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Who is Morales Group?

Founded in 2003, Morales Group, Inc (MGI) is a vibrant and passionate group of people delivering a different kind of staffing agency experience. Headquartered in Indianapolis, with additional offices in Columbus, Jeffersonville, Anderson, and Lafayette Indiana as well as in Louisville, Kentucky, Charlotte, North Carolina, and Dallas, Texas, our team has successfully placed more than 50,000 associates throughout the Midwest. We draw upon the unique spirit and ability of a globally diverse workforce to enhance our clients’ business agility and competitive edge in the marketplace.

We are proud to receive consistent industry recognition including being named an Inc. magazine 500|5000 Fastest Growing Private Company twice and earning Hispanic Business Magazine’s Top 100 Fastest Growing Hispanic-owned Companies in the U.S. seven times. We are especially proud to have been named one of Inc. magazine’s 2017 best workplaces. MGI is a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and a member of the American Staffing Association and Staffing Industry Analysts.


Gina's Story

“You never know when things are going to change. After my husband passed, everything came crashing down. But I knew then that it was my turn to step up and take care of things on my own. I had our ten-year-old daughter to look after, and I was determined to do everything to help her, including leaving my home and making a new one here in Indiana where I knew we would have better opportunities.”

Tom's Story

“Although I had fought my heritage early in my life, I reached a point when I wanted to give back to the Hispanic community. Before my father passed away, he challenged me. He said, ‘You have got to give more than just money to churches and organizations. If there is something you can do—something you can start—you must follow your heart.’ I found my calling in listening to people’s stories and making a positive difference in their lives. That’s what Morales Group is all about.”

Leticia's Story

“I never did any of this for myself. I did it for my daughter. I’ve always said that life is like a marathon—sometimes it’s easy and sometimes you have to run the hills. Our family’s journey was a hard one. More than once, I thought about going back to Mexico. But at the end of the day, if you have the opportunity, you have to take it. We left everything looking for something better for our daughter, and now she is following her dreams.”

Recruitment Agencies

recruitment agencies

Recruitment agencies are an essential piece in the job search world. Recruitment agencies are businesses filled with recruiters who are responsible for helping you get placed into a job. If you’re in the market for a new job using one of the recruitment agencies is a great way to help you find your new career. Why? Recruitment agencies have built relationships with a lot of different businesses in a particular area. These relationships allow for recruitment agencies to have job openings that they are required to hire people for. These open jobs will span any industry from light industrial staffing to professional jobs. The responsibility placed on the recruiters working at recruitment agencies means they are going to help you get placed into a new job. This placement strategy allows you as the job seeker to go beyond the online application process. 

In today’s job world, basically every job is taken care of through online applications. This means you follow a standardized process of filling out the digital application, submitting your cover letter and resume, and hoping the hiring manager takes the time to review your submitted credentials. In most cases hiring managers aren’t taking long periods of time to review your credentials on your job application. Instead, hiring managers glance at your information looking for specific keywords to make them stop and look more closely at your resume and cover letter. Since they aren’t spending long periods, or any amount of time, looking at your resume and cover letter, you are likely in need of some extra help to get past the hiring process. The recruiters working at recruitment agencies go beyond the digital application by interviewing and getting to know you to help you get placed in a new job. The recruitment agencies spend time building a relationship and understanding your needs before offering you any of the potential job opportunities. The hope is that having one of the recruitment agencies place you on a job through a relationship, is that you will be happier, more efficient, and last longer at the job you are assigned to. 

For most people, using one of the recruitment agencies can be viewed as a hassle for many. There is a common thread of, ‘I can do it myself, ‘ mentality that runs through much of the population. The do it myself mentality is one that keeps people away from seeking help in the job search process, which causes many people to get behind and miss out on great potential job opportunities. A lot of this goes back to the rising volume of applicants in the modern economy, and the inability to have people break through this huge volume of applicants. At some point, with such a large volume of applicants, and everyone seems the same. The help of recruitment agencies is a great way to get ahead. So don’t fear using one of the recruitment agencies in order to find a job that fits better than what you might find through the standardized application process. 

employment agencies indianapolis

Once you decide to use one of the recruitment agencies, finding the right one might seem difficult to do. However, you can simply look in your area to find a location that is close to you. For example, a search for ‘employment agencies indianapolis’ will give you a large list of recruitment agencies for you to pick from in the indianapolis area. Each of these employment agencies indianapolis will have locations spread throughout the city. The localization of the offices and branches will allow each of the employment agencies in indianapolis to develop roots in that specific community, helping people find jobs in the locations they already live. While leaning on one of the employment agencies indianapolis that are closest to you is a good strategy, it is important to take the time to view the available job offerings. Checking the job offerings, and the locations of the available jobs, will allow you to narrow in on which of the employment agencies indianapolis works best for you and your individual needs. Each of the employment agencies indianapolis will likely be specialized into a specific industry to help them narrow in on specific industry needs for their clients. Using the available jobs, and the job locations, is the best way to choose which of the employment agencies indianapolis to choose when looking for a new job. 

When you do search for one of the employment agencies indianapolis, you will find a wide variety of choices to explore. These choices likely include options such as:

  • Morales Group
  • Express employment east
  • Express employment fishers
  • Express staffing indianapolis 

Each of these employment agencies is deeply rooted in the indianapolis community and have a wide variety of different jobs available. However, most of these available jobs are focused on light industrial industry. These types of jobs are things like general labor, machine workers, forklift drivers, picker/packers, and many others. These light industrial jobs offered by employment agencies indianapolis such as express employment east are usually hourly jobs with a temp-to-hire component involved.

temp agencies near me

Temp agencies are places people go to get hired for jobs, just the same as employment and recruitment agencies. However, temp agencies are focused on a specific type of employment. Temp agencies hire individuals for temp-to-hire positions, which means that an individual is an employee of the staffing agency until certain criteria are met. These criteria vary across different industries and areas of work, but require completion for you to move from a temporary employee to someone who is full time at the place you’re working. These temporary agency positions offer a distinct advantage for you as a potential employee. The temp agencies near me potentially hiring you allow you the ability to try out a variety of different jobs for a period of time before deciding if you work long term in that position. Since the temp agency positions are run on a ‘contract’ basis, this means you can apply and work in that position for weeks, months, even years; giving you the chance to explore that position before deciding if you stick around. If you happen to hate the position you work in, you can always end your contract and head back to one of the temp agencies near me, or the temp agencies near me that hired you, and apply for a new position/get placed on a new assignment. 

As with employment and staffing agencies, temp agencies are focused on the location based model for their success. This means whatever the temp agencies near me are to you, they will have a specific branch. These branches are focused on placing individuals on jobs in the area they are located. This means in your search for one of the temp agencies near me you can simply add the location to the end of your search in order to find the location that is closest to you, allowing you to stay local to the area and places you know and are comfortable with. For example you can search for, ‘temp agencies in indianapolis indiana,’ ‘temp agency fort wayne,’ ‘temp agencies anderson indiana.’ Each of these searches will give you a list of potential options in your area to explore different job opportunities. 

The key thing to remember is that each of the temp agencies in indianapolis indiana, or temp agency fort wayne, or temp agencies anderson indiana are going to focus on a particular industry and area of business. With this focus, you will need to take the time to explore the available job opportunities in order to discover what temp agencies in indianapolis indiana, temp agency fort wayne, or temp agencies anderson indiana, have the jobs that match your schedule and job you want.

staffing agencies near me

There are a wide variety of different staffing agencies in the indianapolis indiana area. Each of the staffing agencies near me offer and provide a wide variety of differing job opportunities. The variation in jobs available from the staffing agencies near me is the reason you should shop around at each of the available options in order to find the best pay, hours, and option for you schedule. 

Some of the staffing agencies indianapolis that you are going to see are: 

  • Morales Group
  • Pinnacle staffing group
  • Express employment
  • Aerotek
  • Adecco
  • Robert Half

These are a few of the numerous options available, and each of these staffing agencies indianapolis indiana, as stated above are going to differentiate in the type and number of jobs available. Further, each of these staffing agencies indianapolis are going to differentiate by location in order to serve different communities. The differentiation between these is going to allow you the ability to shop around at each of the staffing agencies indianapolis in order to find what fits best for you, and to find the best staffing agencies indianapolis.

You can further narrow your searches by looking at specific city as well. You can search for things like, ‘staffing agencies plainfield indiana,’ ‘staffing agencies greenwood indiana,’ ‘staffing agencies greenwood indiana,’ and others. This hyper local search is going to narrow your searches into the options specific to not only your community as a whole, but your specific city location. As stated before, the more you can narrow in on city and state, the easier you can find a job that is localized to you and your families needs.