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Staffing Companies Near Me

When on the prowl for a new job or career, I am always on the lookout for staffing companies near me. This is important because staffing agencies near me are a great way to find job openings in a variety of industries, as well as to get a flavor of the industries that are local to the area. Temp agencies near me will have knowledgeable recruiters with an inside scoop into the hot career paths that are available to me, as well as typically have trusted resources to lead me to job prep and interview help if I need it.

Another perk to staffing companies near me is that they can be targeted by industry. For example, if I am interested in pursuing an entry level position or career in computer science, I can begin my search by seeking out IT staffing companies near me.

Employment agencies in general can take a lot of the job searching burden off my plate. With a firm, I am matched with a recruiter who takes a detailed inventory of my interests and skills to help match me with an ideal position. This means I can spend less time scrolling through endless online job listings and instead cut straight to the jobs that matter.

Fortunately, there are plenty of highly qualified staffing agencies in Indianapolis. When it comes to temp agencies, Indianapolis is a hub for localized talent sourcing. As with all organizations, you will want to do some research to make sure you have the best choice for your interests. Luckily, this post is here to help you do that.

Employment agencies aim to match the right job candidate with the right career or position. Morales Group is among the best staffing agencies Indianapolis has to offer. With temp staffing, Indianapolis has many high caliber agencies. It all depends on when I, as a job seeker, am looking for, but by starting with highly ranked staffing agencies near me, I can trust that I will be receiving reliable service and the best jobs available.

Temp agencies near me aren’t limited to the city of Indianapolis. Staffing agencies Plainfield Indiana are highly focused on the logistics and manufacturing industries of that area.

While not quite the same thing as staffing agencies, headhunters Indianapolis can be recruiters or specialized people-finders who seek the best talent for usually higher level positions.

It is always important to find the best path for your own needs, talents, and skillset. The benefits to using employment agencies are simply that the burden is removed from your plate. However, an agency can only offer you what jobs they have available, so it is also beneficial to do research and searching on your own as well. If you think you might want to give staffing companies a try, give us at Morales Group a call! You can also chat with our Tommy the Toucan mascot in the chat window on this page.

Jobs Near Me

When I’m searching for jobs near me, it makes sense that one of the best avenues to search is looking for staffing companies near me, too. By utilizing an employment agency, I have a wide array of career types displayed for me to peruse.

It’s important to remember that each staffing company likely has a specialty in certain career types. It’s also worth noting that both staffing companies and jobs hiring near me will be subject to the localized industries around the area where I am applying.

For example, the state of Indiana’s economic development is focused on several major industries. These include advanced manufacturing, logistics and transportation (we aren’t nicknamed the “Crossroads of America” for nothing!), energy, agriculture, and more.

Since the city of Indianapolis is a primary hub for industrial, commercial, and transportation economies, it makes sense that jobs near me would center on these areas. Manufacturing continues to be a very strong sector in the city of Indianapolis, and Morales Group has many jobs hiring near me that focus on this industry.

Another bonus to looking for jobs near me in Indianapolis is the low rate of state taxes. The cost of living is low, and quality of life is consistently rated well. This region also has a higher than national average worker productivity rate, making it attractive to employers to come to the city.


Our staffing agency Morales Group has locations in both Louisville, KY, and Indianapolis, Anderson, Lafayette, and Columbus, Indiana, as well as Charlotte, North Carolina and Dallas, Texas.

KY as a state is known for many things. Specifically reminiscent of KY is moonshine, bourbon, horse racing, bluegrass music, college basketball, and of course, Kentucky Fried Chicken. The economy is known for excellent agricultural conditions, but has expanded from that sector to be known for several other industries. These days, KY is also known for auto manufacturing, energy fuel productions, and medical facilities.

Louisville KY in particular is well-recognized as a logistics hub, an identifier based in the city’s roots when founded on the Ohio River. Louisville KY’s logistics sector density is double the U.S. average. Even though in today’s day and age, we no longer rely on river access as a primary logistics route, Louisville KY is still a premier hub due to its strategic location at the crossroads of river, rail, road, runway, and router.

Indianapolis, Indiana is another great hub for the logistics industry. The state’s motto is “The Crossroads of America” for a reason. Indiana’s strategic location in the middle of the continuous United States, combined with its unique geography, allows unparalleled access for transportation. Indiana offers access through airports, highways, county roads, rail, and ports. Indiana is also home to the second largest FedEx air hub in the world.

Many of the employment agencies in both these states offer specific expertise for the logistics industry. However, this doesn’t mean job seekers are limited to careers in this industry.

 Kelly Services

Indianapolis has many high-quality staffing companies to offer, including Morales Group. Other firms you may have seen mentioned are Kelly Services, Express Employment, Elwood Staffing, and more.

Larger firms also have branches in Indianapolis as an extension of their national presence, such as Robert Half Indianapolis and Aerotek Indianapolis. Another example is Kelly Services Indianapolis.

Morales Group, however, is headquartered in Indianapolis, so our presence in this city is centralized and accessible. We also have locations in Louisville KY, Charlotte NC, and Dallas TX, as well as spread across the state of Indiana to best help our Hoosiers looking for work.

When searching for staffing companies near me, I might find results for other local firms such as Diverse Staffing, Spherion Staffing, MSIL Staffing, and more. Another example is First Call Staffing.

When choosing a staffing agency near me, it’s important that I consider what each agency specializes in. Morales Group offers temp, temp-to-hire, and direct hire placements in a wide range of industries including warehouse/light industrial, manufacturing, medical device, logistics, call center, clerical, and more.

Other companies such as Kelly Services or Express Employment may offer other types of careers. This means it’s essential to do your research and check out what each agency has to offer. Since firms like Elwood Staffing and Diverse Staffing have presence in Indianapolis, it’s also helpful to know that their offerings will be dependent on the major industries available in the Indianapolis area. You can expect to find a lot of jobs surrounding the manufacturing and logistics industries, although by no means is that all you can find – Indianapolis has a wide range of career types to offer.

Morales Staffing

Fortunately, when it comes to the best staffing companies, Indianapolis has a lot to offer. We are Morales Staffing, an agency headquartered in Indianapolis and founded in 2003. Since our founding, the mission of Morales Group jobs is to create a better future for the candidates we work with, their families, and the community we all share.

It’s really important to us that Morales Staffing isn’t simply a company, but also an investment in the community and helping provide access to critical job skills. For example, all our locations have partnerships with community organizations. Our Morales Staffing Indianapolis location works with Exodus Refugee, Catholic Charities, and Indiana Refugee Network.

While Morales Staffing Indianapolis is our headquarters location, we have many other locations across the United States to help even more people find better jobs and careers. For example, Morales Staffing Anderson Indiana is another of our location, as well as Lafayette and Columbus. We also have locations in Louisville, KY, Charlotte, NC, and Dallas, TX.

Morales Group jobs are quite varied, and typically reflect the local industries where each branch is located. For example, Morales Staffing Anderson Indiana may have more manufacturing and distribution jobs.

A big part of the Morales Staffing ethos is our vision of “staffing with a purpose.” In our case, this means workforce development – going from a job, to a better job, to a career. This allows the people with whom we work to develop their skills and get better jobs with better pay. This is one of the biggest differentiators.