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Part Time Jobs Near Me Louisville

Interested in part time or full-time employment in the Louisville area? Click here to learn more about part time jobs near me louisville and how they work to find a job to meet your needs. By the way, we’re hiring!

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Part Time Jobs Near Me Louisville

When it comes to finding the best part time jobs near me in Louisville and surrounding areas, you have no shortage of options. As the largest city in Kentucky, the area is home to over 600K residents, which opens the door to a range of jobs hiring near me. 

No matter what type of job you’re looking for or the hours you’re looking to fill, you have a vast plethora of professional and occupational options. And if you’re having a difficult time finding the perfect set of jobs hiring near me Louisville, don’t hesitate to reach out to the experienced team at Morales Group. We specialize in matching your unique skillset to the perfect opportunities. Let’s take a closer look at how you can find the best part time jobs near me Louisville based on your individual needs.

Part Time Jobs Near Me 

One way to find part time work is to start with a general Google, Yahoo, or other search engine query. You can enter the search term “jobs hiring near me part time,” and you should have access to an array of options. Looking for a specific evening or morning job? Try entering “part time evening jobs near me” or early morning jobs near me,” and these highly-searched queries should render a number of available jobs.

If this avenue doesn’t render desired results, you can also check out Craigslist Louisville, Indeed jobs Louisville, LinkedIn, and other job directories to browse listings based on your area. In either case, starting with the Internet will allow you to gain a solid feel of the landscape for your specific type of part time jobs near me. Some of the most common high-earning part time jobs near me include:

Summer Jobs for College Students 

As the biggest city in Kentucky, Louisville home to a range of colleges, universities, schools, and other institutions of higher learning. The city hosts the University of Louisville, Bellarmine University, Sullivan University, Spalding University, Jefferson Community and Technical College, Galen College of Nursing, and Simmons College. Because of the significant number of schools in the area, coeds can find many summer jobs for college students Louisville. 

The part time jobs Louisville Kentucky has to offer may include retail, restaurants, warehouses, offices, and virtually everything in between. In addition, the summer jobs for college students Louisville offers can double as a professional internship — if applicable. In either case, students can find a range of different summer jobs, including:

  • IT support specialist
  • Driver
  • Delivery person
  • Brand ambassador
  • Barista
  • Animal caretaker
  • Social media assistant

Work from Home Jobs 

Whether you need flexible part time jobs Louisville or remote work from home jobs in Kentucky, you can easily find the best work from home jobs. The age of information has opened the door to a plethora of remote part time opportunities, including Amazon work from home jobs Kentucky. At the same time, the recent COVID-19 pandemic has forced many employers to transition to a remote workforce. These types of jobs may include:

  • Customer service, 
  • Data entry,
  • Freelance writer, 
  • Medical transcriptionist, 
  • Virtual assistant, 
  • Social media manager, and 
  • Even travel agents.

Having trouble finding the perfect experts remote jobs Louisville offers? No problem! At Morales Group, we will make finding full time or part time work from home as easy as possible. We have an active list of companies that offer work from home online and remote work from home jobs in Kentucky. We’ll match you to the best solution based on your schedule and needs. 

Warehouse Jobs Hiring Near Me 

If you’re looking for the premier warehouse jobs hiring near me, Louisville is home to a substantial number of warehouses. Distribution centers and warehouses are conveniently concentrated in and throughout Louisville where I-64, I-65, and I-71 converge, and in the Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati metro area where I-71, I-75, and I-74 are tied together. 

In fact, a study conducted by the Greater Louisville Inc estimated the logistics sector employs approximately 40,000 workers and has grown 20% since 03, while warehouse jobs in the rest of the nation have grown only 8%. Because of this exceptional growth, you should be able to easily find the weekend warehouse jobs Lousiville offers and a range of part time manual labor jobs near me, such as:

  • Distribution center manager
  • Inventory control manager
  • Warehouse manager
  • Materials handlers
  • Shipping and receiving associates
  • Forklift drivers
  • Forklift operators
  • WArehouse clerks
  • Loaders
  • Shipping specialists
  • Receivers
  • Merchandise Receiving/pickup associate
  • Warehouse worker 
  • Stocker

Part Time Warehouse Jobs Louisville

Whether you already have a current full-time job that serves as your “9 to 5”, are a day college student, or have any other scheduling restraints, you can find several different warehouse part time morning jobs Louisville offers as well as part time night jobs Louisville. Because most warehouses operate 24/7, they tend to offer very flexible schedules that can accommodate most people. 


In 2010, became the most frequented job website in the U.S. Since the platform has launched, it has helped countless job seekers find everything from remote jobs Louisville, part time night jobs Louisville, summer jobs for college students Louisville, part time work from home jobs, and more. Much of the popularity of Indeed can be attributed to its ease of use and the vast number of jobs made available near large metropolitan areas. Best of all, Indeed jobs Louisville pulls all of the information you need into a single site. 

Long gone are the days of you having to spend time figuring out which companies are hiring. Indeed jobs Lousiville can be browsed with the click of a mouse. For example, if you perform a Google search for “Indeed jobs Louisville,” you’ll be able to pour through several pages upon pages of different opportunities. Indeed can even open the door for Louisville jobs hiring immediately. 

Indeed is what is known as a job aggregator, which means it curates jobs from different classified listings and career sites into a single interface. Once the tool has collected jobs relevant to your search, it presents all of these job listings within the Indeed interface. This means you no longer have to visit each employer’s site to learn if they are hiring. Instead, a single trip to Indeed jobs Louisville will offer you insight into all available opportunities based on your criteria. 

Jobs Hiring Near Me No Experience

At Morales Group, one of the top questions we receive is “What are the best jobs hiring near me no experience?” In all fairness, finding the best entry-level job in Louisville can be tough, whether you’re changing careers or looking for your first job ever. However, there are definitely opportunities for both. 

Many of the jobs hiring near me no experience will give you the opportunity to advance once you’ve got a little bit of experience. Some of the top jobs hiring near me no experience include:

  • Sales account representative
  • Flight attendent
  • Customer service rep
  • Delivery driver
  • Real estate agent
  • Veterinary assistant
  • Medical assistant
  • Administrative assistant
  • Legal assistant
  • Flooring installer
  • Hazmat removal worker

Jobs Hiring Immediately

If you’re a job seeker looking for Louisville jobs hiring immediately, the Internet may not render the speed you desire. When you submit your resume or profile via the Craigslist Louisville or Indeed jobs Louisville, it’s not uncommon for the hiring process to take weeks or even months. Employers receive a vast number of job applications and resumes via these channels. 

Because of this, they are often left to sort through potentially thousands of applications — many of which are not qualified. In going through these mounds of applications and profiles, it’s extremely easy for an employer to overlook candidates who may be perfect for the role, which could be you. This is one of the true downsides to applying on Indeed jobs Louisville or Craigslist Louisville. 

However, if you’re looking for Louisville jobs hiring immediately, your best bet is to contact the Morales Group. When you reach out to us, you’ll work one-on-one with a live employment specialist. Each of our employment specialists are tasked to do all of the screening. And if we find your application or experiences to be in line with the employer’s needs, we can either pass your info directly to the employer or set up an interview on the spot. In addition, some employers may rely on us to select the best candidate, especially when it comes to Louisville jobs hiring immediately. 

Jobs Hiring Near Me Part Time

Whether you’re looking for early morning jobs near me, part time evening jobs near me, or anything else, the team at Morales Group can help increase the efficiency of your search. We have developed relationships with some of the top employers in Louisville, Kentucky area. And when employers are looking for reliably employees, they consistently turn to us. 

We are an experienced team of professional recruiters who offer years of experience connecting job searchers with employers. We will get to know your unique needs, skillset, and desires to match you with the employment opportunity best suited to help you achieve your goals.

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