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Warehouse Jobs That Hire Felons

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Warehouse Jobs That Hire Felons

Warehouse jobs that hire felons are not as hard to come by as they used to be. Warehouses that hire felons in the United States are in the thousands. Many corporations, large and small, now have hiring policies that do not discriminate against applicants. That includes those with felony convictions. A simple Google search of “felony friendly warehouse jobs near me” yields many promising results. Warehouse jobs that hire felons in Memphis, TN, include FedEx and Amazon. Two very reputable companies that one could be proud to represent. These companies, and many more, have warehouse jobs that hire felons in Atlanta, GA, warehouse jobs that hire felons in Dallas, TX, and warehouse jobs that hire felons in Indianapolis, to name a few.

Getting a job with a criminal record can be stressful. Often, there are many hoops one has to jump through to give themselves a second chance. The excellent news about warehouses that hire felons is that they’re primarily looking for hard workers. If you show up to work every day with a positive attitude and a good work ethic, you’re guaranteed to feel fulfilled with your work. You can use your interests not only to pinpoint warehouse jobs that hire felons but find a warehouse that would keep you engaged. Maybe you love furniture and home decor. IKEA is another company that has stated they hire felons. If you’re interested in the mail service, you can pursue a career with UPS. These are not jobs with dead ends. Companies love to hire management from the inside. At the time of writing this, Doordash is looking for a Warehouse Supervisor in Memphis, TN. Getting an honest, hardworking job is the first step to getting a second chance at life. You’ll soon find that your life is on its way to being back on track.

List Of Jobs That Hire Felons

The list of jobs that hire felons grows more and more every day. Part-time jobs for felons include stocking shelves at a grocery store (ex. Trader Joe’s) or the fast-food service industry. It won’t pay high, but there’s the potential for promotion. Careers for female felons have the potential to be more challenging to land. Unfortunately, women already suffer from workplace inequality, and it’s no different for those with a criminal record. That being said, government jobs for felons tend to be very attainable. You can work for the federal government of the United States even if you have been incarcerated. One of the most common jobs throughout the country is working for a staffing agency. The following is a list of some background friendly staffing agencies.

  • Adecco
  • Aerotek
  • ProLogistix

That is by no means a complete list. There are many background friendly temp agencies throughout the country. Are staffing agencies not your thing? Here is a list of some reputable companies that hire felons 2020!

  • Delta
  • American Airlines
  • Home Depot
  • Best Buy
  • Jiffy Lube
  • ExxonMobile
  • And More!

Want examples of what’s available now? Here is a list of companies that currently hire felons in Indianapolis!

  • Recycling Sorter – Onin
  • Industrial Mechanic – SERVAAS LABORATORIES

Temp agencies in Indianapolis that hire felons

  • Adecco
  • People Ready
  • Manpower

Second Chance Jobs For Felons

Second chance jobs for felons have great potential to give you success. The military, for example, has a great second chance program for felons. While it may not be the safest job option, there is endless possibility to move up the ranks. This paragraph covers second chance jobs for felons in Maryland, Second chance felon programs Atlanta, second chance jobs for felons in Memphis, TN, and second chance jobs in Atlanta, GA.

Second chance jobs in Memphis Tennessee are under no shortage. Beyond being a culturally diverse place to live, felons can seek out anything from maintenance work to warehouse work. In fact, these types of jobs are commonplace for felons from coast to coast across the United States. What does the term second chance mean? Convicted felons are often people that have regrets of how they lived their lives thus far. Second chance jobs give these people the opportunity to reset. It gives them a renewed purpose on their lives. Second chance jobs for felons offer a brighter future.

Felony Friendly Jobs

Felon friendly jobs doesn’t have to mean working for a company you’ve never heard of before. Here is a list of some companies know to hire for felon friendly jobs.

  • AT&T
  • Apple
  • Men’s Warehouse
  • Motorola
  • Sysco
  • And way more!

Despite many jobs hiring regardless of criminal background, many people pursue jobs that don’t do criminal background checks. Some people feel a sense of shame about their criminal records. Some job’s that don’t don’t necessarily do criminal background checks include, but are not limited to:

  • Carpentry
  • Masonry
  • Roofer
  • Some trucking jobs – This one depends. Some companies do require a criminal background check for their drivers, however not all of them do. It’s best to look into the openings in your area.

Perhaps you need to know about jobs that hire pending felons. If you are in need of money, then it’s important to remain proactive in job searching. Many of the jobs listed above will take on pending felons.

Government programs that help felons get jobs also exist. Incentive for employers include a tax break for those willing to hire felons. This doesn’t mean it won’t be difficult, however the government does make some efforts into helping those with prior convictions.

Remember the trades jobs mentioned above? Another great option for those with a record are apprenticeship programs for felons. Try searching for your area and see what you can find!

Does Amazon Hire Felons

Amazon is one of the most known companies in the world. The company boasts being worth over 1.5 trillion dollars. But does Amazon hire felons? The short answer is yes.

Your eligibility, however, will depend on the severity of your felony, time since your penalty being served, and any actions you have taken to correct your lifestyle. Amazon generally goes into felon applications on a case-by-case basis. If you’re interested in working for Amazon, it’s best to just apply, be straight forward with the details of your felony, and go from there. Also make sure you’re willing to work very hard for them! You might be able to find work in their delivery stations or fulfillment centers!

What can you do if Amazon doesn’t pan out? Internet search indeed jobs for felons. Indeed is a great job board for online postings. It can scan these postings for keywords, making it easier for you to find current openings for felons.

Felon Friendly Jobs Near Me

“Felon friendly jobs near me” , “Felony friendly jobs near me” , or “Background friendly jobs near me” are all examples of searches you can use when seeking a job. In an example search for “no background check jobs Indianapolis”, results at the time of writing this article include

  • Flower Wrapper
  • Auto Mechanic
  • Packaging Operator
  • Car Wash Associate

As you can see, there is quite the diversity of jobs offerings for those charged with felonies. The people and companies of the United States are slowly stomping the stigma behind those with a criminal background. If you show up and work hard, you can do your part in helping deform the stigma!

Jobs For Felons in Texas

This section focuses on jobs for felons in Texas. Lets review some search examples and see what’s currently out there! First off is a list of jobs that hire felons in Houston, TX.

  • Concrete Cutting
  • Pre-op Hospital Work
  • Company Driver

Felon friendly jobs in Irving, TX.

  • News Delivery
  • Traffic Control
  • Bail Fund Organizer

Jobs for felons in Dallas, Texas.

  • Parts Delivery
  • Class A Driver

Jobs for felons in Houston, Texas.

  • Dock Worker or Production Associate for Goodwill – This one is great because the work is meaningful!
  • Cashier (Some companies won’t allow those with felonies to handle cash. Best to keep this in mind).
  • Glass Manufacture and Assembly

List of companies that hire Felons in Texas

  • BC Technologies
  • John Soules Foods
  • PICO National Outreach
  • Denny’s
  • Plus more!

Jobs that hire felons in Fort Worth in Texas.

  • Parts Delivery
  • Traffic Control
  • And more! Felony friendly jobs forth worth is a search term that provides promising results on job search engines such as Indeed, Google, and more!

Some people find more success by using a job fair, rather than going out searching on their own. Job fair for felons in Dallas, Texas can easily be searched on the internet. They happen on a fairly frequent basis, so just keep your ears and eyes open for opportunities to get engaged! Often you can be recruited for a job on the spot!

City of Dallas jobs for felons.

Did you know that cities are often willing to hire felons? The city of Dallas offers 2nd chance employment opportunities for those with a conviction. These city jobs typically offer great pay and benefits, and the work you do is often well appreciated and important.

As you can see, there’s countless opportunity for those with felony charges in the world of employment. It can be difficult, but your job search efforts can and will be rewarded!

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