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Temporary Labor

Are you in the market for a temporary labor job? At Morales Group Staffing we have hundreds of open temporary labor positions built to suite your specific needs. Click to apply now and talk to a recruiter today!

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Temporary Labor

Hiring temporary labor is a great way to fill a staffing need on a short-term basis. For employees, it is an ideal way to gain work experience without an extensive time commitment to one employer. Some of the best temporary jobs are those that have a clearly defined contract term and set wages.

As with any type of job, there are temporary employment advantages and disadvantages. Some of the perks include part-time schedules and varying working hours that allow for more of a work-life balance. However, one of the disadvantages is not being able to rely on a paycheck in the long term.

There are some types of work that are the best temporary jobs for students. These include work that has flexible hours, is seasonal, or is available remotely. One temporary worker example that many are familiar with is the need for additional sales staff and clerks around the year-end holiday season. Students are often able to fill in this gap because they do not have classes during the high demand time.

There is also a temporary foreign worker program USA, that allows for immigrant workers to obtain an H-2B visa for temporary work purposes. An H-2B statement of temporary need sample would include petitioning for those workers who are hired to work in landscaping or grounds-keeping because there is not a large enough pool of workers within the USA. Other applicable industries include forestry and recreation attendants.

If you are looking for good temporary jobs that pay well, there are a variety of places to search. You can visit online job boards to connect to hiring opportunities, or register with a staffing agency. In addition, it is helpful to network with your friends and family to see if the know of employers that are hiring on a temporary basis.

Temporary Construction Labor Near Me

One of the fields that employs a significant number of temporary workers is the construction industry. Most of the work that construction is involved in is project-based. This means that employers often only need temporary labor for set time periods. It can be a great way to gain on the job experience and earn good wages.

If you are looking for temporary work in the construction industry, it is best to begin your search as soon as possible. You can start by searching online for temporary labor near me in a search engine, or on job advertisement sites such as or You may find that using such a broad search term yields far too many results. Should that happen, you may try narrowing down your search to specifically look for temporary construction labor near me. This should help refine your results.

If your online search for temporary construction labor near me does not yield enough results, there are other options available to you. When you visit your local hardware and home improvement stores, talk with the workers there to see if they know of construction companies in the area. Often, the owners of the construction companies frequent these types of businesses, so there is probably a whole community you are able to connect to.

There are even more ways to find temporary construction labor as well. While you are out in your community, you may take notice of current construction going on. This could be happening anywhere, from residential neighborhoods to large commercial buildings. Most job sites have a notice posted stating the name of the company that is handling the work. Write down the name of the organization and then search for their contact information online. You may be able to see if they are hiring through their website, or by calling their main office number.

How To Get A Temporary Labor Certification

For those who are wondering how to get a temporary labor certification, sometimes called a labor certification green card, there are many resources available to you. There are a couple of options for temporary labor certification for foreign workers.

Your first step is to secure an employer who is willing to sponsor a visa for you. If you are going to work in a non-agriculture industry, such as landscaping or as a recreation attendant, you will need a H-2B certification. If you are going to work in the agricultural industry, you need a temporary labor certification H-2A. Your employer should be familiar with these forms and the process for obtaining authorization. They will need to pay a fee and explain the reason that they are unable to fill the position with someone who is already within the USA.

Once your intended employer is approved, you will need to complete a temporary labor certification form. On this form you will provide specifics about yourself, as well as the work you will be performing. It is very important that you complete this form fully and legibly. Missing or unclear information can cause unnecessary delays in processing. It is helpful to have someone else review your document to catch any potential errors you may have missed.

While most workers who have an approved temporary labor certification stay only through their initial contract term, there is an option to request renewal. This is something you will need to discuss with your employer. Although not guaranteed, requesting a renewal may be a good option if the employment relationship is working well and the labor market has not significantly changed. If you have already had multiple renewals approved, a perm labor certification is worth pursuing as it would allow you to work in the USA on a permanent basis, even though it may be harder to obtain.

Labor Ready

If you are wondering if Labor Ready still in business, you are in luck. Not only is Labor Ready still in business, but they are still one of the best! They rely on a work today paid today labor ready model, so you can be sure to find labor ready day labor. When it comes to meeting staffing needs, there are not many options with as much experience and a track record of success as Labor Ready.

Labor Ready exists to help both workers and employees connect in a tough labor market. Labor Ready is often the top choice when employers are looking for labor finders near me, because there are so many Labor Ready locations available throughout the USA. It is also one of the most common places that workers looking for temporary work will go to register and be connected to employers.

Having been in business for over thirty decades, Labor Ready is the organization you can trust for all of your staffing needs. Because Labor Ready specializes in manual labor, this is the best choice for employers looking to hire in construction and similar industries for small businesses. Labor ready day labor is a quickly evolving industry, and that is why Labor Ready’s expertise will be an asset for your hiring team.

If you are an employer seeking to hire temporary labor, Labor Ready can help you with a search for day laborers for hire near me. There is a Labor Ready Las Vegas, as well as a Labor Ready Fargo. If you are in the larger states, there is a Labor Ready near Texas and a Labor Ready near California. No matter where in the USA you are located, you can also easily search for labor ready locations near me and be connected with a convenient office.

People Ready

People Ready is an extension of the Labor Ready brand. The company’s expansion has allowed it to serve even more employers and workers throughout the USA and Canada. People Ready focuses on industries that are considered blue-collar. This includes manufacturing and logistics, construction, waste and recycling, and hospitality. These industries tend to have positions that are open on a short-term basis. It is the nature of working in these areas, as a lot of the work is project-based or time limited in scope. When one project is completed, the employer must move on to locate the next business opportunity. People Ready saw this need and was able to step in to provide solutions.

Whether you are an employer looking to hire temporary workers, or a worker looking to connect to job opportunities, you can quickly locate a People Ready location by searching People Ready near me. You will be connected with a application that will walk you through the process.

There are many reasons workers chose to pursue roles that are temporary in nature. Some find that it suits their lifestyle and needs. Others enjoy learning new things on a regular basis and having the freedom to move on to a new location once a specific assignment ends. Workers will find the staff at People Ready to be friendly, knowledgeable, and willing to assist in finding the best possible option available.

While People Ready has many fantastic locations to serve you, there is a People Ready Chicago location that stays very busy. The nature of being located in a large metropolis keeps both workers and employers in a constant state of flux. Contacting People Ready to meet your staffing needs is a great way to ensure that you always have a talented pool of candidates ready to work whenever you need them.

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