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Jobs Working With Refugees

Working with Refugees is an important thing for any staffing agency to acknowledge and work toward. If you are looking for jobs working with refugees, click below to view our current openings.

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If you are looking for a job, click the button below to view current openings.

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If your passion is helping people in need, there are lots of jobs working with refugees available. Whether you would prefer to stay local or traveling abroad is of more interest, there are countless valuable ways you can devote your time to jobs working with refugees.

There are quite a few countries around the world that accept refugees for resettlement. You can refer to the UNHCR List of Resettlement Countries 2021 for further information on this. To give you an idea of the services provided in offices around the world, please review the UNHCR Malaysia Resettlement 2021 facts and figures.

The UNHCR Resettlement email address is often one of the first contacts refugees have with our offices and can be the first step towards resettlement. Following on from this, there are then forms that a refugee must complete in order to gain assistance with resettlement. These steps include completing a resettlement registration form and a UNHCR Refugee Application Form pdf.

The administrative tasks noted above all provide opportunities for jobs working with refugees. Helping in answering emails, through to assistance in completing the Resettlement Registration Form and UNHCR Refugee Application Form pdf gives opportunities that you may not have even thought of.

Of course, administrative tasks are only a small part of the opportunities that are available. The causes of requests for assistance from refugees include being survivors of violence and torture through to women, children, and adolescents being deemed to be at risk of the same. Areas for helping in these instances can be vast, complex, and very rewarding.

There has been a substantial increase in submissions from the UNHCR Refugee Resettlement Process 2020 to the UNHCR Refugee Resettlement Process 2021. A review of these reports can provide valuable insight into further potential opportunities for jobs working with refugees.

Jobs Working with Refugees And Immigrants

There are many careers that include jobs working with refugees and immigrants. These can be drawn from fields including education, healthcare, legal services, social services, and employment agencies. Jobs in these sectors that can be particularly useful include caseworkers, interpreters, social workers and counselors.

There are also several non-profit organizations that provide careers that involve helping immigrants. These roles can include jobs involving coordination of education and languages, mentors for affected youths through to coordinating social services.

Further, careers that involve helping immigrants can include jobs in immigration advocacy. These types of roles are typically found in non-profit organizations and can include the education and development of community leaders and developing strategic partnerships.

There are jobs that help undocumented immigrants, particularly in the legal field. Many refugees arrive with no identification or other papers. There are several legal services that assist immigrants in this situation. These services can be a good source of jobs that help undocumented immigrants.

On-the-ground organizations work on the front line and can also provide jobs that help undocumented immigrants. These jobs can range from ensuring the immigrants know their rights, to assisting with their passage. Volunteers form a big part of these roles, along with jobs in immigration advocacy.

Jobs Working with Refugees Near Me

If you are looking to find jobs with refugees, one of your best options is to simply use Google to search for Jobs Working with refugees near me. This will return quite a few advertisements for job placement companies in your area, as well as organizations that provide jobs with refugees.

A more generalized search of Jobs Near Me will also turn up results, but really, this is too general a search. Sure, there will be jobs working with refugees near me in the results, but they will be intermingled with many other jobs that are not of interest to you.

Another good idea is to search using your hometown name. For instance, Jobs Working with Refugees Near California, or Jobs Working with Refugees near Texas is likely to provide a much more concise search result for those particular areas.

Office of Refugee Resettlement jobs is another area worth pursuing. They have partnerships with Federal and State Agencies, as well as volunteer organizations and training and assistance providers. The Office of Refugee Resettlement is part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

They offer such things as access to social services, language classes and medical assistance to new arrivals. Office of Refugee Resettlement jobs may also be found in a program they provide for specialized foster care of unaccompanied minors.

Jobs Working with Refugees UK

There are several options available if you are looking for jobs working with refugees UK. If you are particularly looking for refugee caseworker jobs London, there are jobs available for all levels of qualifications. Refugee caseworker jobs London can include senior management roles as well as the actual caseworkers.

Another area to look for jobs working with refugees UK is in refugee counseling jobs. These can be very rewarding positions for those qualified who want to work with refugees London. Refugee counseling jobs can involve many variables and includes providing empathy and enhancing the well-being of refugees.

Refugee Action jobs are sometimes available for work with refugees London. They offer assistance and advice along with helping with refugee resettlement. Another way to be involved with Refugee Action jobs is through fundraising. It is well worthwhile checking their website now and then to see if there are any current jobs available.

Refugee Council jobs can also be possible when you are looking for work with refugees London. They offer a wide range of job opportunities covering all sorts of activities. Refugee Council jobs are listed on their website. Be sure to check them out if you are looking for jobs working with refugees UK.

Refugee Resettlement Jobs Remote

Perhaps you have a job already, but you would still like to help? Searching for part time work near me or weekend only jobs near me may provide you with some options to consider. There are also organizations that actively offer opportunities for remote work.

International Rescue Committee is one of these organizations. They offer volunteer opportunities not only in person but also remotely. You can review volunteer opportunities with International Rescue Committee by visiting their website and searching by either Zip Code or office location.

The Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service is another non-profit organization that may offer refugee resettlement jobs remote. The website for Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service includes a Volunteer Contact Form, where you can provide your details and areas of interest.

If you are interested in travel, international professional staff can apply for jobs with housing included. These roles can be on the front-line assisting asylum seekers. What is asylum seekers? Basically, they are a person who has left their home country as a political refugee and is seeking asylum in another.

These are usually fixed-term job opportunities and are subject to rotation. If this area is of interest to you, please review the opportunities available at UNHCR.

What To Study to Work With Refugees

Perhaps you are unsure what careers help immigrants? Or perhaps you are wondering what to study to work with refugees? In either case, it helps to first decide what type of role you would like to fill. There are so many roles that can be involved in working with refugees that it would be impossible to include them all here. A few examples are listed below to get you started.

Are you searching for jobs that help undocumented immigrants? If you are considering what to study to work with refugees that are undocumented, roles in the legal profession would stand out. Another area to think about for jobs that help undocumented immigrants is working as an interpreter. Studying languages would greatly assist with these types of roles.

If you are looking for jobs in immigration advocacy, there are many roles that can be filled. A good first step to find what careers help immigrants would be to have a look at the Immigration Advocates Network. There is plenty of information listed here that may help you decide what to study to work with refugees.

The actual organizations that you would like to work for may also provide training. It is worth checking their websites to see what is available.


UNHCR Jobs are well worth looking into. There are many opportunities all over the world. The UNHCR Job Portal provides all the details on their careers, both locally and internationally. Contracts offered can be either fixed or short-term.

A UNHCR Internship is also offered to eligible students and graduates which provides humanitarian experience in an international environment. They can begin at any time and usually last between two and six months.

International professional staff can find employment for UNHCR jobs in South Sudan through the UNHCR Job Portal. You can browse freely but to apply you will need to set up a UNHCR Login. UNHCR Jobs in South Sudan 2021 provides a rewarding experience for those who are suitable.

UNHCR Uganda provides assistance to refugees and asylum-seekers from South Sudan, the DRC and Burundi. Further information regarding UNHCR Uganda can be obtained from their reporting portal Global Focus.

Closer to home, if you are looking for UNHCR jobs near Texas, or UNHCR jobs near California, you can first look at the United States of America page. This will give you lots of information and contacts to put you in touch with people who can assist.

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