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Hiring Trends to Expect in 2020


Organizational recruitment is always evolving. But with a new decade creeping around the corner, change is definitely coming. Proactive organizations are getting ready for these shifts by understanding the latest trends and planning accordingly. While we here at Morales Group certainly can’t predict the future, we can offer an upcoming take on trends and how […]

The Changing Face of Temping


A decade or two ago, the term “temp” might have conjured up many negative associations. Temps battled feelings of being treated like second-rate citizens of the workplace, while companies viewed them as easily replaceable. They simply filled a hole in the company for as long as the company needed — often without benefits or paid […]

3 Tips for Building a More Inclusive Recruitment Pipeline


As a recruiter, you well know that diversity and inclusion in the workplace are top priorities. In addition to reaching underrepresented groups, companies with diverse teams have been proven to outperform their competitors and are even reported as being more attractive to the growing millennial and gen-z workforce. We get it — creating procedures that […]


Are You Ready for Gen Z in Your Workplace?


Office walls were torn down to create a collaborative workspace. Water coolers were replaced with ping pong tables and break rooms stocked with organic and locally-sourced snacks. Corporate social responsibility programs were amped up, and social media accounts were created. In other words, your company made room for Millennials in the workplace. And just like […]