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All possible reasons why you should work at Subaru of Lafayette Indiana

News 10.28.21 Morales Group
Temporary employee hired for Seasonal Part Time Jobs.

Have you for a long time searched for the best experience when it comes to matters of automotive jobs? Worry no more. At the Lafayette, Indiana plant; the best models are built in the market, with over 7000 associates. Models like; the Impreza, Legacy, Outback, and the Ancient are being built day in day out, skillfully crafted from the best hands, with the best quality to retain 100% originality. Does this give you a spark of join our team? Well! It should.

Being the best Subaru dealer not only in the USA but the world at large, the Subaru Lafayette Indiana plant has managed to create thousands of job opportunities for folks in Indiana, with endless opportunities for job seekers. Here, all are embraced as one, with joint efforts to offer the best services. Keeping quality at the core of our success, the Subaru Indiana plant ensures all the workers are held to high esteem. Furthermore, with excellent working conditions and room for greater growth availed, who wouldn’t want to work at the plant?

Remuneration Packages

Beating all the rest in the market, our Indiana plant offers the best prevailing rates in the market, a rate not worth losing. The $16.50 per hour starting rate for new entrants means improved livelihood for new recruits, and an even better lifestyle for all those shifting from low paying organizations. More good news coming your way. The pay is subject to a further increment of $0.25 every 6 month worked, meaning the more the months worked, the higher the pay. Who pays better than the Subaru Lafayette Indiana? None. If you agree with me, then waste no time. Click to apply.


The handsome pay notwithstanding, we offer benefits such as full medical services for sick workers, full dental cover, vision and wait! A whole $401,000 after getting 100% incorporation into the fraternity as fully hired. If these still doesn’t lure you to come work with us then we have got more.

Vehicle Discounts

Car enthusiasts we have got you covered. Only at the Subaru Lafayette Indiana plant, full-time employees are given an opportunity own vehicles. We provide lease payments and discounts in a bid to see you own your own motorcar. Say goodbye to the long queues at the bus station to and from work, only at the Lafayette Indiana plant.

Day off

Besides, after every 2 weeks, 2 partial days are given to employees to ensure they fully rejuvenate lost energy after long days at work. Impressively, we give an 8-holiday after having worked for 90 days, which is not just any holiday but an awesome paid holiday to all workers without bias of any kind. To cheer you further, a further 4 company paid days each year is at our workers disposal. Take this golden opportunity and make yourself the happiest employee with all the goodies listed. Waste no time.

Free wifi

Staying connected, getting a glimpse of what the outside world entails, conducting numerous research, getting electronic newspapers and magazines with ease on the internet and gathering all the hot headlines as our very capable human resource team work in our Subaru Lafayette Indiana, is a matter that we hold. How? You may ask. With a free-cum-strong 24/7 Wi-Fi connection, what will dare stop our employees from surfing the internet and communicating with potential clients to even grow a brighter network? Join our Subaru family today.

Recreation Center

Maintaining a healthy body goes beyond just healthy food and adequate sleep. It is also wrapped around regular exercising and ample leisure for a fantastic recuperation. Our workers’ health is one of our paramount priorities here at the Subaru Lafayette Indiana. We provide them with a well- equipped recreation and fitness center in a bid to boost their resourceful minds all the way from their mood to physical energy. We must agree that all these will eventually translate to a success story, summarized in a good report as; increased clients’ base, maximum workers’ productivity, increased profits and maximum professional and personal grown in the side of the employees. This is a typical win-win story.

Child Development Center

At a very pocket friendly fee, only our Subaru family offers the most interactive and enjoyable child development center, after one has successfully worked with us for 30 days. Now, more than ever, our employees’ children will get a chance to grasp a good foundation which will shape their brain capacity to learn, offer a wonderful response to stress and challenges of life amongst others.

Associate Appreciation Day

We also have 2 shut downs and you can chow down at our associate appreciation day with a chance to grab a tantalizing breakfast with Santa. Grab a dial, interact with our able customer team and join our efficient Subaru family.

If you’re ready to join our Subaru team, click below to apply now!

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News 10.28.21 Morales Group