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Staffing Companies Indy

There are a lot of staffing companies Indy and choosing the right one can be complicated. Click here to learn more about all the staffing companies Indy. By the way, we’re hiring!

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Staffing Companies

Staffing companies help to connect qualified candidates with companies that have job openings. In other words, they act as a middleman between the hiring company and employee. If you are looking for employment, a staffing agency can save you much time, for they already know companies that may be hiring. If you are looking for a temporary job, a temp agency should be the best option. Temp agencies specialize in finding job opportunities for candidates searching for temporary employment.

One benefit of using a temp agency is your resume will be taken directly to the hiring manager. Also, you get a timely response concerning your application, which may take longer when applying on your own. A staffing agency will seek, interview, and place a candidate into temporary or full-time job openings with companies. Make sure you enlist employment agency services to find the next position in your area. However, consider the agency’s expertise when choosing the best employment agency around you.

Here is a list of staffing agencies you can consider to get started in your career:

  • DaMar Staffing
  • Apple Tree Staffing
  • KellerNiemann
  • Pinnacle Partners
  • OpenArc
  • PACE Staffing Network
  • Magnum Staffing
  • Tiger Recruitment
  • Barracuda Staffing
  • WorkOne Indy
  • Robert Half
  • Adecco Staffing
  • CFA Staffing
  • Temp Staffing of Indiana
  • Kelly Staffing
  • Aerotek
  • TEK Systems
  • ProLogistix

Note that there are other staffing agencies you can consider. The list above represents part of the top 100 staffing companies that offer the best staffing services. Whatever type of job you are looking for, staffing agencies cover various employment kinds in every industry. Their focus is placing temp or permanent staff in industries like marketing, finance, technology, administration, among others. However, there are employment agencies that are more specific in their focus. They concentrate on technology and the medical industry because more credentials are required to fill positions.

Many candidates avoid using staffing agency services for fear of high cost. Many staffing companies don’t charge candidates looking for a job. Instead, they bill the hiring company. Note that each staffing agency has its pricing strategy. But generally, employment agencies don’t charge a continuous fee for their services. Some ask 15% to 20% of the first-year salary for permanent hires. Temp agencies may charge 20% on the worker’s hourly wage to pay direct expenses like taxes.


The job market is highly competitive; finding your dream career in Indianapolis can be quite a challenge. That is why hiring the services of staffing agencies Indianapolis is vital. These agencies offer temporary jobs, temp-to-hire jobs, and permanent jobs. If you are looking for the right employment agencies Indianapolis, make sure you know the type of industries the agency specializes in. Also, find out if they offer permanent, temporary, or temp-to-hire services.

You can use the American Staffing Association online directory to get top-rated staffing agencies IN. Here are some of the reputable Indianapolis temp agencies you can use:

  • Milliner & Associates
  • That’s Good HR
  • AppleOne Employment Services
  • Temp Staffing of Indiana
  • Robert Half
  • Temp Staffing
  • S &R Resources
  • On-Demand Staffing
  • Temporary Avenue
  • First Call Temporary Services
  • Indiana Temporaries
  • Adecco Staffing Agency

Companies look for temporary employees to help during busy periods, during an employee leave period or when absent. They may sometimes hire temporary employees to complete a particular project that can last from weeks to several months. Also, some companies prefer advertising temp-to-hire positions. These job vacancies start as temporary positions for the company to know the workers on a trial basis. If the company approves the employee’s work, they hire them on a full-time or permanent basis.

The best staffing agency will partner with a company to know their hiring needs and work closely with job-seekers to secure the right position. Some staffing agencies give businesses current hiring trends to help them create or come up with employee retention strategies. Randstad employment agency will provide your company with temp workers for the healthcare industry, insurance, and banks. Robert Half has won many awards and accolades, making it the best firm with a wide range of staffing services. If you are looking for executive hires, then you can consider Korn Ferry staffing services. For companies looking for pre-screened employees, especially temp or hourly workers, Adecco got you covered. TEKsystems is another staffing agency known to provide companies with the best talent they require. Whether looking for a job or your business is looking to add more personnel, there are many reputable staffing agencies in Indianapolis to contact. You can conduct a Google search for the best employment agencies but ensure you look at reviews about them before you make a final decision.


Aerotek is one of the top recruiting and staffing company since 1983 and an operating company of Allegis Group Inc. The company has more than thirty years in the staffing industry serving every primary industry. It offers the highest level of services to job seekers and employers. Also, Aerotek offers services to both temp workers and permanent employees. Visit the Aerotek job board and open a free account to search for the right career.

Robert Half staffing agency is known for its professional services both to hiring companies and job seekers. Founded in 1948, Robert Half has an extensive network of more than 325 locations offering a wide range of staffing services. The company matches qualified and skilled professionals in technology, finance, accounting, marketing, legal, administrative and creative fields to hiring companies. Robert Half offers both temp and temp-to-hire staffing services. Robert Half is also known for remote hiring, and they provide a safe virtual workplace to get candidates started. Remote workers receive tablets and laptops along with mobile hotspots and 4G data sticks for reliable WiFi.

Adecco staffing agency is the best for temp or hourly workers and rated as the best hiring company. Adecco connects an average of 70,000 workers daily to job opportunities in 60 countries. As a company looking for talents, Adecco has the largest network of pre-screened job seekers. The company offers free training to candidates before and during assignments. Unlike some staffing agencies that don’t offer any benefits plan, Adecco temporary associates are entitled to group benefits plans like dental insurance and a 401(K) program.

Another creative and agile staffing company to consider is Kelly Services. The company was founded by William R Kelly in 1946 to offer workforce solutions to clients in various industries. Kelly Services is known for consulting and outsourcing solutions. They provide services like human resource management, recruitment, vendor management, and outplacement services. Once you have applied for a job with Kelly, your resume is accessible to more than 1,000 recruiters, which offers a greater chance of getting your dream job. If you still want to up your skills, Kelly services offer thousands of resources to keep your skills sharp. You can create a account, start your job search, and access Kelly services careers that fit your description. If you need to work with Kelly staffing, fill out an application form on their site. Kelly staffing fills open positions in finance, education, manufacturing, marketing, clinical science, office administration, and engineering industries.

You can also try Synergy Staffing services to find your dream job. Synergy Staffing is a recruiting and placement company focusing on providing solutions to the local information technology community’s staffing demands. If you are looking for a job in information technology, Synergy Staffing should be the first option to pick. You can visit the company’s website to view current open positions in Information technology.

Temp Agencies Near Me

Finding a job can be time-consuming and also expensive. But Temp agencies speed up the hiring process for the benefit of both the employees and the hiring company. A reputable temp staffing agency will source top talents to fill open positions in different industries. Also, they conduct the background check, schedule and hold interviews and take care of administrative paperwork for temp hires. To find temp staffing agencies search the internet for temp agencies near me or staffing agencies near me. Kelly staffing, TEKsystems, Adecco, Randstad, Aerotek are some of the best temp staffing agencies you will find.

As a job seeker, you enjoy many benefits when you use employment agencies’ services. Some of these benefits include a variety of jobs to choose from, they do the job search for you, quick response and other benefits like health insurance. To get the best staffing companies, you can use a keyword like staffing companies near me or employment agencies near me. If you have been sending applications without any response or calls for interviews, it’s time to use a staffing agency to expand your job search. They will help to market your skills and expose you to many potential employers. However, go for the best recruiters available in your area. Use recruiting online directories to come up with a list of staffing agencies. You can also search online for the best employment agencies near me to get the best of the best.

Carry out more research on the staffing company you choose. Talk to previous clients about their services and what they think of the company to make an informed decision. Rather than just submitting your resume to a hiring agency and waiting for an interview, you can turn the tables and ask them how they will market your skills. Remember that no guarantee using staffing agencies will lead to a job offer. Conduct your job search and look for potential opportunities. It is wise not to let the hiring agency know you are also searching for other opportunities.

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