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Congratulations to our Acción Performance team as they were named winners of The Golden Pallet at this morning’s 2017 LogistXGames of Central Indiana! Next stop: Louisville, Kentucky for the World Games.

The LogistXGames is an annual competition purposed with showcasing the world-class logistics industry, regional, and national level. It brings teams of warehouse warriors together in head-to-head competitions that build employee pride, establish teamwork principles, and reinforce safety standards vital to the industry.


Among the twelve teams in attendance, Acción Performance was named the winner of the ultimate prize, The Golden Pallet.

“It’s an energetic challenge our team decided to take,” said Adam Scholtes, Business Development Director of Acción Performance, “though in reality, we wanted to let our actions speak for themselves in terms of what we do—logistics and distribution.”

A unique competition promoting the logistics industry and its professionals, the LogistXGames is a great opportunity for local and regional companies to build employee pride, establish teamwork principles, and reinforce the safety standards vital to the industry. Companies rarely have an opportunity to interact. Promoting head-to-head competition raises the bar for workers in the area and helped to show Central Indiana is a region supporting a thriving logistics industry.


The LOGISTXGAMES include four events:

The Pallet Puzzle Sprint
A team of three assembles and places 32 different-sized boxes on a pallet. The team with the quickest assembly and stacking time wins.

Pallet Jack Relay
Using a pallet jack, the 3-person teams run their pallet through an obstacle course. Teams must complete the obstacle course with all boxes on the pallet.

Pick Pack Hurdle
A 3-person team then moves their boxes from their pallet to a warehouse racking system while memorizing positions and SKU’s.

Box Put
Teams will have packed one special box during the Pallet Puzzle Sprint using a provided product and packing material. One team member will then throw the box – distance counts but the trick is not breaking the contents!

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