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A 5-Step Guide To Retail and Ecommerce Seasonal Hiring

Jobs 09.13.21 Morales Group
Temporary employee hired for Seasonal Part Time Jobs.

The final quarter of the year that encompasses the holiday season is an important time for many retail and eCommerce businesses. Some companies make a huge portion of their annual profit in these last few months. Big names such as Amazon and Target add tens of thousands of seasonal workers to their staff.

It’s essential that these industries carefully consider their temporary staffing needs and implement a competitive strategy early on to recruit the best workers. Without adequate workers to fulfill increased customer demand, businesses could suffer losses in profits that could lead to a disappointing year.

Analyzing past records and setting goals for the season well before the market demand starts to increase are good starting points in determining holiday employment needs. Here are a few key areas that you should consider when creating a recruitment strategy that works for your business and attracts the best workers.

Start Recruiting Early

There is a lot of competition to recruit the best possible workers, so early hiring is vital. You don’t want to risk entering the height of the seasonal rush short-staffed. Give adequate time to onboard all temporary hires and give them the training they need, without overburdening your existing staff with extra responsibilities when their attention is needed elsewhere.

Your seasonal hiring process for the holidays may differ slightly from your usual strategy. Develop a clear idea of the timeline you need to stick to and the skills and qualifications that you are looking for in new workers. Fine-tune your job description to attract the right candidates options  as soon as possible.

Diminish COVID-19 Fears with Safety Protocols

There are many potential employees out there who are eager to return to the workplace but still have some fears about contracting the virus. Make your company an appealing option by establishing thorough safety procedures that put your staff’s health first. Be transparent about the health and safety measures your company uses so that all your employees understand what is expected of them, and so they understand that you are taking their safety seriously.

Understand Current Market Trends

Trends and demands change constantly. What was a big seller in past seasons may no longer bring in as much revenue during the current year. To more accurately predict your staffing needs and how to allocate employees across various departments, look at records from past years. Analyzing your data will give you a starting point to work from, but don’t be afraid to be flexible and make changes where necessary.

Alleviate the Burden on Your Administration and HR Department

A big influx of new hires can create a lot of work for your human resources and administration employees. You may want to consider hiring some additional staff in these departments to aid in the seasonal recruitment process.

You can expect to receive hundreds of applications and requests for interviews that will take a long time to sort through unless you are prepared. Setting up an online application and screening process is a great step to take to remove some of the burdens on your staff and keep all the records in one place for easier access and sorting.

Since rules and regulations have changed due to COVID-19, an online process can also be helpful in quickly finding and interviewing likely candidates without experiencing delays that may be caused by increased restrictions to ensure safety.

You can also consider reaching out to past seasonal employees to explore any interest they have in coming back to work for the holiday season. Their prior knowledge of your company and work policies can reduce overall training time.

Outsource your recruitment efforts

With the continued influx of new candidates and individuals coming to your business, the struggles your HR and admin teams will experience is likely to be overwhelming. Your internal team isn’t staffed, trained, or prepared to handle hundreds of resumes and interviews each week. Expectations that your team can handle such a high volume is unrealistic. Luckily, there are outsourced solutions that can help.

Our team can help with your hiring needs by offering recruiters with experience in hiring large volumes of candidates quickly and that fit to the job you are hiring for. Our experienced recruiters drive results and help your business find the candidate retention for your business success.

If you are looking to stay focused on your internal business process, and not on focus your time on external recruitment, contact our team today!

Reduce Pressure on Your Permanent Employees

Hiring temporary workers for the holidays is an important way to support your permanent staff. The current health concerns have led to an increase in mental and physical health issues as stress levels rise in and out of the workplace. Don’t add to the strain on your employees by putting unrealistic expectations on them by adding extra responsibilities and duties as business picks up.

Protect your existing staff and give them the support they need to do their jobs well. Focus on providing a safe and healthy place to work and you will win their loyalty and commitment to staying with your company long-term, which will save you the time and energy needed to continue to hire additional workers.

Once you have taken on the additional temporary staff that you need, be sure to treat them right. Give them the tools they need to do their job well and provide clear communication on scheduling and expectations. Show your new employees that they made the right decision in choosing your company by taking care of them, and they will give their best quality work to make this holiday season a success.

Jobs 09.13.21 Morales Group