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Picker Packer Job Description

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Picker Packer Job Description

A picker packer has a straightforward job. They take the merchandise from the shelves and then they prepare it for shipping. What are the typical order picker skills? The skills required to be an order packer skills are:

  • Strong reading and communication skills
  • Strong attention to detail is required
  • Excellent time management and organizational skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Ability to prioritize tasks to meet production quota
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision

The picker duties usually include the following responsibilities:

  • Gathering products and making sure everything is accurate
  • Cleaning and tidying to ensure a safe environment
  • Completes any required paperwork within the timeline
  • Putting away the inventory in the specified areas
  • Taking part in company initiatives and meetings

As a picker is a very valuable part of the company that is hiring. Specific companies and warehouses have online picker job descriptions that vary. One could have more responsibilities than the other. But with training, you can gain the valuable order picker skills that can eventually help you advance within the company.

A picker packer job description differs slightly from an order picker’s. The reason is, is that the picker packer actually handles the product and packs the product. Such responsibilities are:

  • Weighting products and labeling them appropriately
  • Inspecting packages to ensure there are no damages
  • Inspecting shipping containers to ensure they meet the shipping standards
  • Keeping track of the daily orders by shipping location
  • Keeping records of packages
  • Sealing shipping containers and making sure they’re sealed properly
  • Clean the shipping containers and other shipping supplies that may be used

You’ll often see larger companies hiring picker packers online that offer great pay and benefits. You’ll have to make sure that you meet the qualifications so that you can successfully win an interview.

Picker Packer Job Description For Resume

If you are a prospective packer, you’ll want to put your qualifications on your resume to ensure that you can be qualified. Here is a warehouse picker packer resume sample you can choose to follow:


Physically fit Warehouse Picker Packer with experience in all aspects of inventory. Able to lift to 80 lbs. Good spacial awareness and have basic mathematical abilities.


  • Strong Organizational Skills
  • Great Communication Skills
  • Safety Conscious
  • Friendly and helpful
  • Computer Savvy
  • Team Player


Picker/Packer at Huge Food Company

  • Inspected all merchandise that came in as well as shipping materials
  • Placed items correctly in the proper sized shipping crate
  • Affix labels on merchandise

The above can be used for a pick packer resume no experience, you can leave out the work experience. It’s fairly easy to get into a warehouse as a beginner and you can gain experience from there to advance your career.

If you have a hard time writing a resume for a pick packer job, you can look around on the internet for other samples to get an idea on how to write the resume. It’s fairly easy to do so and once you have a resume, you can look at a food packer job description (one of the easiest to apply to) to see if you qualify.

Picker/Packer Job Description Amazon

Amazon is one of the top employers in the world. In fact, they are almost hiring at their warehouses. This includes picker packers. The average amazon packer job salary is $18 per hour. Their packer job skills require the typical qualifications that they expect from each packer. They include:

  • Preparing items for shipping
  • Cleaning and preparing containers before putting goods in them
  • Have excellent organizational skills
  • Stockpile goods in the correct containers

In order to become a packer with Amazon, you’ll need the physical stamina and prior experience as a packer. It is the job of the packer that they measure and count product containers to ensure the quantity is correct.

Amazon packers also perform quality task control and they make sure that the product is ready for transportation. They are the ones that make sure that no mistakes are made because of the rigorous quality control standards that Amazon has.

If you feel you qualify to be a Amazon packer, you can go check out their site to see if they are hiring and apply. Chances are, you’ll score an interview and get started soon.

Picker Job Description

You will see various job descriptions for a picker online. It really depends on what you are qualified for. Most warehouses require you to have some experience before you apply for the job.

Here are a couple of jobs description examples that companies would use for a couple of positions. By knowing what the company is looking for, you can then decide if you are qualified to apply for the positions.

Bulk Picker Job Description

Job Summary

Primarily responsible for stacking and piling goods. Cleans and prepares containers before placing goods in them.


  • Stack and pile goods into containers
  • Label items correctly
  • Clean and prepare product containers that will contain products
  • Verify if the products are labeled correctly
  • Complete all paperwork as required

That’s just some responsibilities that a picker packer would have at any warehouse. Most job descriptions would have something very similar to that. When you’re ready, all you need to do is search for the packer jobs and make sure it’s picker packer job description or something similar. You can search on job boards online or even Craigslist.

Picker Packer Skills for Resume

As you know by now, a picker packer needs to have certain skills in order to apply for a packer job. It’s not as simple as working in a factory and just packing the products. You often have other responsibilities but it varies by companies. Some may only need basic skills such as good organizational skills and strong reading skills. A lot of the companies also expect you to be in good physical shape as you’ll often have to carry heavier weight.

When you write your picker packer skills for resume, list all the skills and qualifications that you have. The more you have, the better it is.

If you’re interested in being a food packer, here are the food packer skills that are usually expected by companies:

  • Packing food products
  • Labeling food products correctly
  • Prepping food that is to be packaged and mailed
  • Package and wrap spices
  • Include recipe cards that go with meals

As we said, it can vary depending on the company that they are looking for as far as skills. So whether you are interested in being a general packer or a specific packer, make sure you list the skills that’s appropriate for the industry you are applying in.

Picker Packer Salary

Most people think of warehouse jobs as jobs you only make minimum wage. Believe it or not, almost all warehouse jobs make more than minimum wage, which is why it’s attractive to a lot of prospective packers. Below, we will give you a few examples of salary ranges so that you can see what’s the realistic expectations are.

Amazon Picker Packer Salary

The average salary as a packer at Amazon is $18 an hour. However, if you are just starting out, you can expect to start at $15 an hour. It can increase to $19 or depending how many years of experience you have.

Picker Packer Salary

The average salary for a general packer is $17 an hour. It depends what company and industry that you are working for.

Have you been wondering if packers make more than someone who works at Home Depot? A home depot sales associate pay is between $10-20 an hour depending on the experience.

If you have years of experience, you can expect a higher pay as a packer. Most companies will also include benefits and other perks to entice you to apply for the job.

Picker Packer Jobs Near Me

Depending on where you live, there could be ample of picker packer jobs near you. For example, if you live in California, you can just google “picker packer jobs near me” and look at the ones in the major cities, such as Los Angeles.

Just remember to read through the warehouse picker packer job description before applying to a job that is closer to you. You can search for picker packer jobs on indeed and apply to the ones that interest you. You may have to apply to over one so that you don’t keep all of your eggs in the same basket.

If you’re interested in the picker packer jobs with Amazon, you can go to their website and type in the city that you’re in to see if there’s any packer jobs available.

Applying for a packer job online is fairly easy as all that you need is a resume. If you’re in a major city, there are tonnes of packer jobs to choose from that you may be qualified for. All you need to do is apply for the ones you’re interested in and hopefully you will be successful in getting the job that you want!

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