Waleska Figueroa - Morales Group

Waleska Figueroa

Everyone deserves an opportunity to show how good they are.

Born: Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Job Title: Senior Account Recruiter
Morales Group Inc. Since: 2010

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Waleska Figueroa's Story

Before Waleska Figueroa came to the United States, she had spent twenty years working as a civil engineer in Honduras. She had followed in her father’s footsteps—he had also been a civil engineer—and both he and her mother, a pharmacist, had supported their daughter in her pursuit of her career.

While she was growing up, Waleska and her parents often traveled to California to visit family. But, it wasn’t until she started her own family that Waleska decided to move to the U.S. permanently. “A baby changes you,” Waleska says. “I didn’t want him to grow up without family, so I moved first to California and then to live with my sister and her children in Indiana. I wanted to give my son more opportunities.”

Not wanting to wait until her civil engineering degree was accepted in the U.S., Waleska decided to make a career change; and that was when her brother-in-law referred her to Morales Group. She started out working on some temp assignments at clients, and after a few months became as administrative assistant within the company. Soon, she was promoted to recruiter, and today she is a customer service representative.

“I’m glad I had the opportunity to work on the client side and see the process from the candidates side,” Waleska says. “On the client side, it’s not unlike being an engineer. I visit a client’s work place to learn more about what they’re doing so I can fully understand the situation and make a plan. I’m always learning more; that’s my goal.”

While Waleska enjoys working with people from so many different cultures, she acknowledges that it has its challenges, including language differences. However, for Waleska, these challenges only make the ultimate outcome that much sweeter. “We place such a variety of candidates, and often they’ve been struggling to find a job because they just haven’t had the opportunity to show how good they are,” she says. “I love that here at Morales Group, we work hard to find the right opportunity for every person who walks through our doors. I get excited just thinking about the possibilities and the potential.”

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