on the experience. Amazon is one of the biggest employers in the US, including California. Amazon also pays out significant benefits for the hours worked, and it’s typically flexible. However, most of the hiring is for factory workers, which means that it’s a physically demanding job.

Fedex is one of the highest paying warehouse jobs in california that a worker can look into. The average salary is $35,882 to start with. The other jobs that Fedex has may be more depending on experience. They also give out great benefits and help pay off tuition if you are in college.

Whether it’s a large company or an up-and-coming company, there’s a ton of warehouse opportunities in California.

Warehouse Near Me

Wherever you are, finding a warehouse job is relatively easy. You can conduct a search on the job boards or check out Craigslist. If you are wondering about warehouse statistics, you will be glad to know that the industry is still growing. There have been at least a 4.3% increase in job demand since 2016. With that information on hand, you’ll need to determine the hours you can work. Not everyone can do full time, so searching for “part-time warehouse jobs near me” will usually bring up bigger name companies such as Amazon or even Coca-Cola. Those two companies are always looking for part-time warehouse workers, especially during the holiday season.

How much do warehouse workers make a month?In the US, warehouse workers make at least $2,112 at entry level. If you are looking for a full-time job as a warehouse worker, you’ll have to keep that in mind if you have no experience.

Where do I find the best warehouse jobs near me?If you live in a major city or at least near one, you can start there. Cities such as New York or Toronto have warehouses that are always hiring. If you’re in Canada, the warehouse worker salary in canada starts at $27,903 per year.

You should look for warehouses that are hiring immediately, and you can find many of those through the internet. If it’s a well-known company, you can go through their website and start the application process.

Is it worth trying Amazon?When searching for a warehouse job, you’ll often see ads from Amazon hiring. Amazon is the largest global employer, and they pay pretty well. The average amazon warehouse staff salary is $17 an hour. They go on huge bursts of hiring sprees to get as many workers as possible, so you can be ensured that they are hiring.

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