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Staffing Companies Near Me Louisville

Kentucky has a lot of staffing companies, but choosing one can be complicated. Click here for our guide on staffing companies near me louisville. By the way, we’re hiring!

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Staffing Companies Near Me

Every day, thousands of people are looking for new employment opportunities. Chances are, you landed on this page because you are just like those people. Whether you were fired or laid off, or you are just looking for opportunities to better your future, you are in the right place. At Morales Group, we care about your individual story and your future, even if you end up not working with us. Like Morales Group, there are hundreds of employment agencies ready and willing to help you on your journey for a new job. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, you are most likely staying home, which is a great place to start your job search. Fire up that computer or even your smart phone and let’s get started!

There are several searches you can do to begin looking at available job opportunities in the Louisville area. These can include but are certainly not limited to staffing companies near me, staffing agencies near me, temp agencies near me, temp agencies louisville, headhunters louisville, best staffing agencies louisville, it staffing companies near me, temp staffing louisville, or staffing agencies louisville kentucky. Searches like staffing companies near me or staffing agencies near me will bring up hundreds if not thousands of results. Many staffing agencies in louisville will be part of those results. Morales Group is one of many staffing agencies in louisville that work with hundreds of companies with open positions. There are a variety of different types of staffing companies near me, so that is where including more specifics in your search could help filter down those results, like it staffing companies near me.

There are over twenty different staffing agencies near me in the Louisville area. Some may focus on warehouse and light industrial positions, while others may focus on day labor positions, and others will focus on different industries. Employment agencies or staffing agencies near me have been around for hundreds of years helping connect job seekers with employers looking to hire qualified candidates. Which temp agencies near me are right for you will be based on a few things: the type of position you are looking for, the pay you are looking for, the location of the staffing companies near me and where their positions are located, and their customer service. You can easily find their location and some reviews for any staffing agencies near me on Google.

Jobs Near Me

Jobs near me and jobs hiring near me are also very common searches amongst those looking for new places of employment. Jobs near me is a very basic search that you will most definitely have to filter down to a more reasonable number of items to look at. Jobs hiring near me alone yields over 10 Google results pages and thousands of individual results. When looking for jobs near me, first outline or at least have an understanding of what you are looking for and be prepared for what comes after applying for a job. Is your resume up to date? This is extremely important when applying for jobs near me with staffing agencies in Louisville, or with any employer. Your resume should be up to date, and include your skill sets, your work history with dates of employment, education, and any other items that may help an employer understand what you qualify for, like certifications, trainings, and leadership experience, and specific job duties, especially ones that relate to the job for which you are applying. A cover letter is not necessarily needed, but an up to date resume is extremely valuable in landing an interview. Additionally, you should research the company for which you are applying. If you are interested in applying to a position posted by a staffing agency, this step is not entirely necessary, but researching the staffing agency and understanding their application and hiring processes can make your experience much better.


KY, or Kentucky, has hundreds of staffing firms you can choose from to help you with your job search and thousands of other employers also looking for qualified candidates. KY job seekers have amazing opportunities to find their first job, a better, job, or something that will be their professional career. KY is home to thousands of warehouses and distribution centers, hospitals, hotels, event centers, education centers, technology centers, and more. Are you in KY looking for employment? Try searching for staffing agencies in Louisville, or another city in KY closer to you. Really, any staffing company or temp agency in KY can help you find a job that is right for you. KY is home to some of the top and most well-known staffing agencies in the country.

Malone Staffing

As mentioned above, there are hundreds of staffing firms in Kentucky. Malone Staffing is very well known in the Louisville area, with three locations. Malone staffing louisville ky places individuals in a variety of positions. Some of the current open positions with malone staffing include senior controls engineers, administrative assistants, bartenders, cashiers, warehouse managers, and many more. Adecco staffing, which can also be found under Adecco staffing louisville ky, has two locations in Louisville and staffs for positions such as customer service team leads, production operators, graphic designers, in-store shoppers, warehouse workers, and more, similar to malone staffing. Aerotek louisville ky has only one location in the Louisville area but staffs for similar positions as Malone staffing or Adecco staffing. Aerotek jobs louisville ky include positions such as customer service representatives, document control specialists, certified medical assistants, filing and mail clerks, and more.

Kelly services louisville ky is also very similar to Malone staffing, Adecco staffing, or Aerotek louisville ky. Kelly services louisville ky does not have a location directly in Louisville, but a location can be found near Louisville in Shepherdsville, KY. Kelly services louisville ky jobs include pick and pack workers, logistics associates, forklift operators, accounts payable specialists, food manufacturing, line leaders, and other similar positions. Delta direct staffing louisville ky is similar to Malone Staffing as well. They have been around the Louisville area for over twenty years and have openings that consist of HVAC technicians, reach truck operators, assembly line workers, and various maintenance positions.

Whether you choose to work with Malone staffing, Adecco staffing, Aerotek louisville ky, Kelly services louisville ky, or Delta direct staffing louisville ky, the application and hiring process will be similar. First you can choose to apply to one of their jobs posted to various job boards such as Career Builder, Monster, ZipRecruiter, or Indeed. With this method, you click on a job posting and submit your resume, then wait for a recruiter to contact you should they want to proceed with an interview. Another way is you could apply direct with the staffing agency. Due to covid-19, some of the branches to these staffing agencies may not be accepting applicants in their offices, but you most likely can complete their application online. Once you do that, you will most likely have an interview with a recruiter, and from there they will discuss with you the open positions they have for which you qualify.

Morales Staffing

Morales staffing is one of the hundreds of staffing firms in Kentucky. Morales staffing has their corporate headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana, but has had an established branch in Louisville for over 5 years. Morales staffing louisville is located on the east side of the city, around a ten minute drive from Jeffersonville, Indiana, an area morales staffing also serves. Since morales staffing kentucky opened, they have placed thousands of job seekers in successful positions. Morales group jobs typically include positions such as warehouse workers, forklift operators, picker and packers, bilingual team leads, warehouse translators, quality control specialists, onsite managers, maintenance technicians, and other industrial, manufacturing, and logistics positions, however morales staffing also staffs for clerical and administrative positions as well as direct hire and skilled trades positions.

Morales staffing has an easy to navigate website for job seekers and companies looking for qualified candidates. Check out the website at Most morales group jobs can be found on the website along with detailed job descriptions, pay rates, shifts, and other important details. Once you find a job you want to apply to, simply click apply and begin your application. Morales staffing louisville is current accepting applications in person, so if you choose, you can visit the morales staffing kentucky branch and complete your entire process there, or you can complete the entire process virtually with their contactless hiring procedures. Once you complete you morales staffing application, you will receive an interview with an experienced recruiter, either in person or over the phone. From there, the morales staffing recruiter can determine which job opportunities you qualify for. Once they match you with a job, you may have to go through some screening requirements such a background check, drug screening or a skills assessment. Once those are complete, if necessary, you will sign up for direct deposit or another means of payment, go through a job orientation, and given your start date.

As you can see, there are many options if you are seeking new job opportunities in the Louisville area. Plan ahead, be prepared, and remember to filter your searches. Do your research and find a staffing firm that best suits what you are looking for, and you will surely have success to find a new job perfect for you. Morales staffing has hundreds of job opportunities right now, and with a mission of building better futures one story at a time, they are excited to help you start your next chapter. Call or text today and start your future with a company that is not only staffing, but staffing with a purpose.

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